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Harp Descendants

Harp's Descendants
Generation No. 1
1. OUR UNKOWN 2 HARP, OLDEST UNKOWN1) was born Bet. 1730 - 1740, and died 1767 in Granville Co. NC. He married SARAH UNKNOWN Abt. 1760 in NC ?. (The writer of this page is anonymous)
Notes for UNKOWN HARP ??:
There was a
Henry Harp
transported to VA. in 1658. There was also a Henry in Johnson Co. 1766. Could there be a connection.?
Guestion: There was our Unkown (died 1768 ) and a Thomas about the same age, that had records together in Granville Co.1771. then Thomas had a Jr. would be about the age of our John b. 1769. We do not know Thomas's father. Our John m. Mary Lewis 1778 and Thomas Jr m. Elizabeth Lewis 3 Nov 1778. We do not know the father of James m. Sarah Jordon 1779, William m.
Sally(Sarah) Stanton 1787, and Simon m. Lucy Ham 1788. Thomas #l died before 1780 and Ann had a family, we think Thomas#1.
When they went to Overton Co. Wm, Sampson, Burton and Wm Jr. on one side of the creek and with John, Beverly and John Jr. the other side had land records together. Who do they belong to?
Johnston Co. NC. Is: So have for Love and Good will
William Earp to Grandson Edward Harp. About 1769. So about then is when they started changing their name. If they ever did. Still have to check these older files in Johnston Co. NC.
The Earps were from VA. and MD originally and if I can keep tracing them back some Earp Genealogists think we are from John Earp and on back to England and Thomas Earp England 1600's. Before They were in Johnston Co. they were in Northampton Co. NC where they were same names only Earp.
Earlier records in Johnson Co. NC Show Emanuel, Luke, Edward, and Henry all dealing with land before 1766.
Tax records show 1769 Thomas Harp 2 whites and Merica Harp 2 whites. 1771 was Luke Harp 2 whites, and 1780 was a John Harp, 250 acres, Thomas Harp, Sr. 102 acres,
Thomas Jr.1 free pole and Samson Harp l free pole. This is the second time the papers point to Thomas Jr and Sampson being brothers and sons of Thomas. the other is a land record.
I have pay vouchers for John Harp 1782, Thomas Harp 1781, and Luke Harp 1782 for the Rev. War. Hillsborough auditors office, North Carolina. Also a Joseph with 2 vouchers Warrington, Hillsborough
NC. in 1783. .
*History of Genealogist of Old Granville Co. NC 1746-1800
Sarah Harp "the Elder", "SINGLE WOMAN OF GRANVILLE CO." to John Harp, "aged about six years old" to
Gemime Harp, and to Sarah Harp "Jun'r" sale, Aug. 3 1767. goods and valuables including a branded horse. (She was evidently a mother of these children, although such descriptive language is not used)
John Harp that married Mary Lewis has to be this John. (no other John's) There is a marriage record of Arps? Sarah (Jr) to Allan Bryan 1784. This could be our Sarah Jr. right age?
One land
record she signed in 1790 as Sarah Harp. Also a Gemima Harp to James Randolph 1813 but that is to late so she could have been one of the other Harps boys girl. We have a Gemima as a daughter of Tolbert Harp which would be a Granddaughter of John Jr.
Children of this HARP and SARAH UNKNOWN are:
2. i. JOHN HARP 3 SR., b. 1760; d. Bet. 1812 - 1818, Overton Co. Tn..
ii. GEMIMA HARP, b. Abt. 1763.
Notes for GEMIMA HARP:
This Gemima is a sister to John. One land record has a Bobbitt signing a land record with John selling and Sarah Harp also a witness. We think this is land from their father. Gemima could be dead or something. Hardy, John Jr.'s son named his daughter Gemima and a son Geremia
iii. SARAH (JR) HARP, b. Abt. 1766, Granville Co. NC; m. ALLAN BRYAN, 1784, Granville Co. NC.
Generation No. 2
2. JOHN HARP 3 SR. (UNKOWN 2 HARP ??, OLDEST UNKOWN 1) was born 1760, and died Bet. 1812 - 1818 in Overton Co. Tn.. He married MARY LEWIS June 03, 1778 in Granville Co. NC. She was born Abt. 1761.
Notes for JOHN HARP SR.:
1785 John sold land to Thomas in Granville Co. NC. and Thomas Jr and Sampson signed as witnesses. Probable sons of Thomas Sr.
