Monday, December 21, 2009

Genealogy Site are not FREE, FAKE

All genealogy sites that say they're FREE ...are, of course not! I'm so tired continually being LED on "wild goose chases" that I now have a small little book that save me a lot of time clicking on their web code time and again, at the bottom of their ads, to go visit. They change business titles and are changing them periodically so you do have to record the site again before your get suck in again. I'm all for genealogy business but not deceptive practices involved. If the government does it so are the people...Who's the government?
Photo: Vaughan Llynk
The Mormon Church has "free" conglomerate site too that lead to its family history i..e..
The have ads using Ancestral . com or (ACOM, De Va71, etc.) tinker symbol
I have a lot of grips about the antique PAF program. Paf program originated from "Ancestral Quest." Why these programs have no place to cut, copy, and paste i.e. YOUR data for another page to put in your e-mail or blog is a marketing issue. I worked for years in the Church genealogy Library's and know this programs problems. It's very Archaic!
I was told not to do this site, but I reminded the library worker they said to blog that very month from her authority. Hello!
I gotta voice one more thing before I close. Yesterday I tried to make a list in this ignorant PAF program (it's free and should stay that way). One of its KNOW IT ALL MALE's, who work in the church library who said it was like doing algebra. Who know algebra? It has bracket, arrows and, or-and, then it get real complicated when you see the choices under what you check which make no sense at all.
Why should we genealogist give any site free genealogy to resale. Can you get in and use their sites, correct the new information's you've discovered, in a note even, the gall to sell it back to us! Of course unless your now buying in...some of us don't have the funds.
For you die hard who continue to use pay toilets and pay for water after man's polluted it! And never voice objections...shame on you. You deserve it. Most use other adrenals to fight for a your basic causes.
I have had a lot of web sites I've traced back on my site meter and they sell my stuff. I don't mind any one in my line using the pages that refer to their personal genealogy. What I mind is the commercial one's using it.
However, even they are our devil's advocate. Get it? Thank You for all your comment this year. It helps our all families here getting it done more correctly. (Remember...Your genealogy doesn't just belong to you...many cousins families pass through it)
The number one use of the Internet is genealogy. You'd thing rich google could give us a better "format" for this sort of work. They are number one in programing. I think they should come up with blogs designed for genealogist.
I've been in the hospital for 9 months including rehabilitation, and nursing care. That was truly hell and I glad I'm back at this again. Thank you for putting up with my mistakes and coming to Genealogy Connections... May God grant you peace and health in your home this season. Check this free site out if your in the Vaughan Clan....

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