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Barbara Mahoney's Fountain Welch Newletter pg 2

Pg 2:Vol 8 No. 1 January/March 1990 page 4 of the THE FOUNTAIN WELCH, WELSH, WALSH NEWSLETTER by Barbara Mahoney (no longer printed)
WILLIAM WELCH, born 1823 in Marble Furnace, Adams Co., OH (parent may have been John and Laura Welch. John Welch was born 1785 and reported on census as born in MD and PA. Once upon a time there was a boundary change between PA and MD on the border or lone of the two states, as so often happen. It may be a census error, reader, or a typo? 1850-60 census and the MD might be MADSON-DIXSON-LINE? This line was established as a boundary between the northern “free states” and recalled it in the 1840's)
Laura Welch was born in 1803, PA, died in 1876 and John Welch died in 1861. Both were buried in the Locust Grove Cemetery Franklin Tw,p Adams Co., OH. The following children'
William Welch born 1823, Milone Welch, b 1830, Emaline Welch b 1833, Elum Welch born 1840 He's buried in Locust Grove Cemetery. Laura Welch born 1850, and Nancy Welch born 1852
"The Fountain's" (the name is conclusive to this Welch Yankey line) and Yankey Cousins to to the ADAMS COUNTY GENEALOGY SOCIETY. Here they publish a good quarterly Newsletter that have number of its publications which are available from county records.
Address: Adams Co. Genealogy Society
P.O. 231 West Union, Oh, 4569
Membership dues in 1989 was $6.00
There's also a Adams County Historical Society to check into.
Georgia to Texas
Mr Wesley E. Reed
2325 Warwick Rd
Houston Texas 77093
William Henry Welch, b 16 November, Macon GA, died 18 Jul 1954, Houston, Texas, Buried Sourth Park Cemetery.
Albert Edward Welch, Born 29 April 1893, Milford, South Park Cemetery, Huston, Texas
(His daughter) Mildred Jo Welch Born 27 October 1917 San Angelo, TX., died 30 March 1984, Houston, Texas.
Person doing genealogy on this line: Yankie Line
End of page 4 of the The Fountain Newsletter by Barbara Mahoney
Photo: Nancy Vaughan Ray (92 years of age)
Next post will be : Vol 8 No. 1 January/March 1990 page 5

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