1811 was land Record in Overton Co. TN. between Wm Sr. and Burton with John Harp Sr. and Beverly signing due to land with no fence between John Sr. and
Wm.'s land.
1812 there are land records in Overton Co. TN. Burton Harp was selling
land to David Green (45 Acres), including the plantation where Sampson Harp Sr. now lives. It shows that Wm Harp Sr was on one Line and John Harp Sr. on another line. This had no fence between the two so John Harp Sr., Beverly, John Jr. Sampson Sr., William Sr. and William Jr.,Burton Harp and Isum Johnson all had to sign the land record. The land joined, showing John with land next to Wm.
*1819 land record which was Wm's Sr. shows Johns Sr. Desc. There is a Terry, Wm. Sr and Jr. and Tyre should be Wm Sr. Sons, plus Isham Johnson (buyer).
**Census of NC 1784-87 -1st # is 21-60 2nd # Under 21 and 3rd # is all females.
Bever Dam dist -Henry pg 159 1-2-4
Epping forest dist - Thomas Harp Sr. 1-4-4
" John Harp pg 53 1-1-3
" Sampson Harp pg 54 1-1-3
*Fishing Creek Thomas Harp pg 49 1-3-3
Johnson Joseph Harp pg 82 1-0-4
**1800 census Granville Co. NC has John 30ll0-03110-00, Beverly would
be the oldest boy then 3 to 10 would be John Jr., Hardy ?
Sampson 22110-12210-00,
William 40010-20200-00 and then
Ann assume widow of Thomas.01100-10101-00. All are on pgs 528 to 530 and Ann 561.
***Marriages :Granville Co. NC
John and Mary Lewis 1778
Thomas Jr. and Elizabeth Lewis 3 Nov 1778
James Harp and Sarah Jordon 19 Oct 1779, John Harp, bm.
William and Sarah (Sally) Stanton 24 May 1787, John Harp, bm.
Simon and Lucy Ham 3 Dec 1788, John Harp, bm.
Mourning Harp and Jehu Horton or Harton 2 May 1789 John H Bond bm a Henderson cc wit.
Sampson and Sarah Tudor, m 19 Oct 1779 John Harp bm.
**Army records (not approved) have Sampson would have been 94 in 1828. This would have made him born in 1734. (this record was in Overton Co. TN.)The William that signed the war papers was born in 1767, Probably son of Sampson. Could be the Wm. and Tabitha? This Sampson could be the father of several we have not connected to. Same age as our Unkown. Sampson could have had a 1st wife.
Through land records, we think Sampson children are 1. William m. Tabitha Johnson 1804, Sampson bm. 2. Polly Harp m Isham Johnson 1806, and 3 is Amelia Harp m. Isaac Johnson, possible 4 is Libbia Harp married Charles Moore in 1806 with Sampson bm.
**Later records of: Marriages Granville Co., NC.
William and Charlotte (Lotty) Harrison 5 Nov 1804
William and Tabitha Johnson 30 May 1804 Sampson bm
Beverly and Sarah Dickenson 30 Sep 1805 John Harp bm.
Molly Harp and Osborn Ball 10 Mar 1803 John H. Bond bm.
Children of JOHN SR. and MARY LEWIS are:
3. i. BEVERLY 4 HARP, b. Abt. 1785; d. Bef. 1850.
4. ii. JOHN C.HARP JR., b. 1790, Granville, N.C.; d. Aft. 1870, Madison Co. AR..
iii. HARDY HARP, b. 1790, Granville Co. NC; d. 1848; m. RUTH ELIZABETH ROARK; b. Abt. 1804.
Notes for HARDY HARP:
We are not sure about Hardy being a son of John Sr. but we think all signs point this way. He helped lay out the land for John and Beverly in Warren Co. TN. They say family works together on these. Carolyn Anfinrud had the following on a Web page:
1. Alford m. Lizzie Wesmonan
2. Betsy m. Jesse Shitley
3. Mary Malvina m. William Paine
Reminiscent History of the Ozarks Region by Goodspeed's pub. 1894, we find a reference to Hardy Harp, in the biography of William H. Paine, b. in Warren Co., TN, in 1830 son of Larkin and Rebecca Huddleston Paine. Excerpts from this bio: "In 1848, Mr. Paine was married in Madison Co., Ark. to Miss Almira Harp, native of Warren Co., TN., daughter of Hardy and Ruth A. Harp; the former (Hardy) dying in TN and the later in Ark." (If Hardy died in TN. he had returned to TN. after the 1840 census was taken)
4. Millie
5. William M. m. Jane Estel
6. Agnes m. William Milholland
" Warren Co. Land Entries from 1824 "
Hardy Harp entry #791, 1824 surveyed 1825, 50 Acres " " entry #1564.1828 surveyed 1829, 50 Acres
William Harp entry #903. 1825 surveyed 1826, 50 Acres
Brumley (Beverly) entry #2073 1826 surveyed 1827, 200 Acres

