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Marriage License Sherman Wyandotta Kansas

CLARENCE H. SHERMAN Born 1919 ROSEDALE, WYANDOTTE, KANSAS, the SECOND SON OF GEORGE ONEY SHERMAN AND SALLIE SALLY DAVIDSON. (Note; this md lic is on another Sherman's post that can be blown up to a larger size)
Marriage License no B43928, Recorder of Deeds, Jackson Co.. Mo. At Kansas city, State of Missouri, County of Jackson
This license authorities any Judge licensed States or other person authorised under the laws of this State ot the County of Wyandotta and State of Kansas who is over the age of twenty one years and Virginia L. Wilson of the County of Johnson and State of Kansas who is over the age of eighteen years.
Witness my hand as Recorder with the seal of office hereto affixed at my offic e in Kansas City, Missouri, this 2nd day of September 1952.
Signed by Jack Vaughn Recorder and Luelle(?) Lunge (?) Deputy Recorder/
State of Missouri SS
County of Jackson
This is to certify that the undersigned a Minister did in said County and State on the 2nd day of Sept. 1952 unite in marriage the above named persons.
E. Wildon Kiley (?)
County Club Christian Church
6101 Ward Parkway K. C. Mo.
(?)-means-can't clearly make out writing
Mary and George O. now have headstone pictures at Find-a-Grave.
Mary's Memorial #: 70547848
George O.'s Memorial #: 70547727
George O. Sherman
DOB: 27 Sep 1875, Missouri
DOD: 1932 - likely Kansas City, Kansas
Find-a-Grave Memorial # 70547727
Headstones of George O. (L) and Mary J. Davidson Sherman (R), Mound Grove Cemetery, Independence, MO
Mound Grove Cemetery says that Mary J. Sherman and George O. Sherman are both buried there. Mary is listed as Mary Judy (Mrs.) Sherman. I understood her middle name to be Jane NOT JUDY?. Mary and George O. are in Section West, Block #1, Lot # 216, Spaces 9 (MJS) and 6 (GOS). The cemetery forwarded letters written by Mary. "I will scan and forward ASAP. Know you will find them interesting."

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Mary J. Davidson grave (photo)
United States Census, 1880 for George Sherman
Name:George ShermanResidence: Columbia, Boone, Missouri
Birthdate: 1849
Birthplace: Ohio, United States
Relationship to Head: Self
Spouse's Name: Mary J. ShermanSpouse's Birthplace: Missouri, United States
Father's Name:
Father's Birthplace: Ohio, United States
Mother's Name:
Mother's Birthplace: Ohio, United States
Race or Color (Expanded): White
Ethnicity (Standardized): American
Gender: Male
Martial Status: Married
Age (Expanded): 31 years
Occupation: Coal Miner
NARA Film Number: T9-0676
Page: 99
Page Character: D
Entry Number: 4505
Film number: 1254676
Household Gender Age
George Sherman M 31
Spouse Mary J. Sherman F 23
Child George Sherman M 4
Child Mary Sherman F 3
Child Collier Elbert. Sherman M 11 M
US National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers, 1866-1938, Leavenworth, KS
George W. ShermanMilitary History: Enlisted at Stewartsville, MO. Private, H Co., 1 MO Cav.
Cause of discharge: Re-enlist
Kind of Disability: Chron. Diarr.
Discharged at: Jefferson City, MO Chron. Gastritis
Re-enlisted at: Jefferson City, MO
Private, K, 13 MO Cav.
Cause of Discharge: Close of War
Kind of Disability: Fracture of left ankle
Prostatic Hypertrophy
Domestic History: Where Born: Ohio
Age: 64
Height: 6.0
Complexion: Fair
Color of eyes: Blue
Color of hair: Dark
Read & Write: Yes
Religion: Pro
Occupation: Coal Miner
subsequent to
discharge: Quindaro, Kan
Married or
Single: Married
Name and
address of
nearest relative: Mary Sherman, wf., Kansas City, Kan
Home History:
Rate of Pension: Date of admission Conditions of Date of Discharge Cause of
Re-admission and Re-admission: and Transfer: Discharge:
Transfer :
$12.00 Feby 22, 1907 WB July 15, 1907 Dropped
15.00 Read Nov 13 1907 WB Pay $8 Pen Dec 21, 1908 Own Request
to wf.
“ Dec 20, 1908 WB May 4, 1910 “
“ Sep 15, 1911 “ May 1, 1912 “
“ Feb 21, 1913 “ May 5, 1913 “
General Remarks:
Admission Paper: One order Maj. Wm. Warner, Mgr.
Pension Certificate: $980.106
This was extremely difficult to read but I have copied as written, omitting only areas left blank.
United States Census, 1920 for George W Sherman
Name: George W Sherman
Residence: , Ford, Kansas
Estimated Birth Year: 1848
Age: 72
Birthplace: Ohio
Relationship to Head of Household: SelfGender: Male
Race: White
Marital Status: Married
Father's Birthplace: Ohio
Mother's Birthplace: Ohio
Film Number: 1820532
Digital Folder Number: 4300849
Image Number: 00426
Sheet Number: 3
Household Gender Age
George W Sherman M 72y
Spouse Mary J Sherman F 61y
United States Census, 1920 for George W ShermanName: George W Sherman
Residence: , Ford, Kansas
Estimated Birth Year: 1848
Age: 72
Birthplace: Ohio
Relationship to Head of Household: Self
Gender: Male
Race: White
Marital Status: Married
Father's Birthplace: Ohio
Mother's Birthplace: Ohio
Film Number: 1820532
Digital Folder Number: 4300849
Image Number: 00426
Sheet Number: 3
Household Gender Age
George W Sherman M 72y
Spouse Mary J Sherman F 61y
Iowa, County Marriages, 1838-1934 for G W Sherman (one of G. W. CHILDREN... daughers ?)
Name: Rus Jones
Titles & Terms:
Event: Marriage
Event Date: 07 Dec 1893
Event Place: Appanoose, Iowa
Age: 23
Estimated Birth Year:
Father: Ebenezer Jones
Father's Titles & Terms:
Mother: Margret Davis
Mother's Titles & Terms:
Spouse: Frona Sherman
Spouse's Titles & Terms:
Spouse's Age: 17
Spouse's Estimated Birth Year:
Spouse's Father: G W ShermanSpouse's Father's Titles & Terms:
Spouse's Mother: M J Davison
Spouse's Mother's Titles & Terms:
Reference Number:
Film Number: 1007184
Digital Folder Number: 004265516
Image Number:

