Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sarah Elizabeth Fraley

Sarah's the youngest daughter of CLERCY CLEMENTINE WELCH and P.W. FRALEY. She was born in Oklahoma. Sarah never used the name SARAH and was known by LIZ. She married when very young, EARNEST ALBERT MAHONEY who was considerable older than herself. He was born in Indian Territory and the son of LOUIS ISAAC MAHONEY and DONA SIMPSON. There was only one child from this marriage (ALBERT C. MAHONEY.)
Liz left EARNEST about three years of marriage. EARNEST AND HIS FATHER RAISED AL as ALBERT was called. LIZ had several marriages. About 1942, she moved to California, living in Kern County. She developed tuberculosis, and was hospitalized in the Kern County TB Sanitarium at Keen, California. She was in and out of the hospital for a period of about seven to eight years. The last time she was hospitalized, very seriously ill, a new and radical surgery procedure was performed. Some of her ribs were removed causing the infected lung to collapse. She always had breathing problems and other complications from the surgery.

Shortly after she recovered from the surgery she married ABEL SANCHEZ a fellow patients. He knew he was dying. LIZ took care of him during the few months they were married. He son AL told of this time in LIZ'S life, ABEL, left my mother some property near Dalano. A good sized piece of land, with a number of rentals on it. She felt the land should go to ABEL'S parents. I tried to talk her into keeping it and share the rental income with his parents. She had no place to live. She had no money and she wasn't really well enough to work. She said she wouldn't feel right about keeping the property. AL was about 17 at the time and went with her when she signed over the property.
LIZ soon married again to a hard working man. The rest of her life was lived in moderate security, even though her health was never good. to view more on LIZ and a phote of her as a child click here;