Generation No. 3
3. BEVERLY4 HARP (JOHN HARP3 SR., UNKOWN 2 HARP ??, OLDEST UNKOWN1) was born Abt. 1785, and died Bef. 1850. He married SARAH DICKINSON September 30, 1805 in Granville Co., N.C. John Harp, Bondsman.
Goodspeeds History of Northwest Arkansas, published 1889 tells "Among the first to arrive in 1832, William Clark settled on Drakes Creek, Beverly Harp, a Christian preacher, located at the head of
Cherry Creek that same year. Other articles say he was there in 1824.
Tax records show Beverly in Washington Co. Tax list for 1836 and 1838 and Madison Co. for 1837 and 1839. He was on the Johnson Co census 1840.
He later moved to "Healing Springs" now known as Eureka Springs.
According to the land records in Overton Co. TN. it has Beverly
and John signing for land record with John Sr.
Here is a letter from a Inabell Williams, of Stafford, MO. 1970. Jack's great Grandmother was Mary Harp b. ca 1809 in TN. She married Daniel Wagnon ca 1834. They named their first son Beverly. Mary had at least 3 sisters, one was Cherry(Cheruba) who married Benjamin Vaughn and had at least 2 brothers Jim and Phillip.
Beverly was a preacher and a farmer.
In Warren Co. TN 27 Nov 1824 has: surveyed for Hardy Harp, 50 acres on the waters of Rocky River in Hickory Cove, near the NE corner of a 25 acre entry made in the name of Beverly Harp, a line of a 14
acre survey, a line of a 45 acres survey, a line of 10 acres survey of John Harp's foot of Cumberland Mountains, including said Hardy and John Harp's improvement. Surveyed 1 Oct 1825. John Harp & Wm. Evans, C.C.; Saml Worthington,D.S.
NOTE IN THE BOOK; The entries mentioned in these records refer to land grants. C C (Chain Carrier), usually a relative of the land owner.
5. ii. MARY HARP, b. Abt. 1810, Tn. (Overton Co.).
iii. CHERUBA (CHERRY) HARP, b. September 07, 1817, Tn; d. November 30, 1892, Ar; m. BENJAMIN VAUGHAN, 1835, Madison Co. Ark.
The children of Benjamin and Cherubia Vaughan are Mary, Elizabeth, Nancy, George, James Dallas, Allen, and Pleasant.
...children of Ben and Cherry as:
1. Mary Narcissis Jane "Sis" Vaughan b. 22 Feb. 1838 m. George Washington Todd. (Peggy's line)
2. George Washington Vaughan b. 17 Aug 1840 m. Mary F. Henderson (Eddie line)
3. Elizabeth Vaughan b. 14 Mar 1841 m LeRoy C (Freddie Todd line)
4. James Polk Dallas Vaughan b. in 1843 m Melvina Houston (Peggy's first husband's line)
5. Allen Woods Vaughan b.1845 m.1st Eveline Wisdom, m. 2nd Cynthia (Bohannan) Harrison (Peggy's GGGrandmother on Mothers side). Her 1st husband was Millard F. Harrison Peggy's GGGrandfather.
6. Pleasant Michael Vaughan b. 16 Nov. 1849 m. Margaret J. Wisdom (sister of Eveline Wisdom)
7 Nancy Ann Vaughan b. 23 Mar 1852 m. Allen Ray
iv. JIM HARP, b. 1824.
v. WILLIAM JORDAN HARP, b. April 23, 1826, Warren Co. Tn.; d. May 23, 1916, Ione, Logan Co. Ar; m. May 04, 1845, Johnson Co. Ar.
William J. was in Johnson Co. Ar 1850 along with his wife. Wiley Harp age 44, Thomas Harp 25, Joseph Harp 21, Osborn 20, and James P Harp 26. They are all in separate houses and Families.
This is from Johnnie Cowart, ggggranddaughter of Beverly. She has a death cert. of Wm. J. stating Beverly as his father and Sarah as his mother.
William J. was also a minister.