photo; the sherman's (not geo.)

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Sunday, May 22, 2011

William, Mahala Sherman Payton PHOTO

ABOVE PHOTO; William and Mahala Sherman Payton 1 ca. 1900PHOTO; VIVIAN WYNONA SHERMAN HEINEY DAVIS, Roun; 1867 Dec 3; S; 11 months 17 days; d- Ironton; b- Ironton; F- D.J. DAVIS; M- Sarah DAVIS; COD- Consumption. Sherman page



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Here's two from the Welch lines.

Grandsons of Fountain Lee Henry Welch who was the son of Stephen Edward Welch. Fielding Welch who was the son of William James Welch. John Harvey Welch who was the sone of Stephen Edward Welch.
Dr. William Edd Welch who was the sone of John Riley Welch. Dr James C. Welch who was the son of Richard Harvey Welch; George Welch who was the son of William James Welch.

"All are first cousins and grandsons of Fountain Lee Henry Welch and Margaret Hendricks. This photo was taken in 1915 or -16 on the Old Homestead near Salem, Dent Co., Missouri where Fountain and Margaret lived after leaving Kentucky. Marvin Edward Welch and Vernon Welch identified the men in the photo"

* For a small fee Barbara Mahoney can copy photo's of this line: 3100 Perryman Way Sacramento, CA 95820 1800 (916-456-8987) She is in poor health, so keep it simple. She's the expert on this line. The book mention here has too many errors, All books had good information TOO, SO DO YOUR OWN HOMEWORK. We just have to prove them from three sources before you keep them to pass onto your line or family.
Many in this line have this photo. No one has a copyright to it and I don't have the orignal. I do have the book authored by Gloria. I'm going to donate it to Salt Lake for everyone to see use and copy as the rest of their libray materials. I just haven't gotten to S.L. yet. My children will not do this line, they haven't done their own

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Note on George Oney Sherman's lines

