Sunday, November 21, 2010

Progenitors list of Stones (genealogy)

Explanation of how all these LIST'S works. This is a list alphabetically "B." First, is my source No. or rin no. pay no attention to them. They are to cumbersome to remove. Second, is the Born/Chr. Thirdly, is when they died/Bur and last is the Spouse, Parent or Child. If any is blank or gone it's not known. This is a list from my genealogy pages.
27353 Stone, Ida 9452 P James W Stone
7371 Stone, Jackson 1861 3081 S Romelia Harp
27352 Stone, James W 9452 S Tryphnia Sarah Bohannon
4604 Stone, Little Berry ABT. 1839 554 P Solomon Stone
9137 Stone, Living 3760 P Someone Stone
7431 Stone, Martha Ann 1870 1945 3089 S Phillip Allen UD Harp
7383 Stone, Sarah Caroline 1859 3085 S William Osburn Harp
4602 Stone, Solomon 554 S Malinda Vaughan
9136 Stone, Someone 3760 S Living Harp
22610 Stone, Susan 3 Mar 1820 3092 S Elisha Lane Cloer
7507 Stone, Walter 3155 S Loyce Lillian Harp
25164 Stone, Walter Orlo 1888 1970 8793 S Purine Ann Cupp
7370 Stone, Wesley P 3080 S Lucinda Emily Rogers
Source tell where the Vaughan's and Harp's migrated...
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