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Gathering Genealgoy Pg 1

RE: Beginner Post to Gathering Genealogy (Sunday, September 2, 2007) This is a list of genealogy bloggers and their posts.

A Beginner to Genealogy? Try starting with help from a good free site;
1. Welcome to the Ancestors Web Site or, cllick
2. http://www.familysearch.%20org/ or the other, A newer version
3. or,
4. i.e. BYU site above has lots of good suggestions for beginners and I use some of the areas too. Even the TV show may help beginners "tune in". Note to Readers: Proofs or verification data will always disagree with each other. So much of this needs to be updated while others parts do not. I tried not to add any living persons (first two generations) so, these first two generations are always missing.
My purpose is to keep this a free genealogy Internet site for my genealogy cousin lines. To be corrected for other in comments. Genealogy is presented AS IS. You need to make your own corrections as with any genealogy, and these posts are no exceptions to that rule. Three sources and this is not one of your sources! The posts at best gives you clues to follow up on those sources. Do help whenever or where ever possible. Share with others in these lines. Please send any proof, if possible, for any changes to add that you may want to add through a e-mail attachment for me to publish or if you don't want me to publish please make a note in the correspondence.
I'm learning how to copy my pages slowly and will go back to make change some of my first pages as I go along. This is a learning experiment learning to using this style of blog format. If you have photo please send it along in an attachment in my e-mail. Thanks (Updates will be coming about once a month?) Every thing here is only presented TENTATIVELY! You'll need to Prove all genealogy data, name and records!
It's genealogy's Golden Rule is always watch what your reveal on the Internet. However note the number one use of the Internet is genealogy. These names are mostly mine, cousins, step families, and even my children's line (my X's lines), basically what I have on hand. I don't add other interest outside my family's parameters.
The Photo are for aesthetics additions and may not be on the correct pages, but all are in my lines. All publishing rights reserved on all material in here. In other words...not for re-sale at or to any other site! No Spam comments or connections to any outside interest of these subject matters pages. And last of all, you must connect to one of our lines. Thanks
Do visit inside these pages: It has some links like on "Family Search" a pilot program that give you some information on certain census.
5. Remember it's not on her home page.
6. This is a list of bloggers referring to genealogy but not necessarily this line. More to information to educate in this area.
7. New Beginners: TWO FREE GENEALOGY PROGRAMS: (Family History), (Family Search.Org), (Order/download products), (software downloads), (4.0 or 5.0 are free in different languages.)
8.Or, you can just go to i.e. The download for instruction is on this page too. Any program takes time to learn. Their free program called the Paf 4.0 or the Paf 5.0 or Paf 5.2 i.e.programs is free to anyone. It's may not be the best for some, but it's free and its not invasive, for resale and, no ads back to them to buy anything! In this program you can turn many of the entries off when printing (referring to any LDS data, temple, baptism, i.e. that's not pertaining to you.)
At best it maybe free storage for all your names to work on until you can afford another software program. I don't advertise genealogy software that is not free. The ph. no. that will tell you how to turn off their LDS entries, how to load the program, questions on how to use the program or most of all any questions that you need answering concerning genealogy they will assist you in your language. They are older volunteer's so if you get a personality you have a problem with call back when he/her shift is over and call another time. They do not proselytise and will let you know of other sites, where to start for the name you are seeking etc. 1-800-346-6044 They can look up name etc on the Internet from their genealogy library. They have genealogy library operating in most areas of the world to keep their temple work going. Ask for the nearest library (free) in your area. All workers are volunteers and same thing applies as stated above, go a time when you like the person helping you. Opened six days a week and their sh rifts changes every 4 hours. (Look in the ph. book for a "Stake Center" or call their missionaries in the area or President i.e.)
9. Don't worry they don't care what religion, race, etc., you are and have many foreign worker to draw from depending on their availability and where, because its all volunteers service oriented.
10. Here is a large name to this Vaughan file. (Version 2.1 of the file is on-line and available for downloading at:) Look for version 2.1 in Ged com format. I loaded this on the Paf program too but you need to change "Rosa" to become No. 1 etc. If nothing else use it as a "list" to names to yours if you connect.
11. If you don't have or don't like Microsoft word i.e.
12. Everyone uses Cyndy's list, however, it has become very commercial over the years yet, to be expected because it cost a lot to keep genealogy free sites going, and it's an honest way to earn money doing what you do best. It may help someone with ideas and link of where to go next i.e. Most of her links connect to commercials sites. I always recommend her site before others.
13. NARA PAGES: It has some information about the wars and pages to view them.
14. " I know this site has a lot of "bogus genealogy sites" set up for money but offering nothing but “buy me.” Viewings or "CLICKS" are set up for you to view and they make money when you do (Off Clicks,” and welcome to the Internet. That's why we are having so many "Bogus" blogs that offer nothing nor anything of value to repeat. However, I've found some information or links in them to other sites that was helpful in Technorati. but be careful here for the "run-around.” but What New!
15. In every state has a government archives for searching, (mostly for ordering copies (cheaper) death, marriage, land tax i.e. certificates). This one pertains to the Missouri ancestral line in these pages. Sometimes they have good links and/or sometime the same old ones are just robbing from everyone and charging you fees to get them back after you've donated free to them it to them in the first place. (They store the records as long as their in business?
16. Cherokee nation @ and Another site to register
17. Cherokee Tribe, a genealogy site also.
18. Tretower, Vaughan's and Eddie Davis's (He's very knowledgeable man and trust his genealogy work.). He goes into DNA etc and is his forte) groups He runs the group Vaughan Pioneer's that I belong to and collected volume of books on send E-mails to this line.
19.This is a great site to look up phone. no. backwards, forwards or just a address i.e It come in handy at times when looking up people while doing genealogy.
You can add your site too but nothing is here linking to a professional genealogy link or site.
20.Next is; Immigrant Servants Database: by Nathan W. Murphy, a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Utah, accredited genealogist, and employee of Price and Associates Genealogical Services (project sponsor), is reconstructing a passenger arrival list of indentured servants coming to colonial America. According to the website, "More than 75 percent of the colonists who settled south of New England financed their voyages to the New World as indentured servants, convict servants, and redemption's. This project aims to identify all immigrants described by these terms in American and European sources from 1607 through 1820." To date, there are approximately 10,000 immigrant servants listed in the database. That number continues to grow.
20. This is a very good site for any immigration genealogy.
21. Vaughn, Putnam i.e. (Family site) Do add your own site here if your related, (cousin.)
22. is another family site.
23. Check out for sources like this on line library. They are all over the country. Get a list of genealogy library and library's. All library's have some genealogy find he one's in you area of search. History books are a great source of looking for old boundaries to states i.e.
24. (?) paid
25. For Land Grant Searches:
see: Free Genealogy Sites (3)
see: Genealogy Software (2)
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Photo: Cherubia, Mary, Eliz., Nancy Vaughan

Cindy Davis
Please add family sites if their free. Books for sale (in this line only) If your newsletters connects onto comments, even if their a fee, I make exceptions for newsletters because they are very costly to do and behind them is a genealogist with valuable records collected.

*Yours Truly I'm the artist, art work from the early pioneers 1900's in Ut. The photo is not like the photo, sea gulls and water was added to make it my own works.

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