Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Harp, Johnson papers

If its a hosted free site and that party sees there's lots of hit...google will kick in with other sites that you'll have to pay. That's the way the Internet works. It's hard to know how long a site will run...especially, if it was free. Many sites are cutting out, like blogs who finely get fed up with it all. Its a lot of work...many believe because they have a computer, and pay for Internet services everything on the Internet (especially genealogy should be free.) These folks will take your genealogy posts and also turn it in as is as their own, then blame you if it turns up as incorrect... i.e....and never recheck these post or works, which is a must for any Genealogy Internet Site.
These posts in Genealogy Connections are presented as is...you check (I don't get hired to re-check your particular post, that your job.) Some have been given pages to me from other sources and I don't have time to recheck them. All at most are LEDS....
Again, I repeat these pages (POSTS) are AS IS!
I tire today of the SAME, plain, old lazy rubber bates, who horde genealogy and give nothing in return to their line in the grand finale of it all, but are great grippers...Make your own blogs and run it differently...
I do have a few experts and valuable genealogist that have gaven me their lines which hooks on to mine but are different and gone in a different route. They may have in most cases gone further than myself. I do print their material because they are excellent and their work is valuable. One has a site and the other write to me because they don't. I've never found so far their genealogy incorrect. Barbara MaHoney and Davis are a few of these people.
In comments is a place to correct that post...please do so for the other readers. Only grips are not printed. Get out side your selfishness and help others.
Try going into google and type in, Carroll County Census index's.
These paper prove where our Harp-Johnson lines were at this time. (ARRENA, NAME IS MISSPELLED ON MOST DOCUMENTS.

Johnson, John (F) should be a T. for Thomas....he's 28 and his wife is Arvena 26 years of age. (found in Carroll Co., AR marriage records Eastern Dist. Grooms index from 1869 to 1930.

http://www.rootweb.ancestry.com/~arcchs/Census/1880_13.html. This link will not work either...however, go into Google and type in "Carroll County Arkansas Marriage Records Eastern District Grooms Index 1869 - 1930 and search the records you'll find the pages. Ancestry.com is a corporation (ACOM tinker stocks market) They are tough because they now have to produce to keep stocks up. You may think their helping you, but in the very end their programs help their stocks. I'm OK with that but I never...give them something free when they will turn around and charge you...if your subscriptions run out and they are costly. I'm encouraging others to do the same as myself...But how long will post last? The only ones that should copy these pages are not commercials sites, but cousin's only and not for commercial gain if they have integrity and are honest, In the end it all help our progenitor's. The LDS can copy anything here because I want it to be available and saved for us all in these lines but not exclusive only to their controls.
I hope I've made it clear....
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