Tuesday, September 11, 2012

More Vaughan Sources and Sites

http://www.vaughan-vaughn.org/dna-testing/results.htm Vaughan's Y-DNA (What Eddie Davis' and genealogy group are not taking in consideration is the knowledge of the N. American Indian Lamanites (The American Indian's history B.O.M.) Who conquered White's (Nephites) and married, or slaved them into other N American Indian tribes. The blood lines (DNA) can only be followed through the mothers. (white)
Therefore this group will never prove this line's DNA is of a White European ancestry. Most of Lamenites was from the Jewish line the others are from the slave's line that Nephi and his father Lehi brought over to the American Continent with their own family. I'm speaking of the wife of Patrick, who obviously had Caucasian lines so, they will not get back further until they begain to think differently.)
http://search.hp.netscape.com/...ftyMadisonArkansas&do=Search (Madison Co. AR genealogy link to it's magazine of the area's of Vaughan's and Harp's and connecting relatives.) I got much of my Harp and Vaughan lines info from this magazine. Good source to ask question on the AK lines.

Left - LeRoy Vaughan - Son of Ayres Vaughan, Jr. ( Grandson of William Patrick Vaughan and Fair A Bee Lunah, Cherokee maid ).

Contact: Rahnsie@aol.com  Know about Vaughan group of the world i.e. This Sister knows a lot about many different groups following these lines (Vaughan's), and is very knowledgeable of Tre-Tower (England) ancestry lines.) I don't know if her links current.

Wales and West of England Vaughan's groups, for Wales & West of England Vaughan's
The Vaughan etc... Newsletter uploaded to this site. The newsletter was published by Verna Baker Banes from 1984 to 1989.
*Not sure to how long a site is available to upload, but here is the Media Fire page with the two pages of Addison Vaughan and descendant's pictures on it: vaughan's source? If stil there
*Boyd Gen Site http://www.lgboyd.com/ Boyd and Roller or,

Visit: (WorldConnecttreeconnections) When they say their free...they may not be.
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