Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Godard's, Wiley, Harp Lines More Vaughan Photos

YOU MAY WONDER WHERE I GET ALL MY (PAID FOR ... & OWNED) PHOTO'S. I paid good sum of money for most of my photos that came on a CD from another genealogist who sells them. These pictures were the first ones that I started with and now own. I bought them because I had no photo's at the time on much of my lines. No one really owns published or sold photo's. (We all (cousins.) Their was no copywriters on my photo CD disks, or I would not have bought them. I now have had others who has given me more of the same photo's that I don't really need. So they are out there and flourishing. Many others in this line bought them... same reasons? I never thought of asking Davis where he got them because he was the genealogist who owned them and their rights to resale. He's worked on the lines for many years.
As an artist I know you can change the presentation of a work, or photos and I do on both.

After all how would all the search engines operating on the Internet who makes money using our photo's and we borrowing (images) for blogs would be in big trouble with law suits. Be careful who you unload the use of your Internet photo to, because they rip them off your computer programs and your left with nothing on yours. "Google's Picasa" one. They re-sale them for use of the storage place for your photos i.e. Since my computer crashed so many times this maybe worth it. Don't label who they are...the photo will be hard to sell unless their kin yadda, yadda, yadda...
***A Great Free site even though she also uses ad feeds to stay in business and refers to them in her pages.
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