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"Thomas Jr. Earpe, 1656, Barony of Fews, A, Northern Ireland, Diet 1720 Petticork, Baltimore Co., MD. (Married 1675) Spouse; Mary Peddicord 1658 England, Children; 1. John Earp 1680, (who married 29 Jul 1704 to Rebecca born 1685 Fairfax Co., Va children. and had ) 2. Joseph Sr. Earp 1690 Baltimore Co., MD died 1750 Fairfax Co., VA (Married Ruth Yates and had a child Joseph Jr. Earp\Harp,) and Joshua Joseph Earp\Harp Baltimore Co., MD and died 1771 Fairfax Co., VA (married 1728 to Mary Budd b. 1709 Fairfax Co., VA and had 5 children)."

"Notes for Thomas EARP Jr: Thomas, Jr. moved to Derby shire England with his father around 1660. By the late 1690s he was living near the Patapsco River, north-west of present day Baltimore, Maryland. The first known record of him comes in1698 when he witnessed the will of John North, which he signed as Thomas Earp Junior. It is worth noting that in his will, John North had three daughters ( mentioned by first name only), and the will was witnessed by three men. These may well have been his sons-in-law, so Thomas Earp's wife may have been a North. (Wayne Ward). The gateway ancestor of the renowned Earp family is said to be a Scotch-Irishman named Thomas Earp, Jr., who was born in Ireland and came to America before 1680. According to Jean Whitten Edwards, compiler of the Earp Family Genealogy, Thomas Earp, Jr. probably came to this country-like many of our ancestors-as an indentured servant. Earp is noted Irish surname. A British surname expert lists only one reference forit- spelled Erpe in 1561--and claims its origins are unknown. However, American sources note that references to Earp can be found under the spelling Harp. Being aware of the British propensity to drop their"H's," genealogists must consider this possibility when researching a surname without a vowel. Wyatt Earp's great-great-grandfather appears on a 1776 Maryland enumeration as William Harp."

*"Notes for Joshua Earp/Harp:Joshua's first name might have been Joseph. (Tina Simms)From the Fairfax County, Virginia Will and Inventories 1742-1801 compiled by J. Estelle Stewart King:Page 25 Sarah Harp a witness to the will of Rebecca Wheeler on April 15,1758.Page 68 C. Earp September 10, 1793 - April 22, 1800 Legatees: Matthew Earp, brother. Proved by Oaths of Richard Ratcliff and John Moxley Page 9 Mary Earp named Admx of Estate of William Earp March 21, 1748 Same source lists inventories of William Earp 1748 (account) , Joshua Earp 1751, Joseph Earp 1771 and John Earpe 1744(account)From the Fairfax County, Virginia Wills 1742-1767 (Tina Simms)Note: p. 14 - indicates page in the printed book. I will use "page" to denote the pages in the will books] What all of this means but will copy just as it is, variant spelling and all..P. 14. Pages 133-134 John Earpe Accounts with John Pagan Adm.: 1745 Pd: William Harp, William Glading, William Earps, William Henry Terrett, Thomas Awbrey, James Robinson, Henry Taylor for Mrs. Whitely warrt., Garrard Alexander, W. Ramsey, Matthew Hopkins, Catherine Earp, William Carrel, Moses Case By: Sundreys sold Joseph Cockeril, by Philip Quill, Richard Wheelor, James Robinson, Phillip Quill, Robert Mills, William Earp,Charles Thrift, John Murphey Dated: Aug. 20, 1745 Adm: John Paganp. 106 Page 404. Oct. 21, 1765. Mary Brawner Inventory. William Boylston, Matthew Earp, James Robertson Jr., appr. dated Oct. 18, 1765. p. 64 Page 43. Jan. 17, 1754. Joshua Earpe Accounts: To pd: James Saunders,Capt. West. By: Thomas Earpe by John Hurst, Benj.Williams, Morica Earpe, Francis Ballenger. Adm. Garr. Alexanderp. 56Page 526. July 24, 1752. Sale of Jeremiah Presgroves estate: By: DavidThomas, W. Bowling, Matthew Gooding, George Thrift, James Sanders, Joshua Earp, John Hurst, John Thomas, Jeremiah Thrift, Thomas Grafford, William Jewell, Richard Presgrove, William Adams, William May Adm: John Hurstp. 51Pages 478-479 Joshua Earp Inventory. James Saunders, Philip Saunders, John Brawner, appraiser's. 33 Pages 307-308 April 15, 1749. William Earp Inventory. John Payne, Francis Triplet, Stephen Vennard.p. 33 pages 308-309 December 26, 1849 William Earp Accounts: To: Garrard Alexander, William Hicks, Esq., Col William Fitzhugh, Francis Triplet, Nath. Smith, Owin Wynn, Benjamin Sebastian By:Tho. Wren St., Roger Wigginton, Daniel Jennings, Michael Reagin, Shadrick William. Adm: Mary Earp. 29pages 267-268 March 21, 1748. Bond of estate of William Earp. Mary M Earp, Wm. W Boylstone p. 10 pages 106 March 19, 1744. John Earp Inventory. Guy Broadwater, William W Boylstone, Charles Thrift."

Source for material below: "Land Records of Long Standing, Fairfax County, Virginia, 1742-1770" p. 99. Research done at Washington Memorial Library, Macon Georgia.
Names of tenants on an "Island" owned by "Majr. Robert Alexander....."being the island now held by Mr. Phillip Alexander....' Judith Ballenger, James Going, Sarah Goint, Sarah Amos below Four Mile Creek and Edward Chubb, Richard Middleton, William Boylstone, John Straughan, Adam Straughan, Edward Earpe, and Richard Wheeler above the said creek...." (ALL QUOTED MATERIALS) Thank check all the names, dates and places out with your own research. This is here for "clues" to where to search only.
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