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Marriage License Sherman Wyandotta Kansas

CLARENCE H. SHERMAN Born 1919 ROSEDALE, WYANDOTTE, KANSAS, the SECOND SON OF GEORGE ONEY SHERMAN AND SALLIE SALLY DAVIDSON. (Note; this md lic is on another Sherman's post that can be blown up to a larger size)
Marriage License no B43928, Recorder of Deeds, Jackson Co.. Mo. At Kansas city, State of Missouri, County of Jackson
This license authorities any Judge licensed States or other person authorised under the laws of this State ot the County of Wyandotta and State of Kansas who is over the age of twenty one years and Virginia L. Wilson of the County of Johnson and State of Kansas who is over the age of eighteen years.
Witness my hand as Recorder with the seal of office hereto affixed at my offic e in Kansas City, Missouri, this 2nd day of September 1952.
Signed by Jack Vaughn Recorder and Luelle(?) Lunge (?) Deputy Recorder/
State of Missouri SS
County of Jackson
This is to certify that the undersigned a Minister did in said County and State on the 2nd day of Sept. 1952 unite in marriage the above named persons.
E. Wildon Kiley (?)
County Club Christian Church
6101 Ward Parkway K. C. Mo.
(?)-means-can't clearly make out writing
Mary and George O. now have headstone pictures at Find-a-Grave.
Mary's Memorial #: 70547848
George O.'s Memorial #: 70547727
George O. Sherman
DOB: 27 Sep 1875, Missouri
DOD: 1932 - likely Kansas City, Kansas
Find-a-Grave Memorial # 70547727
Headstones of George O. (L) and Mary J. Davidson Sherman (R), Mound Grove Cemetery, Independence, MO
Mound Grove Cemetery says that Mary J. Sherman and George O. Sherman are both buried there. Mary is listed as Mary Judy (Mrs.) Sherman. I understood her middle name to be Jane NOT JUDY?. Mary and George O. are in Section West, Block #1, Lot # 216, Spaces 9 (MJS) and 6 (GOS). The cemetery forwarded letters written by Mary. "I will scan and forward ASAP. Know you will find them interesting."

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