Sunday, December 27, 2009


Caution alerts when ordering from Ancestry. com for any special records sold in disks formated. (I paid for military civil war service and census records about 10 years ago. Of course they've change "your rules" of using these materials as they go along. Especially, if you click their programs on the disk such as reg., history, family tree i.e. on the pages. When you get back to the same program (disk) they will have change it where you can't operate the program again. I had to total out the programs in new every time and re load it again.
I really hate do business with all the genealogical service out there. You spend a lot of money to have fixes inside each program to dislodge them whenever they want you to buy in again.
I bought Paf Pal too but you can't copy and paste in any the their programs. And their licenses have a short expiration date for the money, I bought into. You'll have to buy a newer version of it ever so often. My new computer will not even take their old Paf Pal disk. Now every thing is bought on line and they will change the rules and have to update it yadda, yadda, yadda. Theirs lots of problems with this kind of explorations....
Note: I believe its the first John on this record. (...And their are many John's on this disk!) That is the John Harp in our lines here. It says he was a Senior and that's about the right age group.

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