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Artie Yankey Lines

Generation No. 1
1. Artie Myrtle (Yankie) (Yankee) Yankey, born July 04, 1888 in Peebles, Adams Co., Ohio; died November 10, 1957 in Hillsboro, Ohio, Buried: Hillsboro Cemetery, Hillsboro, OH. She was the daughter of 2. Joseph Wesley (Yankie) (Yankee) Yankey and 3. Rebecca Ellen Freeze. She married (1) Edward Newman January 19, 1905 in West Union, Ohio. He was born April 19, 1879 in Purtee Ridge/Peebles,Adams Co. Ohio, and died December 08, 1963 in Clark Co., Ohio, Buried: Hillsboro Cemetery, Hillsboro, OH. He was the son of Lafayette (Lafe) Newman and Nancy Ellen Hatter.
Generation No. 2
2. Joseph Wesley (Yankie) (Yankee) Yankey, born February 05, 1862; died 1950 in B. Dunkard Ridge Cem, Louden, OH. He was the son of 4. Andrew Jackson (I) (Yankie) (Yankee) Yankey and 5. Cynthia Ann Hedrick. He married 3. Rebecca Ellen Freeze 1885.
3. Rebecca Ellen Freeze, born August 19, 1863; died August 29, 1921 in B. Dunkard Ridge Cem, Louden, OH. She was the daughter of 6. Sampson Freeze and 7. Margaret Annvalee (Lewis) Cokonaugher.
Generation No. 3
4. Andrew Jackson (I) (Yankie) (Yankee) Yankey, born 1829 in Pendleton Co., VA (Conflicting BD. could be Sept. 8, 1828 or 1827); died March 15, 1908 in Bratton Twp., Adams Co., Ohio. He was the son of 8. Michael (II) (Yankie) (Yankee) Yankey and 9. Rebecca (Feazle) Feasel. He married 5. Cynthia Ann Hedrick.
5. Cynthia Ann Hedrick, born 1832 in VA.. She was the daughter of 10. John Hedrick and 11. Cynthia Ann ____.
6. Sampson Freeze, born January 20, 1838; died March 09, 1902 in a. 64yrs.. He was the son of 12. Charles Freeze and 13. Catherine ____. He married 7. Margaret Annvalee (Lewis) Cokonaugher March 1858.
7. Margaret Annvalee (Lewis) Cokonaugher, born September 06, 1845 in Adams Co. Ohio; died July 10, 1931 in Clermont Co., Wayne Twp., OH. She was the daughter of 14. ____ Lewis and 15. Caroline Cokonaugher.
Generation No. 4
8. Michael (II) (Yankie) (Yankee) Yankey, born December 25, 1796 in Rockingham Co., VA; died March 12, 1879 in Franklin Twp, Adams Co., OH. He was the son of 16. Michael (Yankie) (Yankee) Yankey and 17. Magdaline (Melinda) Hottinger. He married 9. Rebecca (Feazle) Feasel September 03, 1818 in Pendleton Co., W.VA..
9. Rebecca (Feazle) Feasel, born 1790 in Pendleton Co., VA; died November 30, 1854 in 64yrs.. She was the daughter of 18. Michael (Jr.) (Feezle) Feasel and 19. Christina (Hawk?) Hanks.
12. Charles Freeze, born 1800 in VA. (Have seen May 25 1805 in Germany or Holland); died November 08, 1878 in a. 73-6-13. He married 13. Catherine ____ Abt. 1826 in Virginia.
13. Catherine ____, born 1807 in (Have seen Oct 28 1800 in Germany or Holland); died August 01, 1865 in a. 62-3-12/b. Dunkard Ridge, Highland Co., OH (64-9-3)?.
Generation No. 5
16. Michael (Yankie) (Yankee) Yankey, born 1775 in Rockingham Co., VA; died 1835 in Pendleton Co., W.VA.. He was the son of 32. John (Jaencke) (Yankie) (Yankee) Yankey. He married 17. Magdaline (Melinda) Hottinger September 03, 1793 in Rockingham Co., VA.
17. Magdaline (Melinda) Hottinger, born 1775 in VA; died 1840 in Possibly 1850/Pendleton Co., W.VA. She was the daughter of 34. Conrad Hottinger.
18. Michael (Jr.) (Feezle) Feasel He was the son of 36. Michael (Sr.) (Feezle) Feasel. He married 19. Christina (Hawk?) Hanks.
19. Christina (Hawk?) Hanks
30. Christopher (Jr.) Cokonaugher, born March 11, 1797. He was the son of 60. Christopher (Sr.) Cokonaugher and 61. Magdalene Longnecker. He married 31. Elizabeth Betty Dodds June 14, 1821 in Rockbridge Co., VA.
31. Elizabeth Betty Dodds, born 1796 in or 1797 VA. She was the daughter of 62. Alexander Dodds and 63. Peggy ____.
Generation No. 6
32. John (Jaencke) (Yankie) (Yankee) Yankey, died in died in Shenadoah Co., VA before 12/5/1783.
34. Conrad Hottinger, died 1804.
36. Michael (Sr.) (Feezle) Feasel
60. Christopher (Sr.) Cokonaugher, born 1757 in York Co., Pa. He married 61. Magdalene Longnecker.
61. Magdalene Longnecker
62. Alexander Dodds He married 63. Peggy ____.
63. Peggy ____

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