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Sylvester Sharp Sherman (died in a diabetes coma with its complications, bad heart_in the family) He was born; 8 January 1853-4, Lawrence Co.,Ohio Ohio, died 13 January 1925, Lingle, Goshen, Wyoming USA (1820 census) (He's widowed and 66 yrs. old)Living with his son: Gordon T. Sherman 1892 (28), Wife Gittie M. Ohio M. Ohio. His M. Sarah 1887 (33) F. Elijah ca 1824
Spouse; Frances Elizabeth Snow; (May have been called Fanny E.) born Aug 1856-7 Barren Co., Kentucky, died 8 July 1918, Torrington, Goshen Wyoming, Md. 26 July 1886. (Denver, Adams,Colorado)
Sherman Children;(1820 census)
Lula J. SHERMAN 1888-1968 Colorado
Mattie J. Christine SHERMAN 1889-1963 Colorado
Gordon (Gerdon)Thomas SHERMAN March 1892 Hartville, Laramie, Wy. Died; 20 Sep.1962
William (Willie)Sylvester SHERMAN b. 29 January 1896 Lusk, NIobrara, Wy. died,1964-5 Silverton, Marion Oregon
*Mildred l. SNOW (Sister? On 1900 census) Harkville Rawhide, Patrick, Ft. Laramie, Lakeview Torrington Wy (image 23 in household)
*Valley View Cemetery 301 East 30th Avenue, Torrington, Wyoming 82240
Other wife ? Maybe...Sarah Ann Crank born 1827 Lawrence Co., Ohio, died 1857 Clinton Co., Ohio F. Ohio M. Ohio.
*1880 census: Work as a cattle herder (cowboy) in Laramie Wyoming
Note; md. 15 March 1828 of (Mary and Sylvester Crank)
Ves (Sylvester's) Father: Lewis Gordon Sherman b. 1820 Lawrence Co., Ohio died 1856-7 Clinton Co., Ohio and Sarah "Ann" Crank 1827-Lawrence Co., Ohio died 1856-7 Clinton Co., Ohio (Both died leaving five of six children orphan.
Photo of Sylvester Sharp Sherman's death certificate.
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