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Generation No. 1 Benjamin Vaughn was born abt. 1747, and died unknown. He married (1) unknown. He married (2) Betsey Franch Nov. 30, 1808 in Livingston Co., KY.
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SOURCE LIST; for Benjamin Vaughn and families line:
The first documented record of Benjamin Vaughn that I have is where he and Samuel French witnessed a deed for Elizabeth Griggs in Anson County. It is dated 25 June 1764.
From: Anson CO Deed Abstracts, p. 150-151 by Colleen Norman.

Deed abstracts of Tyson, Lincoln and Rutherford counties, 25 July 1772, John Woods of Tyson Co., planter, to Benjamin Vaughn of same, for 20 pounds...the upward half of the plantation he lives on, granted to said Woods 22 Dec. 1770, on North side North fork Pacolet River...John Wood (Seal), Sophia Woods (+)(SEAL), Wit: Miles Hart, Alexander Coulter, David Dickey. Reed. July term 1772.

John Wood sold one-half of a piece of land to Benjamin Vaughn. Maybe Benjamin was married to John Wood's daughter. No proof of this.

The Vaughn's, Wood's, French, Pullam/Pulliam and Lamb's all lived in the same area. The area where they lived was claimed by both North and South Carolina. So you will find some records in Spartanburg Co., South Carolina and some in Rutherford Co., North Carolina.

Rutherford Co., North Carolina Deeds: French, Moses/Vaugh, Benjamin/Deed 6 April/145/1797

Kitchsides, James/Vaughn, James/Deed J-L-60 1793

Champion, Abner/Vaughan, Spencer/Deed 37-38/114 116 1830.

Benjamin Vaughn and his sons, Thomas, Joseph, and perhaps John, all came to Kentucky about 1797. William, another son stayed in Rutherford Co., and about 1807 Benjamin went back and sold the land.

Benjamin and William went back to Kentucky where Benjamin had property.
In book Vaughns and Crosses by James E. Coles., it has a John Vaughn born in Rutherford Co., NC ca 1770 who married Elizabeth Thomas Vaughn born Rutherford Co. NC August 16, 1776 and wife Millie (Amelia or Permelia) born 1780 Virginia. I don't know if these Vaughns are in our lineage. Margaret Pullum's husband died bef. 1795 and in June 04, 1803 she sold one hundred forty three Acres to Thomas Liles. Signed by John Pullum, H. Montague, Leonard Daniel, Robert Davis, John Dills, James Hendrix. It looks like Margaret, John Pullum, Robert Davis, John Dills and James Hendrix all had an interest i n the property. I would assume John is either her son or her brother-in-law and the others could be her daughters husbands.
The Pullum's, Wood's, French's, Vaughns and Lamb's settled in Kentucky. Margaret Pullum died in Union Co. KY. Susannah Pullum was Margaret and Thomas's daughter. Maybe Susannah Pullum married a French and he died and in 1800 she married Joseph Madison Vaughn.

These families all seem to settle in the same areas about the same time.

Ann Wood and her son, Spencer, and perhaps her husband came to Livingston Co. KY about the same time as the Vaughns. Later, when Benjamin left Caldwell County, he sold or gave the land he had to Ann and her son Spencer and to William Vaughn who remained in Caldwell County. Spencer Wood wrote a consent for William Vaughan for one of his (William Vaughn's) daughters to marry. A couple of other Woods men came to Caldwell who have the same names as John Wood's sons.

Deed papers state Benjamin selling one hundred five acres to William Vaughn for one hundred dollars in 1811 this was on Flym Fork in Caldwell County, Kentucky. After selling their property in Caldwell Co they went with some of their sons to Union Co. KY. They disappeared from Union Co.
North Carolina Taxpayers 1701-1786

Benjamin Vaughan Anso 1763

Hilburn Vaughan Dobb 1769

John Vaughan Bert 1757

Vincent Vaughan Norh 1762

William Vaughan Norh 1762

Azarian Vaughn Pasq 1769

Richard Vaughn Gran 1769

William Vaughn Crav 1769

Roster of North Carolina Soldiers in The American Revolution

Page 559 Vaughan, Benjamin, Capt. N.C. militia in 1776

Page 559 Vaughan, James, 1st Lt. 7th N.C. Nov. 28, 1776; Capt. July 6, 1777; resigned Aug. 27, 1777.

