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Kathryn Leona Fritter Bio

4. JACK THOMAS FRALEY was born in Mitchell County, Texas and died in Nevada bout 1975. He worked at a variety of jobs, including moving houses with his closest brother, ROY FRALEY. Jack had several marriages and children from some of them. ( One son, Tom, probably Thomas, Jack divorced his mother. Another wife was Jose or Josephine etc.) At the time Jack died he had five or six of his children, all under the age of fifteen. Barbara M.H. said they were all farmed out to relatives? The family, really doesn't know there where abouts are. And the girls in Foster care... He died of stomach cancer. JACK and ROY remained friends all their lives because they worked together. Amos when alive was also close to both of them.
Born 13 February 1904, in Eastland County, Texas. KATE, as she was called, was a small woman, about five feet four, with smaller bones than her two sisters. She had black hair, and almost black eyes. If, as said, there was “Indian” in the family, Kate looked it.
KATE was a highly individualistic woman, she could be stubborn and admitted that. She has a wonderful sense of humor, and the ability to laugh at herself. Full of energy, she never settled for more than a few minutes at a time, saying she got “nervous just sitting.” There were adversities in her life, and personal tragedies, yet she had a deep, if somewhat simple faith, and was a kind and compassionate person, with strong family loyalties. Late in her life she commented, “I was kind of wild when I was young.” She went on...”I did a lot of things I'm not particularly proud of, but I never did anything so bad that I can't look anybody straight in the eye.”
She was too young when she married the first time, the marriage didn't last. She was still very young too when she married ELWOOD THOMPSON, the father of her four children. They divorced, with Kate once saying, “There wasn't a thing in the world wrong with ELWOOD, I just couldn't live with him. “He was the most contrary man I ever met.” She finally found her true mate in JOSEPH FRANCIS FRITTER, a U.S. Post Office clerk, a WWI Navy veteran. Kate and Joe married in 1937. An intelligent man one could depend upon in times of trouble, he proved that more than once.
KATE and JOE left Oklahoma to California shortly before WWII began, living in the San Francisco Bay area. When the war began all three of KATE'S sons were in the army. Kate wanted to do something to help the war effort. She got a job as a tug boat deck hand at the Mar Island Naval Base in Vallejo. “It was hard work,” KATE related, “When we (the tug) would tow those ships out into the San Francisco Bay, I would think about all those young men, and wonder if they would come back.”
KATE'S oldest son, GLENN didn't come back. He was killed in battle in The Philippines. KATE quit her Mare Island job, later saying she couldn't do that after GLENN was killed. She went to work in a defense plant. Later, after the war, KATE and JOE moved to Fresno, California, and after JOE retired from the post office, to Oildale, near Bakersfield, in Kern County. KATE never got over that. Two of her children murdered, one killed in war.
I (Barbara Mahoney,) have many warm memories of KATE, my late husband's aunt. She trusted in my husband, AL and me, and she loved us and our children. KATE encourage AL and me to do research into AL'S and her family history. KATE would be very pleased in GLORIA'S writing her book on the subject.
One of my favorite memories of KATHRYN LEOLA FRALEY FITTER is from a visit to us in the mid 1980's. She was telling us stories of her childhood in Texas. One was of the store in DeLeon, a doll she had gotten there for a long ago Christmas, and how her brother ELMER FRALEY broke it. Then she spoke of “singing schools,” and of “play parties.” KATE, then in her 80's and rather frail physically, was on her feet dancing and skipping, flinging her arms, as she sang the old songs. But, for a few minutes we could see the young KATE again. I Miss her a lot. Signed Barbara Halladay Mahoney
Photo, The Fraley Kids, Kate, Margaret, Elizabeth, Jack, Elemer (Not sure of the boys)
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