Friday, March 5, 2010

Photo: Civil War Reunion of 1898, Arkansas

The above photo is from Mrs. G. W. Staford, Clifty, Arkansas. This photograph was taken of
this group of old soldiers, both Union and Confederate, at an "Old Soldiers Reunion" in
Clifty on August 1898. "The years have naturally dimmed the memory of those who knew about
this event." Some of the subjects couldn't be identified. Mrs. Stafford identifies as many as possible. Back Row: left to right, first is unknown, 2nd, Jake Lynch, 3rd, Tobe Stroud, 4th and 5th unknown.
Middle Row; 1st and 2nd unknown, 3rd Jack Craig, 4th Bill Hooley, 5th unknown, 6th Bard
, 7th George Todd, 8th unknown, 9th Leroy Dinni, 10th Jim Riley Horn, 11th unknown,
FRONT row; 1st Tom Harp, 2nd Jim Calico, 3rd John Hammons, 4th Leroy Todd, 5th Zeb Moore, 6th Jessie Stanback, 7th William Weathemore, 8th Jasper Wood. If you can identify or correct any of the men please help out.

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