4. JOHN C.HARP4 JR. (JOHN HARP3 SR., OUR UNKOWN2 HARP ??, OLDEST UNKOWN1) was born 1790 in Granville, N.C., and died Aft. 1870 in Madison Co. AR.. He married LOUISE (LUCY) VAUGHAN 1820, daughter of WILLIAM VAUGHAN and FEREBY BENTON. She was born 1795 in TN, and died Abt. 1861 in Madison Co. AR..
Notes for JOHN C.HARP JR.:
There is no record that I have found that John is a Lewis. On the applications for Indian rights Hardy's daughter had John C (could be an O ) On another from Nancy Jane (Absolum's wife)
it is a C. and so is my Uncle John C. and Uncle John was Calvin. So I think it is C.
On The applications also show John having married Louise Vaughan and her mother was Fairaby Benton Vaughan.
We do have census 1830, John 30-40, 1840, John 40-50. Which makes John b. 1790 (60) as the 1850 census states. This would make Lucy b. 1795.
The Army papers states that Lewis (John's son) was b. in Warren Co. TN 1826. Other records of land including John in Warren Co. TN under Beverly and Hardy. Show he was at the foot of Cumberland Mtn. Warren Co. Plat Book 1824-27 Vol 1by Nora Williams. Surveyed for Hardy Harp 50 acres on the waters of Rocky River in the Hickory cove, near the NE corner of a 25 acre entry made in the name of Beverly Harp, a line of a 14 acre survey a line of a 45 acre survey, a line of 10 acre survey of John Harp's foot of Cumberland Mountain, including said Hardy & John Harp's improvement. Surveyed 1 Oct 1825. John Harp & Wm. Evans, CC Sam Worthington, D.S.
John was living with a daughter Lucy Irene (Arena) (Mrs. James Henderson) when he died. He had come from Warren Co. TN. to Washington Co. Ar. by 1829 according to the Goodspeed History. He also shows in the history in Madison Co. Ar. in 1832 in Vaughan Valley (Twp 17N Rg 27W.)
I have copies of land records in both Washington and Madison Co. AR 40 acres in Washington Co. was sold 1835. 80 acres was sold 1852 to James Mayfield. I saw this land it was beautiful. East and a
little south of Springdale close to the Madison Co. line. Some of the Mayfield's still live in that area.
80 acres was bought in 1859 and 160 was sold all in one transaction in 1860 which included the first 80 acres. This land was in Madison Co. All these papers were signed by both John and Lucy
with Daniel Vaughan a witness on one paper and William Harp witness on another.
On Mar. 1, 1862 John sold land in Washington Co. W 1/4 SE 1/4 Sec 15 TWP N. 17 N of Range 31. He was the only one to sign this transaction so we know Lucy died between 1860-1870 so now we can put her death about 1861.
Louise's name was on her daughter Lucinda (Harp) Clarks death certificate. father was John and Mother was Louise Vaughan.
I have Indian Application records from Nancy Jane Harp wife of Absolum, showing Lucy Vaughan as a daughter of William and Fereby Vaughan. Benjamin Vaughn also put verification to the same and he had Fereby Vaughan, daughter of Fereby Benton whose maiden name was Fereby Looney a Cherokee woman.
This record also has Absolum as the son of John and Lucy (Vaughan) Harp.
Also was a letter of Ardemia (Harp) Daniels daughter of Absolum, saying Hardy Harp's wife was Sarah E. Clemens, a sister to our Nancy Jane Clemens This proves our line to John Harp.

