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Clara Clementine Welch_ P.W. Fraley

The oldest Daughter of STEPHEN EDWARD WELCH and his second wife, ELIZABETH ANN YANKEY, CLERCY was born 10 May 1883 in Texas, probably in Tarrant County. Called CLERCY she was named CLARA CLEMENTINE WELCH, the two first names after two nieces of S.E. WELCH. She died in Wewoka, Seminole County, Oklahoma of stomach cancer....
A small woman, a little over five feet tall, CLERCY had dark, almost black hair and dark eyes. She had a bad “squint,” in spite of her poor eyesight, CLERCY made almost all the family's clothing by hand. She never owned a sewing machine.
When CLEARCY was 15 years old, she married P.W. FRALEY, They married 4 December 1898 in Comanche County, Texas. He was called P.W. By most, some called him “PADDY.' It is said he was called that because he like to play “paddie cake” when he was a child. P.W. Was a handsome man, about five feet six inches tall, with black hair and light blue eyes. It is said he was part Choctaw Indian. His father was GEORGE W. FRALEY, born in Tennessee, and his mother was SARAH ANN COLE, born in Tennessee or Mississippi. GEORGE W. FRALEY came to a tragic end. He and his brother, JIM FRALEY, was arrested on “suspicion of stealing cotton” near Hazle Dell Comanche County, in 1882, and lynched by a mob who took them from the arresting officers. The two brothers were buried in a common grave in Hazle Dell Cemetery. Grave is under: (Frailey Bro. misspelled) They were the last lynched men and they have a big marked grave there in the cemetery.
CLERCY was close to her mother, and always wanted to live close to her parents. The FRALEY'S followed the WELCH'S when they moved to Colorado City area of Texas, then back to Comanche County, while the WELCH'S moved on to Oklahoma, but soon followed them there. The FRALEY'S went back to Texas once for a year or so, then moved back to Oklahoma. They lived primarily around Garvin County. P.W. Followed the crops, sometimes returning to Texas. He continued to do this after CLERCY died, as long as he was able, then lived on in Paul's Valley. He died in an Oklahoma City hotel while there to visit his daughter, He was buried in Paul's Valley, His son AMOS FRALEY (never married) later died there also.
1.CLERCH and P.W. FRALEY had eight children. One, ALVIE RICHARD FRALEY, died when he was about six months old, while the family lived near Sipe Springs, Comanche County.
2.MARY MAGDALENE FRALEY was the oldest child, and hated her name. When she was an adult she legally changed it to MARGARET. She left home at about age 17, and worked as a waitress in Oklahoma City. She married twice, her second husband was HURBERT “BING BINGHAM, a bricklayer later an union official. MARGARET was active in a charity group, and liked to play bridge and entertain in their Somerset Place home in Oklahoma City. They had no children. BING died of cancer in 1975, MARGARET later lived in Geary, Oklahoma with BING'S sister.
3.AMOS DAVID FRALEY, the second child, never married, was a farm laborer, and sometimes followed the harvests into Kansas and down to Texas. He liked to fish, hunt and trap. He rode a horse to church and live in a small trailer. He was struck by a car while crossing a street in Paul's Valley. He was moved to an Oklahoma City hospital and died within a few days
4.ELMER STEPHEN EDWARD FRALEY, was the acknowledged “black sheep,” of the FRALEY family. His siblings, and other relatives were afraid of him. A tall, black-haired man who “looked like an Indian,” ELMER was often described as a “vary charming con man,” who also had a “mean streak.” He married numerous times and is said to have had no children. He died in Long Beach, Los Angel es County, California in 1985
5. JACK THOMAS be continued.
Photo: The three sisters, Margaret, Katherine, Elizabeth, Jack, or Amos i.e. or Roy Fraley (?)
This page was sent to me by Barbara Ma Honey who has done extensive research on the Welch's and Fraley (All quoted) My new genealogy blog extension from the Vaughan dynasty.


smarshall2008 said...

My name is Sheila Fraley Marshall and I am the daughter of Jack Thomas Fraley. There some inaccuracies that I would like to correct. There were 6 of us children and we were not "farmed out" to other relatives. My 3 older siblings went out on their own as they were old enough and myself and 2 younger siblings went into foster care. My Aunt Kate Fitter was the one to come get us when our father died.

Anonymous said...

I am Darryl Fraley, son of Jack Fraley. A lot of the stories are inaccurate. As Sheila stated, we were not "farmed out" to relatives. As far as the family not knowing our whereabouts,all my Fraley aunts and uncles knew where we were growing up.I kept in contact with all of them. My father passed away from pancreatic cancer. Not stomach cancer.