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st a note for those with whom I have searched for descendants of Benjamin, Beverley, James L. and Maborne Vaughan: While writing their biographical sketches, Their's rumors and their records taking parallel paths thru South TX. Considering the remoteness of the area and that it is a vast area with very, very, very few people at the time, the chances, tho slim, are more likely than not to be the paths of members of the same family. This is UPDATE to Beverley s bio:

In addition to the possibility that Beverley s son and brother were in the cattle business together, another Beverley Vaughan was in the area. In 1959 a Ben Beverley Vaughn died in Hale County, Texas, very near the spot where Beverley s brother, James L. settled, after the wars with Mexico were all done. The name Beverley Vaughan is sufficiently unusual to create a question about it showing up in the vast emptiness of Hale County, once a remote part of Bexar County—where stands the Alamo--and touches close to much of James L. Vaughan s war story and bounty lands. The last known word on a living James L. Vaughan appears near here in 1860 where he owns thousands of acres of ranchland in Kinney and Live Oak Counties, also carved out of Bexar. It could be more than a very fortunate coincidence that about the same time, back in Illinois, a cattle buyer named James H. Vaughan, Beverley s son who had survived the Mexican War, decided early on to become a stock broker in the area where cattle from Texas were being herded by the millions to Illinois for slaughter. In addition, stories persist that Beverley s nephews—sons of Maborne, the son of James L., farmed in the South Texas area.

If anyone cld find the family of Ben Beverley Vaughan of Hale County, TX, the chances seem way better than even that his folks are descendants of John and Nancy Callicott Vaughan. One note of caution if you search for them in South Texas—there are 2 other J. L. Vaughan ranches. 

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