Monday, September 10, 2012


I've seen on where they've stolen my photo of my grandparents by saying are "public sources." That would apply to everything on the Internet! I know their mine because I'm the only one in the family that had them. (They don't know who's who in them and I'm not labeling photo in detail any more. I hate this specific genealogy company. They steal our g. stuff but others have to pay for their sources or ours Oh Well it all works well, the wealthier will have to pay so let them. (source of many such collections)

Samuel Vaughan to Humphrey Marshall, April 13, 1785. Vaughan, writing from Philadelphia, says "I want to send to England a box of plants & seeds as complete as may be. I am uncertain whether the present advanced season would admit of sending them, but what can with propriety be sent now should [wish to be ?] by first opportunity--the others to be sent early in the fall...." This letter is not transcribed in Darlington.

Pencil notes on the page, including the erroneous interpretation of the signature as "James," probably were added by the manuscript dealer from whom these letters were acquired.

*Series X, Manuscripts, Box 10/4, file "Humphry Marshall Papers" USDA History Collection, Special Collections, National Agricultural Library.

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