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This also includes: (Please note, that Genealogy Connections has been shortened to Genealogy Connect...but links may not have been changed inside the information on posts.

One comment: "I think that is a small group of Cherokee who formed their own "Nation" when they were not allowed citizenship into the 'real' Cherokee nation in Oklahoma. If it is the one I am thinking of, they are extremely relaxed with their membership requirements, but I don't know if they have any information on-line. It is not the same as the Cherokee Nation of (Oklahoma."
Subject: Re: [Vaughanpioneers] Indian rolls
"I might have a answer on this on my dads side of the family some of his ancestors signed in with the Cherokee and were denied member ship not because they were not of Indian decent they were Indian's they were denied because they were creek Indian not Cherokee as far as i know unless i never found it yet they never applied for membership into the Creek nation (dought-Creek) I have a aunt or some kind of relation on my dads side I never met only via Internet; she says they never signed into the creek nation; is what I'm told by her she has files on my dads side including a marriage of 1 of my dads ancestors female marrying the Cherokee chief of the Georgia Cherokee's. John I think it was Langley I might be wrong its been so long since heard from her for years; if she is still alive and if I'm thinking right; are on the Guin Miller roll her last name is
Quarles/Charles? can't remember the 1st name and I cant find my files my computer crashed and I lost everything i mean everything on paper packed into the garage and too many boxes; I don't even know where to start over 100 boxes in there;"  Cousin James
"In the 1850 Federal Census, Western District, Nicholas County Virginia there is a John Vaughen, listed as 19 years old, a store clerk. He is in the same household with Elizebeth Kesler, head, Andrew Kesler, Lucinda Kesler, Alexander Kesler and Catherine Kesler." ??

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