Graham's Regiment (Tyson County) transcribed from microfilm roll M881-785 (Rev. War, Army, Compiled Service Records of Soldiers) appears as shown below in an Account stated as follows: Dr(?) The Publick to Wm Graham Colo. of the Tyson (account torn) Regt. of Militia on late Expeda. agt. Insurgents.
Feby March 1776

Note: Cross Creed expedition
Also included on the microfilm roll is a letter dated 30 Mar. 1925: It is shown by a record of this office, an undated account covering the period February and March 1776 that Captain John Barber was in command of a company in Graham's Regiment of Tyson County, North Carolina, and that the company participated in the Cross Creek Expedition, an expedition again Insurgents.
*Capt. Alexanders, Robt.

Capt. Baird, James

Capt. Barber, John

1st Major Beattie, Thomas (32 days)

Capt. Dellinger, John

Capt. Dowals, David (Jany 1776)

Col. Graham, William (Jan 1776-19 days) Remarks Cross Creek Expedition 1775 about 1 month

Col. William, Graham (47 days)

Col. William, Graham (see Graham, Wm)

Capt. Hambrights, Frederick

Lt. Col. Hampton, Andrew (40 days)

Capt. Hampton, Andrew (Jany 1776)

Capt. Johnstone, James

Adjutant Kneal, Andrew (32 days)

Capt. Magness, William

Capt McFadden, James

2nd Major Pearis, George (35 days, Jan 1776)

Capt. Porter, Robert (Jany 1776, Feby March 1776)

Capt. Shingleton, Richard

**Capt. Vaughn, Benjamin

Census 1782 Rutherford Co. North Carolina

1782 V250 Vaughn, Benjamin

1782 V250 Vaughn, Joseph
Census 1790 Rutherford Co. N.C.

1790 V250 Vaughn, Benjamin

1790 V250 Vaughn, William

1790 V250 Vaughn, Jonathan

Census 1790 Spartanburg Co., South Carolina

088 3 13 Vaughn, Benjamin 1 2 3 0 0

089 1 40 Vaughn, Benjamin 1 2 3 0 0

089 3 47 Vaughn, John 1 0 4 0 1

089 1 6 Vaughn, Phenix 1 0 2 0 0
Census 1800 - 1810 Spartanburg Co. S. C.

V250 Vaughan, Flex 191 10010-21010-00

V250 Vaughan, John 177 00010-51010-01

V250 Vaughan, Thomas 185 11001-00010-00

V250 Vaughan, William 183 22010-10010-00

Census 1800-1810 Rutherford Co. N.C.

V250 Vaughn, William M32 033 149 00010-31010-00

V250 Vaughn, William M32 033 149 31010-10010-00
Livingston Co. Kentucky 1801 Oct., 6

No 233 John Vaughan 100a

No 238 Joseph Vaughn 200 a

1803 March, 7

No 572 Benjamin Vaughn 1?
Benjamin Vaughn was witness to Levi French's will Dec. 6, 1803.

Benjamin married Levi French's widow Betsy.

1800 Livingston Co. KY

Benjamin Vaughn 200a 1 white male, Joseph Vaughn 1 w m Thomas Vaughn 200 a 1 w m, John Vaughn 1 w m


John Vaughn 1 w m, Thomas Vaughn 200 a 1 w m, John Vaughn 100 a 1 w m Thomas Vaughn 100 a 1 w m

1802 Benjamin Vaughn 200 a 1 w m , Joseph Vaughn 1 w m, John Vaughn 100 a 1 w m, Thomas Vaughn 100a 1 w m

1803 Benjamin Vaughn 100 a 200a 1 w m, Joseph Vaughn 1 w m John Vaugh 100 a 1 w m, Thomas Vaughn 100 a 1 w m

1804 Benjamin Vaughn 100a 1 w m William Vaughn 100 a 1 w m, John Vaughn 100 a 1 w m Thomas Vaughn 100 a 1 w m

1805 No Vaughns. Think it was the Livingston section of Livingston Co. No Caldwell Co. section.

1806 Benjamin Vaughn 1 w m 2 horses, William Vaughn 400 a 1 w m 2 horses, Thomas Vaughn 400 a 1 w m, John Vaughn 75 a 1 w m

