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JULIA WELSH and BENJAMIN COY married 18 Sep 1843 (possibly in Madison Co. IN.) The death certificate states her mother's maiden name was TAYLOR. (She may have been md. Before Benj. Coy.
DAVID MARQUIS DE LaFAETTE WELCH, obviously named after the Frenchman who came to aid America in the American Revolution, and later returned for a tour of the US was born ca 1798 in SC. He died between 1860-70, in Angelina Co., TX. He lived in GA, where his children were born, and from Norm's recent report, Montgomery Co. AL. Their last child was born in Arkansas, probably Dallas Co., Where the family lived before moving on to Texas.
SARAH CAROLINE WELCH born 17 Apr 1826 md. JAMES E. RUSSELL, 1847 AR. She died 23 July 1894, Angelina Co.,TX.
SARAH J. WELCH, born 1827 GA
JOHN M. WELCH (or, John W.) born 1830, GA
SARAH HELEN or NANCY HELEN born 1835 GA, died 1895, Angelina Co., TX md GEORGE KINNEY.
BENJAMIN W. WELCH, born 1842 GA, md 7 December 1865, Angelina Co., TX NANCY BERRY REBECCA ANTONETTE WELCH born 1844, GA, died 1878, Angelina Co., TX md JOHN H. CALVARY.
*THE FAMILY TREE EXCHANGE, JACKIE PUFFENBRGER (Rt. 1 box 330, Fulks Run, VA 22830, Specializes in families who live in and around Pendleton, Hardy, Grant counties of W. VA. End of page five January/March 1990 THE FOUNTAIN NEWSLETTER
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Use research to know some sort of medical records of diseases and other genetic problems which may be inherited. (Article in the Oct 1989 issue of “THE ARCHIBALD CLAN,)” and other such articles may be very helpful in ways of going about gathering this kind of information. It's another aspect of genealogical research. Copy of death certificates such as keeping a list of causes of death of your ancestors, ailments, siblings in notes. It may prove to be very helpful to progenitors.
*”The ARCHIBALD CLAN NEWSLETTER,” has a $10.00 yearly membership fee. Make the check payable to Don Hickman, Mail to Don at 273 Crestwood Dr. Hobart, IN 46342 (Note: if you have newsletters relating to “Genealogy Connection'' and a cousin summit data such as this in comment please. This will be of great worth to that line.
The same holds true of news, clippings, photos to share with your line, etc. mail to: Genealogy Connection 367 east 270 north, Orem Utah. Any spam will not be accepted and returned.
*DAVID WELCH md MARY HIDDEN, in Portsmouth, NH area in 1740
DAVID WELCH with wife MARGARET MOYER/MOWER, md 17 October 1751, Sheffield, Berkshire Co., MA. There were three children
HANNA WELCH, born 1752
ISAAC WELCH, born 1754
DAVID WELCH is found again in Jonesborough, Berkshire Co., MA in the 1790 census
This is the end of the data “THE FOUNTAIN” newsletter January/March 1990 pages 6 (a synopsis copy and view recorded by ptsherman)
These are sample pages of this newsletters, I am not publishing them all nor the rest of the pages in this blog. If you want the rest I can send it by a PDF file and postage is necessary. I don't want to get carried away with one line as I have in the past. I only have so much room in a blog. I may from time to time quote another page if it's in my direct line and cousins and deem it necessary. End....
Photo: Children of Benj. And Cherubin Vaughan: Mary, Eliz., Nancy, George, James, Dallas and Pheasant.

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