Children of JOHN JR. and LOUISE VAUGHAN are:
6. i. HARDY 5 HARP, b. Abt. 1821, TN; d. Bef. 1860, AR..
7. ii. ABSOLUM A.(APPS OR DOC) HARP, b. 1822, TN; d. July 03, 1896, Skiatook, OK..
8. iii. TOLBERT HARP, b. 1823; d. October 12, 1894, Keels Creek, Ar..
9. iv. LEWIS HARP, b. December 28, 1826, Warren Co. Tn.; d. June 24, 1887, Madison Co. Ar..
10. v. JAMES HARP, b. April 28, 1828, TN.; d. November 21, 1881, Washington Co. ID.
vi. WILLIAM HARP, b. April 13, 1830, Ar.; d. August 15, 1862, Mo.; m. ELLEN BRUMLEY, February 15, 1852, Carroll Co. Ar.; b. Abt. 1834, Mo.; d. Good Samariton, Hosp. Mo..
William was in the Civil War. 1st Ark. Cav. Co. B, of Ark. He died with Measels.
His children are: 1. Arena b. 23 Nov 1854,Madison Co. Ar. 2. Algeretta b. 8 Mar 1856 and twin 3. Louisa b. 8 Mar 1856 Madison Co. Ark. She married a Cox 4. Lewis Isaac Newton b. 15 Mar 1858 Madison Co. 5. Sarah Elizabeth b. May 1860 Madison Co. She married a Cox also. 6. James Oliver Perry b. 3 Jan 1861 and 7. General Seigal b. 9 Jan 1862.
vii. LURINDA A HARP, b. February 13, 1836, Ar.; d. March 10, 1914; m. THOMAS CLARK.
This is the way it was spelled on her death certificate signed by Mrs. U.G. Kelly (Daughter) on Mar 10, 1914 in Eureka Springs, AR. She had been ill 5 yrs and disease of liver ? hard to read. Mother was Louise Vaughn and father was John Harp. She was born 13 Feb, 1836 Ark.
Children of Lurinda and Thomas Clark are
1. John b. ab. 1858
2. James b. ab. 1860
3. Thomas b. ab 1864
4. Tennessee b. ab.1867
5. Louisa
6 Sarah
Thomas was a son of Baptist and Elizabeth Clark
11. viii. LUCY IRENE HARP, b. 1839, Ar..
Generation No. 4
5. MARY 5 HARP (BEVERLY 4, JOHN HARP 3 SR., UNKOWN 2 HARP ??, OLDEST UNKOWN1) was born Abt. 1810 in Tn. (Overton Co.). She married DANIEL LENONARD WAGNON 1834.
Notes for MARY HARP:
Mary Harp and Daniel Wagnon had a sons Beverly, Burrel, Thomas, Andrew, John, Benjamin, Sarah, James and Daniel with 1 daughter Sarah
Beverly had Burrel, Thomas, Andrew, John, Benjamin, Sarah, James and
Daniel as brothers.
6. HARDY5 HARP (JOHN C.HARP4 JR., JOHN HARP3 SR., OUR UNKOWN2 HARP ??, OLDEST UNKOWN1) was born Abt. 1821 in TN, and died Bef. 1860 in AR.. He married SARAH E. CLEMMONS, daughter of JESSE CLEMMONS and ELIZABETH. She was born 1824 in Tenn.. Notes for HARDY HARP:
On the 1850 Census, Hardy was 29 b. TN. Absolum was 5 months old. b. Ar., Sarah was 26 b. TN.
In the 1860 Census Sarah E. Harp, 37 Born Indiana (widow of Hardy) seamstress, and Nancy Jane Harp 5, b. Ar. (daughter of Hardy) was living with Tolbert Harp in Madison Co. Ar. No record of (son)
Absolum Harp.
In 1870 Nancy Jane, Absolum (younger), Sarah E. were all in Wilson Co., KS. Verdigris Twp. P.O. Coyville. I haven't checked Wilson Co. Records but I have a land record in Woodson Co. 1883 where Absolum and Loucretia got a loan for 160 acres, close to uncle Absolum.. There were also courthouse records where he had 2 lots in Yates Center 1885-1886. In 1891 there was a record selling Lots with his address Paola Co. Miami, KS.
The daughter Nancy Jane was b. 12 Mar 1855 Madison Co. Ar. She married George W Clark. She had 3 girls. Julia Abt 1871, Sarah E. b. 1875 and Prue D. b. 1888 (This was from here application for Cherokee membership)

