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ALBERT CECIL MAHONEY Born 15 August 1931, Paul's Valley, Garvin Co., Oklahoma. Died 21 December 1994, Carmichael, Sacramento County, California. He married 11 August 195 7, Arcadia, Los Angeles County, California. Son of EARNEST ALBERT MAHONEY and SARAH ELIZABETH FRALEY.
Born: 7 October 1931, South Gate, Los Angeles County, California
AL (ALBERT) as he was called by most, was raised by his father and his Mahoney Grandfather. About 1944 AL and his father left Paul's Valley and moved to Kern County, California. At Bakerfield High School AL was on both football and track teams. He graduated in 1950. He attended Bakerfield Junior College until March 1953, when he enlisted in the United States Air Force. He served in Japan for two years. A staff Sgt., he was honorably discharged in March 1957. He was awarded the Good Conduct Medal after three years of service, and other honors. AL met BARBARA shortly after joined the Air Force, her brother was in the same unit. During the next four years they saw each other three more times, but corresponded. They never really had a date. AL would sometimes say, “I had to marry BARBARA to get her alone more than five minutes.”
After AL and BARBARA married AL continued his education at the University of California. Berkeley, San Jose State College (now CSU, San Jose, and the University of Southern California. His career field was electrical/electronic engineering. Through the years he worked on many applications for the U.S. Space programs, plus industrial, commercial and medical projects.
BARBARA LUCILLE HALLADAY graduated from Alhambra (City) High School and Woodbury College in Los Angeles. A designer/artist, when worked in Hollywood, Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay Area, and in Arizona. Later she had her own graphic arts business.
AL was about six feet tall with dark brown hair and green eyes. Barbara six feet tall had green eyes and blond hair. They both had many interests in common.
Next in this line is ROY WILSON FRALEY. He's the youngest child of Clearcy Clementine Welch and P.W. Fraley, born 20 June 1919 in Lindsay Oklahoma in June 1919 died 2 March 1985. He married 1 Dec. 1945 Phoenix, AZ to EDITH FRALEY born 12 Sep 1925 Eureka Springs, Carroll Co., Arkansas. She died 22 Feb. 1991 in Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona. They had one daughter and three sons. One son, ROY WAYNE FRALEY born 28 April 1949 Sand Springs, Tulsa Oklahoma (His birth certificate states he was a twin?) Wayne (as he was called) died on 1 November 2002 buried in Casa Grande Arizona,
Roy Wilson worked with his closest brother Jack Thomas b. 20 Dec. 1920 ? at times moving houses when together. The above photo is of Roy Wilson Fraley move vaughan line here

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Thomas, Mahoney, Thompson, Families

GLENN RAYMOND THOMAS, born 5 February 1927, Lindsay, Oklahoma, died 16 March 1945, in battle, six days after USA troops landed near Zamboanga at the southwestern tip of the Island of Mindanao in the Philippines. His body was returned to the U.S., his final resting place is in the National Cementer, San Bruno, California.
GLENN was about six feet tall, handsome, an outward going, friendly man. He was well liked by those who knew him. He married shortly after WWII began. He and his wife, La Verne had two young daughters before he went over seas.
LLOYD ELWOOD THOMPSON, born 7 February 1925, Mountain View, Oklahoma, died in early July 1987. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He married twice, lived in California and in Oklahoma, He had a daughter. Veteran, US Army WWII
EULIS THOMPSON, born 7 March 1926, Lindsay, Oklahoma, (Still living in 1993). He married several times and had children. He served in the US Army in Europe during WWII.
JERALDINE ELAINE THOMPSON, born 12 July 1929, Oklahoma City Oklahoma, died August 1956 (?) in Los Angeles, Los Angeles county, California. JERALDINE was a pretty, fun-loving girl. Married with a small child. JERALDINE was working as a waitress in Los Angeles, on the way home from work one night she was attacked and killed. It is said she had a knife for self-defense and it was taken from her as she struggled, and killed with it.
SARAH ELIZABETH FRALEY (Her story) The youngest daughter of CLERCY CLEMENTINE WELCH and P.W. FRALEY. She was born in Oklahoma, she never used the name SARAH. She was known as LIZ to most. She married when she was very young, EARNEST ALBERT MAHONEY. He was considerably older than LIZ. Born in Indian Territory, the son of LOUIS ISAAC MAHONEY and DONA SIMPSON. There was one child from this marriage, ALBERT C. MAHONEY.
LIZ left Earnest after about three years of marriage. Earnest and his father raised AL as ALBERT (He was called) LIZ had several more marriages. About 1942, she moved to California, living in Kern County. She developed tuberculosis, and was hospitalized in the Kern County TB Sanitarium at Keen, California. She was in and out of the hospital for a period of about seven to eight years.The last time she was hospitalized, very seriously ill. And new and radical surgery procedure was performed. Some of her ribs were removed, causing the infected lung to collapse. She always had a breathing problem and other complications from this surgery.
Shortly after she recovered from the surgery she married ABEL SANCHES. A fellow patient, he knew he was dying. LIZ took care of him during the few months they were married. Her son, AL, told of this time in LIZ's life. "ABEL left my mother some property near Delano. A good sized piece of land, with a number of rentals on it. She felt the land should go to ABEL'S parents. I tried to talk her into keeping it, and sharing the rental income with his parents. She had no place to live, she had no money and she wasn't really well enough to work. She said she wouldn't feel right about keeping the property." AL was about 17 at the time, went with her when she signed over the property.
LIZ soon married again, to a hard-working man, and the rest of her life was lived in Moderate security, even though her health was never good.
Quoted (all) and written by Barbara Mahoney. My new "Genealogy Connections" addendum to these posts.
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