Shared: From COMENTS; OF Beverly Weilert to myself...
Apr 25, 2011
"Guess I should start by introducing myself…really don’t recall what I had said in my first email. My Sherman line runs: James & Elizabeth (Peyton) Sherman, James & Annie (Scott) Sherman, Vivian (Sherman) & Lewis Heiney…think that makes us ½-2nd cousins one generation removed. ???"
"James Sherman (1828 OH) and Matilda Davis (1829 OH or WVA) were married 15 Aug 1847, Lawrence County, Ohio. Lawrence County, Ohio Marriage Books 1-3, (1819-1843)
Children: George W. Sherman (1848 OH), Elizabeth (1850 OH), Lewis G. (1853 OH), Mahala (1856 MO). Matilda and child died (during child birth) March 1860, Dekalb Co., MO. (1860 Mortality Record.)
James married Elizabeth B. Peyton (g-grandmother) 07 Nov 1860, Dekalb County, MO. I am having a hard time determining the relationship (if any) between my Elizabeth Peyton and William H. Payton, the husband of James’ (1828) sister, Mahala (Sherman) Payton. That is another story and the reason I frequently am side tracked. (Mom said that her grandfather James [1828] had 18 children. I have only been able to account for 15.)
Direct line:
I still haven’t located the burial site of Mary J. Davidson but am corresponding with the Kansas Soldier’s Home and the Ford County Historical Society in hopes of obtaining a date of death and burial. My contacts have not been available due to the Easter Holiday. I will get back with them this coming week. I have Mary’s birth year as 1857, Missouri.

I did find the burial site for George W. Sherman using ”Find-a-Grave”….Mound Grove Cemetery, Independence, MO. Memorial #:41918850. George was born May 1848, Lawrence County, Ohio and died 09 Jan 1927 at Fort Dodge, Ford County, KS. There is a picture of George’s headstone at the Find-a-Grave site. I have posted a picture on my Ancestry Sherman tree or I would be glad to send a copy if you want. In fact, give me your address and I will mail everything that I have.

Thanks for the info regarding George O. Sherman I did have the Draft Card info for George O. but had not found anything pertaining to his death. I haven’t had much luck with obtaining death certificates from Kansas. I understand the need to be cautious; having been a victim of ID theft but Kansas seems to go overboard with restrictions. It is interesting how several of the Sherman siblings resided in Wyandotte County. (Probably kin to this line?)

George Oney Sherman and his first wife, Hannah Evans, had three children. Leona (1898), Elizabeth Ann (1900) and Ammon A. (1905). Children with Sallie Kirkendoll (1888); Oney Elbert (1915), Clarence H. (1919) and Calvin Lee (1925).

Before I ramble on and forget our earlier ancestors….the earliest I have found is Elisha Sherman (?1765 VA – before 1840, OH). Found Elisha and son Jesse (1782-1870) on the Virginia Tax List for 1810 (Orange County). Elisha had one white tithes and Jesse had one white tithes and one horse. Second son (probably other children but these are the only ones that I’ve found), Gordon was born in 1800, VA and died before 1840 in Lawrence County, Ohio. Gordon had three daughters, 2 (names unknown) born 1820, Mahala (1827 Lawrence County, OH) and three sons; Lewis G. 1826 and James 1828 and 1 (name unknown) 1830, Lawrence County, Ohio. To date I have not found names of Elisha or Gordon’s wives.

Jesse married Sarah (Sally) Breeden. Both may live in Lawrence County. Their children; Mary “Polly” (1809-1880, Elizabeth “Betsy” (1810-1830), Sarah “Sally” (1818-1841), Ruth P. (1820) and James A. (1825-1900). Marriages: Mary and Sylvester Crank (15 Mar 1826), Elizabeth and Noah Jenkins (16 Feb 1829), Sarah and Holsey Roil (1834), Ruth and Abner Breeden (11 May 1837), James A. and Nancy Jenkins (18 Apr 1849).

Family line:
Elisha & unknown Sherman, Gordon & unknown Sherman, James & Elizabeth B. (Peyton) Sherman.
Children of James & Elizabeth:Fanny (1861), William (1864), Rose (1865), Frank (1867), Charles (1870), *James (1872-1952), Harry (1874-1919), May “Rosie May” (1876-1962), Lottie (1879), Catherine “Kate” (1882-1938).
Children of *James & Annie (Scott) Sherman (grandparents):
Maude Mae (1898-1903), John William (1903-1984), Opal Hallie Louise (1906-1981), James Lyle (1909-1994), Earl Jefferson (1911-1998), **Vivian Wynona (1912-1999).
**Parents: Vivian Wynona Sherman and Harry Lewis Heiney (1907-2001).
Children of: Beverly June (Heiney) Weilert (1941) and Robert Lewis Heiney (1942)." End of quotes...

Photo of George W Sherman's grave. I'm so grateful for her photo's and help.

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