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Comments: As you recall, my 5th GGrandfather is William Vaughan b. 1721 in Hanover, next to New Kent. I am 1 marker off at 67 markers from your James Jimmy Vaughan

I have confirmed with Reggie, Joanne Boucher, and Melville Vaughan that we are direct matches. All of us but Reggie as matched on paper as well. We share the same 4th or 5th GGrandfathers. That is causing me to feel that your James Jimmy and I may come together a generation or two preceding my William b. 1721.

My bet is that when Reggie and I find our connection, we will be sharing the same 6th Great Grandfather. Reggie has his line pretty much confirmed back almost to then and is not touching our line yet he is a direct match. There is a possibility that my William’s father may have come from the Eastern shore of Maryland. There were some late 1600’s Vaughan’s on Kent Island, in Kent and Talbot Counties in Maryland across the bay from Annapolis. I really would like for someone who is on a direct line from those Vaughan’s to get DNA 67 Markers in hopes we could find close matches.

DNA: Would you consider a 111 marker match? Donald Stephens and I are the only one in our close matches who have done 111. I am -1 at 67 markers but -5 at 111 markers. I am not sure what this is telling us but it is a marker variable we have not had prior to 111. With more testing to 111 we might turn up some variable in time or line.

What we need most are more Vaughan testings so we can compare our paper trails when the DNA shows direct or one off.

It will be interesting to see where Wade places on FTDNA. I am suspecting he will match to Reggie, Joanne, Melville, and me. If so, his paper trail might open something to track down William’s dad, who would be my 6th GG.

You and I are in the Turquoise Group. Some others who have responded to this line in recent subsequent messages are in a totally different group. You can look for me on the Vaughan/Vaughn chart kit #147036 and see who is close. If only we could get one more generation back, I believe a lot of lines will be cleared up.


Subject: [Vaughanpioneers] Vaugh(a)n/Perkins
Does anyone have any info on a William Vaugh(a)n and Eliza Perkins? Had to of been born in the early 1700s Probably around 1730s or so.
I ran across some info that these may be the parents of our James "Jimmy" Vaughn. I know that the Perkins and the Vaughan's were together in various places for a bunch of years Between Virginia(?) N and S Carolina's, Tenn, Ala and MS. So this could be a possibility. I, sort of, have my doubts but I keep loo king. I feel strongly that a William Vaugh(a)n was our James "Jimmy" Vaughn's father. But not sure about the mother. I'm am still leaning two ways. Mother: Mary Napier or Barbary Bruton.

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