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Thomas L. Harp

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Husband Thomas L. HARP
Born Place 1788/1797 , , North Carolina Died Place 31 May 1910 Clifty, , Arkansas Buried Place
Clifty, Clifty Cemetery, , Arkansas
(Photo of
Married -6 Place 26 Jan 1826 , , North Carolina
Husband's father Philip HARP Husband's mother Sarah "Sally" VAUGHAN
Wife Abigail Abbey GILBERT Born -7 Place 1795/1805 , , Virginia Died Place Dead Wife's father Wife's mother
List each child in order of birth.
Henry HARP 8 1 M Born Place 1822 , , Tennessee
Agnes HARP 2 F Born Place 1824 , , Tennessee
Jane HARP 3 F Born Place 1827 , , Tennessee
Ruth Ruthey O. HARP 9, 10 4 F Born Place 1833 , , Arkansas Died Place
*Spouse N.H. Wahlquist WALCRESS 11
Married Place 1867 <, , Missouri>
Thomas Jr. HARP 5 M Born Place 1835 <, , Arkansas>
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5 Jan 2005 UTAH U.S.A.
1. This certifies that T.J. Harp and Isabel Gilbert were united in the Holy bonds of Matrimony at Thomas Henderson’s
on the 26 day if Jan 1861. In the presence of: James Henderson and Mary Huffman." Maybe one side or another a
family member. Son? Isabelle was born 1 Jan 1838.
2. Mattie Smith says they were married 15 Apr 1861? (after the children were born?)
Thomas L. HARP
1. AFN:118J-JBX,From Ancestral File (TM), data as of 2 January 1996. This file says he was born abt 1804?
2. Thomas (L., or T.,or, J. ?) HARP. Born in NC? not Tennessee. (Jefferson, middle name?)
3. BASIC: Reference from the book, CARROLL CO. FAMILIES: THESE WERE THE FIRST, Carroll Co., AR 1991
editor/compiler Jim Lair. (Lib # 976.717 D3L) S.L. Ut. Family Historical Center.
"Thomas (J.) Harp, who was born 4 July 1828, (the year doesn't fit with birth order of other siblings) Overton Co.,
TN (not NC) was united in marriage with (1) Celia Harp, (2) Rhoda Wright and (3) Isabell Gilbert, died 31 May 1910
and was interred in the Clifty Cemetery--"
NOTE: The b. of 1828 bothers me because it doesn't fit the sibling order (do the have this order?) . Maybe everyone's
copying the same mistake and passing it on. Their are many books written on the Harp's and their lines using the same
sources. However, more research has to be done here. I cannot accept all of this yet ...the1828.
Family Group Record
Thomas L. HARP
Abigail Abbey GILBERT
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Thomas L. HARP
4. This is repeated in the book, "Harp Strings" by Mattie Benson Smith. #929.273 H23s. Pub. Broken Arrow,
Oklahoma (1886). Contents: A genealogy of the descendants of Thomas Jefferson Harp, born 4 July 1828 in Overton
He died 31 May 1910 in Clifty, AR. It includes Weeks, Hinds, and related families. (S.L.C. Ut. Gen. Lib.)
Note: "Albert Harp, who owns Harp's Market in Eureka Springs, is a descendant of this branch of the family."
Submitted by Evelyn Johnson." He is not connected yet with this Harp genealogy.
I think their are two Thomas Harps are in one...needs to clear up.
Ancestral files say he was born abt 1804 in N.C.? (Not TN)
1850 census Madison Co., Prairie Twp., Arkansas...their is a Carter Harp who is 19 born in AR., and his wife Diana who
is 18 born in Missouri. I believe he is a son.
5. 1860 census Prairie twp., Madison Co., Arkansas says he was born in 1795
NC not TN.
6. Arkansas Travelers says his birth year is 1787.
7. 1850 c of Prairie, Arkansas says he is 63 (1787) TN
- Abigail Abbey GILBERT
AFN: 118J-JBX,
1. From Ancestral File (TM), data as of 2 January 1996. LDS ordinance work done under Abigail not Isabel Gilbert. If
this is a different person do the work. (this source says born abt 1808 NC)?
2. Book, CARROLL COUNTY FAMILIES: THESE WERE THE FIRST, Carroll Co., AR 1991. The compiler/editor was
Jim Lair and Harp line was submitted by Evelyn Johnson. (Lib. # 976.717 D3L Family History Center in S.L. City Utah)
Evelyn refers her as an "Isabel" or maybe he married her sister too?
3. pg 88 The Madison Co., AR Genealogist Vol. 4, 3, and 2.
"Harp, Nora May, 8 Sep 1875 and died 9 Dec 1881, dau of Thomas J. and Isabelle Blue Gilbert. Maybe Abigail Gilbert
is her or her half sister? This dau. may not belong here more research is needed. (Mattie Smith Letter)
NOTE: Book, Family Tree of Mary Emma Harp (Mrs. James O. Franklin) KY (Harp's, Gilbert's and related families from
KY. Haven't found yet, '98.
4. 1850 census Madison Co., Praire twp says she was born 1795 and from Virginia not N.C.
. 1850 TN.? I copied Tn. maybe who gave the censes guessed? she is 55
6. pg 367 age 30-40 1830 c seven children Warren Co., Tn., 1840 c seven children Madison Co., Arkansas, 1850 c. #68,
#68 Madison Co., Arkansas.
Note there are seven children.
Note: John David Harp md. Corday Malinda Gilbert?
Henry HARP
Researcher: 1850 census #68, pg253 Madison Co. Arkansas Prairie Twp.
In a book (?) their is a Henry Harp mar to a Nancy Terrill. The only infor. there was.
Agnes HARP