The application for Indian records had Ardemia stating that Nancy Jane (her mother) and Sarah E.Clemmons (wife of Hardy Harp) were sisters.
Children of HARDY HARP and SARAH CLEMMONS are:
i. ABSOLUM6 HARP, b. 1850, Washington Co., Ar; m. LUCRETIA B. ANDERSON; b. 1856, Al..
1880 census has Absolum 30, wife Loucretia 24, Alouzoe A. Anderson 25, brother in Law of Absolum. Woodson Co. KS. Close to Louisa V. Blevins. (daughter of Absolum)

12. ii. NANCY JANE HARP, b. January 1855, Madison Co. Ar..
7. ABSOLUM A.(APPS OR DOC)5 HARP (JOHN C.HARP4 JR., JOHN HARP3 SR., OUR UNKOWN2 HARP ??, OLDEST UNKOWN1) was born 1822 in TN, and died July 03, 1896 in Skiatook, OK.. He married NANCY JANE CLEMMONS July 25, 1841 in Washington Co., Ar, daughter of JESSE CLEMMONS and ELIZABETH. She was born May 17, 1826 in TN, and died December 10, 1897 in Toronto, KS. Woodson Co. KS.
Photo: Sarah (Harp) Henley always said she was 1/16 Indian. Assuming this, Absolum was 1/8 and his mother Louisa(Lucy) Vaughan was 1/4 and Fair-a-bee was 1/2. Which should be right according to the Vaughan connection.
According to the 1880 census record, William was born in MO., making Absolum leave Arkansas before 1856. Sarah was born in Bates Co. MO.
They were in Barry Co. in 1860 (Census).
Lloyd Daniel wrote in his Kansas History: him and his neighbors were run out of Linn Co., KS.(Across the line from Bates Co. MO.) with crops standing. This would have been before 1860 as they were all in Barry Co. by 1860 as Lloyd and Ardemea were married in Barry Co. Absolum could have been a neighbor just across the KS & MO. line in Bates Co.
Absolum was registered in the MO. Home Guard, Co. D. Stone Co. They must have lived close to the county line here also. He was a private and enrolled 6 June 1861 and was discharged 15 Nov. 1861.
He was 5'6" tall and weighed 144 at 69 years old. Glen Dale Henley has the original discharge papers.
When Grandma (Sarah Elizabeth) was 6, the family came to Kansas (1864). In 1866, Absolum was on the mini jury in Wilson Co. This was also close to the county line as a little later the moved the Co. line
and they then lived in Woodson Co.
In an article by James Harpe Harris stated the Harp's were breeders of fine racing horses and fox hound.
Zoe Henley Wilson told of Grandpa Absolum having lots of dogs. A seashell her Mother had was used to call dogs. She thinks it was in the Harp family first. A bottle (flask) Zoe had was a bottle Apps took with him to help heal people. It was Herbs. Ella Mae has it.
According to Sarah, Apps was 1/8 Cherokee Indian. In 1891 he went to OK. in hopes of getting Indian land. On a 1893 census of OK. he had 40 acres and each of his boys had a few acres. The Indian headquarters told me that census was taken to show who had moved to OK. by 1889.
These people were entitled to the Indian land upon Indian proof. We were 4 years short.
George and Loid (Lloyd?) Blevins were also on the 1893 census of OK.
The Frank Henley family also went to OK. but came back. A picture in the back was taken right after they returned. Everyone got sick on the water in Skiatook ,OK.
Nancy came back to Kansas with Sarah and Frank Henley about that time and stayed till she died.

Nancy Jane a daughter of Jesse who in 1830 lived close to John Harp. The census of 1830 had Jesse about 34 (1794) with 2 girls under 5. #1 Nancy Jane was 4 (1826) in TN. at that time. #2Sarah Elizabeth was 6 (1824) in 1830. She m. Hardy Harp.
Then 1850 census of Madison Co. AR. was Elizabeth (Betsy) 50 and #3 James 20 b. AL. and #4 John 18 b. AR. Making Jessie and Elizabeth unkown having 4 children.
On the 1860 census of Barry Co. MO., real close to Absolum, was James and his family with Elizabeth living with them. She was b. 1794 NC. James and his family came to Woodson Co. KS. Eliz. wasn't with them. They lived within a mile of Grandma (Sarah Harp Henley)
Rebecca (James's daughter born 1858) was 15 (1873). She married John E. Daniel. She was a cousin to Sarah (Harp) Henley.
All the Aunts said Mark Twain was a cousin. John Marshall Clemens was father of Mark Twain. His people and other Clemens were in Warren Co. TN. in 1830 same as some of the Harps. I plan on searching this more.
A will in Granville Co. from Colonial Granville Co. NC :
The will of Simon Clemens dated April 3, 1800 recorded on the
records of Granville Co. He mentions his wife Mary Predden Clemens. OTHERS : OBEDIAH, ZEPHANIAH, STEPHEN, SIMON, JOHN, SON IN LAW CHARLES JONES, ANNA who married TERRY, SAMUEL, WILLIAM, ISABELL AND MARY CLEMENTS Could our Jesse b. ab 1800 be a grandson?
Other notes : Early settlers of Alabama : Jeremiah Clemens, poet and novelist, politician and lawyer, writer and Speaker and US Senator. Is this John father of Mark Twain?
Overton Co. TN 1827 John N Clemens Lawyer residing in Jamestown and Obedstown of the "Gilded age" was the Jamestown of that time more familiarly known as Jimtown.
1825 John N Clemons Circuit Court Clk Fentress Co.
1833 Fentress Co. J N Clemmons compensation
1813 Petition Legislative Tery Harp signed. He is on an uncles
Granville NC was Elizabeth to Wm Clements Mar 15 1775