1807 Benjamin Vaughn 1 w m, William Vaughn 100 a 1 w m, Thomas Vaughn 1 w m, John Vaughn 75 a 1 w m, James Vaughn 200 a 1 w m

1808 John Vaughn 200 a 1 w m, William Vaughn 100 a 1 w m Flynn Fork

1809 William Vaughan 100 a 1 w m, Joseph Vaughn 200 a 1 w m

Caldwell Co. 1809

William Vaughn 100 a 1 w m, Joseph Vaughn 200 a 1 w m

1810 William Vaughan 100 a 1 w m, James Vaughn, Ann Wood 186 a entered by Ben Vaughan

1811 William Vaughn 100 a 1 w m, Joseph Vaughn 200 a 1 w m

1812 William Vaughn 105a 1 w m, Joseph Vaughn 136a 1 w m

1813 William Vaughn 105 a 1 w m, Joseph Vaughn 1 w m

1814 William Vaugh 105a 1 w m, Joseph Vaughn 80a 1 w m

1816 William Vaughn 105a 1 w m,Joseph Vaughn 300 a 1 w m

1817 No Vaughns.

1818 William Vaughn 105a 1 w m

1819 No Vaughns

1820 William Vaughn 105a 1 w m

1821 V's are stained and unreadable

1822 and 1823 William Vaughn, Thomas Vaughn

1824 and 1825 William Vaughn, Daniel Vaughn

1826 and 1827 William Vaughn, Daniel Vaughn

May 19, 1800 received of Benjamin Vaughan twenty two dollars and two cents for 200 acres of land in Christian Co., Kentucky, granted to him by virtue of an act of assembly, entitled "an act for encouraging and granting relief to settlers on the south of Green River." Certificate no 4068

We do hereby certify, that Benjamin Vaughan is entitled to 200 acres of second rate land, by virtue of his having improved the same, agreeably to an act of the assembly entitled "an act for encouraging and granting Relief to settlers, and located as follows: On Flym Fork of Trade Water beginning on a black oak running westward and southward. Including his improvement and Quantity.

November 6, 1798
Benjamin Vaughn is entitled to one hundred acres of land in Livingston County. Agreeable to an act of family for settling and improving the vacant lands in this Commonwealth. In addition and adjoining to his farm on the south. March 1, 1803.
Survey for Benjamin Vaughn 86 acres of land in Livingston County by virtue of a certificate grant by county court. Sept. 17, 1804

Joseph Vaughn
William Vaughn
Benjamin sold the 86 acres to William Wood March 15, 1805 witnessed by Joseph French

1810 census of Henderson County Kentucky
male 10 16& 26 45 45 female 10 16 26 45 45
412 Joseph French 0 0 1 0 2 0 1 0 0
413 William French 2 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 0
415John Pullum 3 2 0 1 0 2 1 0 1 0
416John Vaughn 1 1 2 1 0 0 0 0 1 0
417John Dills 3 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 0
418 Thomas Vaughn 1 1 0 1 0 3 0 0 1 0
419 Benjamin Vaughn 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 1
Benjamin and Betsy sold out in Caldwell Co and went with some of their sons to Union Co. KY about 1810. They disappeared from Union Co. I don't know if he died or moved on. There is a Benjamin and William Vaughan in Barren Co., KY about that time. But our Benjamin's son William was still in Caldwell Co. It is possible that this William might have been Benjamin's grandson.
More about Benjamin Vaughn:
Migrated: Abt. 1797, from Rutherford Co. North Caroline to Livingston Co. Kentucky and then where?
Occupation: January 1782, Appointed Constable in Rutherford Co., North Carolina.
Property: land deeds
Children of Benjamin Vaughn and unknown are:
i. John Vaughn, b. abt. 1770
ii William Vaughn, b. Abt. 1771
iii. Thomas Vaughn, b abt. 1776, Rutherford Co. North Carolina
iv. Joseph Madison Vaughn, b. abt 1780, North Carolina; d. Bet. 1835 - 1840 Wilcox Co. Alabama
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