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Lynnett's Just married into this line. Henley is her new dau.
             More valuable Vaughan connection.          SEE;      http://tretower.com/

Addendum: Death Certificates
Most states will send a non-certified copy of a death certificate.  It also is cheaper to purchase this kind.  They may ask for a copy of your ID but you should not need to get family permission for a non-certified copy.

There are some states which even post a copy of older death certificates online, like Missouri.  Here is a good website to check:

Vaughan-Vaughn-Research-Group ; Vaughanpioneers
Notes: a comment,
Found is one of Maborne Vaughan/Vaughn sons, ZIMIRI, ...lost track of him after the 1870 census...not found him on the 1880? John & Mary Jane Thomas Vaughan, was in the same area of the county..

Here is Zimiri's info:

1880 Newton county, city of Granby, MO Vaughn, ZIM; 29  - day laborer; his wife  Margaret   20 - keeping house; no children was listed.”
Vaughan-Vaughn-Research-Group Vaughan-Vaughn-Research-Group@yahoogroups.com; Vaughanpioneers: Vaughanpioneers@yahoogroups.com  http://wc.rootsweb.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=rw12-holmes&id=I19782

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