13. i. ARDEMA CLETA B.6 HARP, b. 1844, Ar.; d. Skiatook, OK..
14. ii. VIOLET LOUISIE HARP, b. 1846, AR.; d. February 25, 1911, Woodson Co. Ks..
15. iii. JOHN CALVIN HARP, b. December 09, 1848, AR.; d. December 15, 1931, Skiatook, OK..
16. iv. JEFFERSON COLUMBUS(STUMP) HARP, b. May 23, 1850, AR.; d. May 02, 1932, Vinita, OK..
17. v. WILLIAM M. HARP, b. April 22, 1856, MO; d. March 09, 1941, Sedan, KS..
18. vi. SARAH ELIZABETH HARP, b. August 12, 1858, Bates Co., Mo.; d. July 19, 1938, Wilson Co., Ks. N., of Coyville, Ks..

8. TOLBERT5 HARP (JOHN C.HARP4 JR., JOHN HARP3 SR., OUR UNKOWN2 HARP ??, OLDEST UNKOWN1) was born 1823, and died October 12, 1894 in Keels Creek, Ar.. He married MARTHA CLARK. She was born 1823, and died March 18, 1893.

Census of 1850 had Tolbert in Washington and Madison Co's. He must have been on the line. Besides #1. Gemima, the other children were #2,Jeremiah 1849, married 1st Ad Ball, 2nd Rosa Mitchell. #3. John 1850, #4. Lewis 1852, and #5. James b. 12 Aug1855 and died 9 Jan 1922 Carroll Co. Ar. Married Mary Tennessee Hopper.
Tolbert's family went to Carrol Co., Ar. 1880. (This was the family Sarah E. (Hardy's wife) lived with before she went to KS.)

Martha was a dau. of Baptist and Elizabeth Clark

19. i. JEMIMA6 HARP, b. March 13, 1844, Washington Co., Ar; d. November 06, 1892.

9. LEWIS5 HARP (JOHN C.HARP4 JR., JOHN HARP3 SR., OUR UNKOWN2 HARP ??, OLDEST UNKOWN1) was born December 28, 1826 in Warren Co. Tn., and died June 24, 1887 in Madison Co. Ar.. He married NANCY M VAUGHAN March 02, 1845 in Washington Co., Ar. She was born April 13, 1828, and died September 30, 1908 in Madison Co. Ar..

Notes for LEWIS HARP:
Lewis served as Corporal in the union army, Civil War, Co.E 1st Ark.Cav. Enrolled at Cassville, Barry Co., Mo. 24 June 1862; discharged 23 Aug. 1865 at Fayetteville, Ark. On his army papers was born Warren Co. TN.
Lewis was 20 and Nancy age 17 when married. Wash. Co. Ar.
1900 census show 11 children born and only 7 living.
#1Nancy Martelia "Teal" b. 13 Apr 1846 Carroll Co. Ar. M. Thomas E. Hudson b. Ca 1850 Ar.
#2 Mary Jane, b. 18 Feb 1848 Carroll Co. D. 21 Feb 1931/32 . Married George Washington Pinkley. They were the parents of Cora who wrote all the books.
#3 William Benton born 18 Oct 1852 married Mary Liza ? had red hair
#4 Delithia Malvina "Viney" b. 10 Oct 1855, Married Oct.13 1881 Josiah Albert Westmoreland.
#5 Arena b. 15 Nov 1858, Married 3 Jul 1886 John T.Johnson.
#6 and #7 Were twins born 4 Mar.1861, Cassville, Mo. John died at birth and James Lane died Manford, Ok. 1941. He married Rhoda Fanning 27 Feb. 1884. #8 Lewis Jr. born 29 Mar 1864 died 26 Feb 1934. Married Mary Jane Smith 8 Jan 1893. Carroll Co. Ar.

Nancy was a daughter of Malinda Vaughan who m. Solomon Stone some years after Nancy was born.

Children of LEWIS HARP and NANCY VAUGHAN are:
i. MARY JANE6 HARP, b. 1848.