Researcher: 1850 census #68, pg253 she is 26

1. 1850 census #68, pg253 she is 23
Ruth Ruthey O. HARP
1. 1850 census #68, pg253 on this census record her name is spelled Ruthy born 1833. I wrote down Kathy until I
read other records.
2. 1880 c Eureka Springs Arkansas pg 16 Carroll Co., Arkansas
She is in the home of N.H. Wahlquist 53 Tailor B. Sweden with Winnie Bohannan 74 who was probable using the
healing waters of the Springs for her eyes (blind).
3. Juda widow of Hardy Harp 1831 Tn. was applying for pension. She was abt 63 in 1898. See Hardy Harp and Juda
in this file.
5 Jan 2005

Family Group Record
Thomas L. HARP
Abigail Abbey GILBERT
Page 3 of 3
Thomas Jr. HARP
1. Deed Records of Madison Co., Arkansas Book F. Pg. 96-7.(Thomas Harp also deeded land to James T. Harp) Jr.?
2. b. 1839 Mad. co. ?
Jim Lair,
Carroll Co., Families; These Were The First
, 266, 1991, Salt Lake City, Utah, Fam. Hist. Lib., 976.717 D3l.
1850 Census #68 prairie Twp., Arkansas (Madison Co.)
Descendants Of William And Charlotte (Harrison) Harp
Magazine "Arkansas Travelers
, 976.7 X20 1850.
1850 Census Madison Co., Arkansas
Thomas Harp,
T. J. Harp
, 88.
1. T.J. Harp, June 15, 1887, Historical Publishing Company, The Holy Bible, St Louis, Mo.-Philadelphia, PA.
2. Submitted by J. H. Gaskill, 1099 Rolling Hills Dr. Fayetteville, AR. 72701
cannot remember the bk. it came from but on pge 88.
1850 Census #68 prairie Twp., Arkansas
1850 Census,#68,Pge 253
Descendants Of William And Charlotte (Harrison) Harp
1850 Census,#68,Pge 253
Descendants Of William And Charlotte (Harrison) Harp
5 Jan 2005
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Cherubia A. Harp Vaughan died 30 Nov. 1892
Benjamin (Ben) Franklin Vaughan and died 7 April 1903
Both are buried in Clifty Cemetery, Clifty Arkansas

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