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Welch,Welsh,Walsh Army Newsletters (pg 1)

Old newsletters are a great source of information. The Fountain A Welch Newsletter was done by Barbara Mahoney in California and a good relative and friend. I miss her very much. She got much of her information from readers, and family. Much of those sources I also had access from GF Paddy W Fraley sisters (Aunts.) These ladies were the most help with this line adding and sending photos and data. I'm going to do data in parts from these not in print any longer, newsletters. So this will continue for a while on other posts. This is post one.
This is from Vol. 8 No. 1 January/March of 1990: Note that all will be quoted from these newsletter text and each page will be on a different post. Some will not be included because of the length and will have to be edited out because there are 20 pages to this one particular publication. (ask for PDF file for it all..)
This will be a benefit to all WWW researcher...(Welch, Welsh, And Walsh WWW) As referred to by Barbara Mahoney her newsletters.
* Charles H. Welch b. in New York City, 16 Mar 1845, d. 22 June 1915, LaSalle, Colorado was at the Battle Of The Little Big Horn. He had entered the U.S. Army at Fr. Snelling, MN. A Cpl. In Co. D, 7th Cavalry. Welch was later awarded the US Medal of Honor for this battle. (cited as “voluntarily brought water to wounded under fire.”) He received the Medal on the 5th of May 1878 about two years after the battle. At that time he wasa Sgt. (The data here was given by E. Elden Davis 218 McCarthy St. Howell, MI)
Next is a list of WWW (Welch ie) in the US Army in the West in 1876, (Not necessarily in the above battle)
1.Welch, John Cpl. Co. C, 5th Cavalry
2. Welch, Thomas Pvt. Co I, 3rd Cavalry
3.Welsh Edward, Pvt. Co G., 7th Cavalry
4.Welsh James, Pvt. Co. G., 3rd Cavalry
5.Walsh Daniel, Pvt. Co I, 2nd Cavalry
6.Walsh James, Pvt. Co. A, 7th Cavalry
7.Walsh John, Pvt. Co. H. 9th Infantry
8.Walsh John, Pvt., Co. E, 7th Cavalry
9.Walsh Michael, Pvt. Co. H, 2nd Cavalry
10.Walsh Richard, Cpl., Co H., 2nd Cavalry
11.Walsh, Robert, Cpl, Co. K, 5th Infantry
12. Walsh, Thomas Pvt. Co F., 7th Cavalry (b. County Rascommon, Ireland ca 1842)
13.Walsh, William, Pvt. Co. G., 22nd Infantry
14.Walsh, Frederick, Pvt., Co. L, 7th Cavalry (b. Carlisle, PA ca 1851)
Most of the soldiers serving in 1878 were born ca 1840 to 1856 and in their twenty's.
*MICHAEL WELCH is another Medal of Honor Recipient. He served in an earlier campaign against Indiana, in the Battle of The Wichita River (Texas) Cited for “gallantry in action,” and born in Poughkeepsie, NY (Sgt. Co. M, 6th Cavalry when he received the medal on 19th November 1870. Michael Welch was buried at Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington VA. (This data from Medal of Honor Recipients, and read by L Worstell from the Arlington records.)
Books on ancestors serving in the US Army in the West during this era is the Frederic Remington Sketches and paintings.
From: Page 2 of B.H. Newsletters
Photos are for aesthetics reasons only, and may not fit a particular post. However they all relate to the Genealogy Connection's ancestry. This photo is of the Ray and Benjamin Vaughan ancestry. Sam Ray (Vaughan) Family and Benjamin Vaughan Families (Fannie, Jim Peter, John, Dallas? and Joseph, Benjamin, Allen, Lizzie, and Nancy.

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