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10.1877 in Jefferson, Lane County, Oregon.
11.Notes for LYDIA CRABTREE:
Lydia, when a widow of almost 60 years of age, traveled the arduous Oregon Trail from Missouri to Lane County, Oregon, where she was apioneer settler.
36. i. THOMAS5 VAUGHAN, b. October 19, 1813, Cabell County, Virginia.
37. ii. BENJAMIN VAUGHAN, b. December 17, 1815.
38. iii. MATILDA VAUGHAN, b. October 20, 1817, Cabell County, Virginia; d. April 11, 1902, Wayne County, West Virginia.
iv. DANIEL VAUGHAN, b. June 30, 1819.
v. RICHARD VAUGHAN, b. November 30, 1821, Cabell County, Virginia.
vi. ELIZABETH VAUGHAN, b. February 22, 1823.
vii. JOSHUA VAUGHAN, b. August 27, 1823, Cabell County, Virginia.
viii. JOHN VAUGHAN, b. December 14, 1826, Cabell County, Virginia; m. MARY ELIZABETH SMITH, Aumsville, Oregon.
ix. SARAH VAUGHAN, b. November 11, 1828.
x. MARY VAUGHAN, b. September 18, 1830.
xi. WILLIAM VAUGHAN, b. October 10, 1834.
xii. LYDIA VAUGHAN, b. September 16, 1836, Cabell County, Virginia; d. May 12, 1843, Platte County, Missouri.
xiii. JAMES VAUGHAN, b. August 28, 1838, Cabell County, Virginia.
xiv. ABRAHAM VAUGHAN, b. December 17, 1840.
11. JANE JENNY4 VAUGHAN (THOMAS3, WILLIAM PATRICK2, PAT. UNKNOWN1) was born 1800 in Cabell County, Virginia, and died Aft. 1870. She married JOHN FERGUSON JR. 1815 in Cabell County, Virginia. He was born Abt. 1792, and died December 25, 1864.
Child of JANE VAUGHAN and JOHN JR. is:
i. THOMAS5 FERGUSON, b. Abt. 1828; d. 1906; m. (1) SARAH PLYMATE; m. (2) JOSEPHINE BOOTH.
12. PHOEBE4 VAUGHAN (THOMAS3, WILLIAM PATRICK2, PAT. UNKNOWN1) was born May 08, 1806 in Kanawha County, Virginia, and died December 16, 1868 in Wayne County, West Virginia. She married WILLIAM WORKMAN November 06, 1834 in Cabell County, Virginia. He was born Abt. 1816 in Cabell, VA, and died Abt. 1849 in Cabell, VA.
39. i. EPHRAIM VAUGHAN5 (WORKMAN), b. 1829, Cabell County, Virginia; d. Bef. 1880, Richardson, Nebraska.
ii. SPENCER WORKMAN, b. 1836, Cabell County, Virginia; m. SARAH I. WEBB, August 19, 1858, Lawrence County, Kentucky.
13. WILLIAM TYLER4 VAUGHAN (THOMAS 3, WILLIAM PATRICK 2, PAT. UNKNOWN1) was born October 22, 1808 in Cabell County, Virginia, and died November 18, 1888 in Coburg, Lane County, Oregon. He married (1) PHEBE HAYES. He married (2) PHOEBE HAZLETT December 06, 1827 in Cabell, West Virginia, daughter of ALEXANDER HAZLETT and PHOEBE CYRUS.
40. i. THOMAS JEFFERSON5 VAUGHAN, b. August 13, 1831.
41. ii. JOHN QUINCY VAUGHAN, b. January 30, 1839, Platte County, Missouri; d. 1935, Riderwood, Washington.
14. JAMES E. 4 VAUGHAN (THOMAS 3, WILLIAM PATRICK 2, PAT. UNKNOWN 1) was born 1814 in Cabell County, Virginia, and died 1874 in Rush, Carter County, Kentucky. He married SUSANNAH WILSON 1834 in Cabell County, Virginia (now Wayne Co. WV), daughter of JAMES WILSON and SARAH MOUNTS. She was born May 04, 1812 in Cabell County, Virginia, and died Bef. 1907.
Photo Molly Glady Branham 1902

NOTICE; (These pages on the Vaughan's will be my last pages on this family. The reason is Google's program HERE only shows 300 posts and I'm way over that. So, I will be opening another blog (and I don't know the name yet and transfer about 35 pages tfrom this blog to that specific blog, so the will all show up on the main page.

Our list on the side is way to long. Sorry you'll have to put up with the long stroll, but this transfer will be mostly the Vaughan's that are not my "direct" line. Then the others will be the one's I'll choose to delete and transfer. William Patrick is my direct line and his posts and children will not be deleted on Genealogy Connections. Thanks.

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