Mary Jane Harp married George Washington Pinkley They had 10 children. Cora was the last b. 28 Apr 1892 in Carrol Co. and died in Eureka Spgs. Ar on 7 Jun 1966.
Cora wrote lots of novels about the Harp. They were what she thought she remembered. Lots of the material lead to something else however her having John Harp's father as Phillip had us all going for
a while. A Phillip was in Md. but may be a very distant relative. Her books are great.

ii. LEWIS HARP JR., b. March 20, 1864, Washington Co., Ar; d. February 26, 1934, Carroll Co. Ark.; m. MARY JANE SMITH, January 08, 1893, Carroll Co. Ark.; b. October 14, 1876; d. June 1906.

10. JAMES5 HARP (JOHN C.HARP4 JR., JOHN HARP3 SR., OUR UNKOWN2 HARP ??, OLDEST UNKOWN1) was born April 28, 1828 in TN., and died November 21, 1881 in Washington Co. ID. He married SARAH ELIZABETH CLARK April 01, 1846 in Washington Co., AR. She was born April 08, 1832 in TN, and died March 14, 1915 in Freewater, OR.

Notes for JAMES HARP:
James was in 1st Ark Cav, (Union Soldier)Pvt. Joined 24 Jun 1862 Madison Co. AR. at age 35 b. Warren Co. TN.
This family was with our Absolum on the 1880 census, Woodson Co. KS. He was crippled. He had been hurt in the civil war. Sarah received a pension from him in Idaho. This family and Absolum must
have been close as they have records showing this. All of James children were born in Ark. I have corresponded with his Great Grandson. He is a descendent of Hardy and helped me with the following family charts.
They left AR. then Kansas right after the 1880 census they headed to Idaho.
James children are
l. Melvina "Vina" born 1848 m. Dec 1869 to Abram Beach, son of Abram and Elizabeth Beech, b. ca 1848
2. William T b. 16 Jun 1849 Madison Co. AR,d. 31 May 1928, 1870 Milly Jane Hall,d/o Thomas & Lourenia (Holeman) Hall, b ca July 1850 AR
3. Hardy b. 31 May 1852 Berryville, AR, d. 30 Jan/June 1922 Boise, ID, bur. Weiser, ID, m. Oct 1869 in AR to Irena Annabell "Rena" Birkes, d/o George Washington & Elizabeth J. "Betsey" (Biggerstaff) Birkes, b. 26 July 1854 Barry Co., MO, d. 4 Jan 1934 Boise, ID, bur. Weiser, ID.
4. Louis (Lewis?) b. 10 Oct 1852 Eureka Springs, d. 11 Mar 1942 Council, ID m. Emily Biggerstaff.
5. Tolbert b. 22 May1858 AR, d. 17 Dec 1905 Council, ID
6. Martha Margaretta b. 12 Jan, 1860 AR. Married George Robison, (Note same name as my UnclePlus spelling) 3 Jun 1879 (Bk H.p.76) by Edward Chappell, J.P.
7.Louisa Elizabeth "Louisy" b. 9 Jan 1862 AR. d. 20 Sep 1954 Weiser, ID. m. 17 Apr 1878
Barry Co. MO by Edward Chappell, J.P. to George Maddox Winkler, s/o George Andrew II Winkler and Elizabeth Artemicia "Ettie" (Shephard) Winkler, b. 25 Sep 1856, Sandyvile, WVA., d 9 Mar 19120 Council, ID (Marriage record has Lueasy E. Harp)
8. Samuel Harp b. after 1870, m 15 July 1879 Barry Co. MO BK H,p.78) by Edward Chappel, J>P> to Rachel Alice Higgins (Marriage record has Alas)

Sarah is a daughter of Baptist and Elizabeth Clark

Children of JAMES HARP and SARAH CLARK are:
20. i. HARDY6 HARP, b. May 31, 1852, Berryville, Carrol Co. Ark.; d. January 30, 1922, Boise, Ada Co., Idaho.
ii. ELIZABETH L. HARP, b. January 09, 1862, Madison Co. Ark; d. September 20, 1954, Council, Id.; m. GEORGE MADDOX WINKLER, April 17, 1878, Barry Co. Mo.

10 days after the marriage of Eliz and George they left by Wagon
Train for Idaho.
Their children were 1. Alice b. 29 Sep 1879 - Died 23 May 1943.
2. Agnes b. 6 Apr 1881 - d. 22 Dec 1946
3. Maud b. 15 Dec 1883 - d. 1883
4. Arta b. 25 Aug 1887 - d. 9 Jun 1951
5. Mary b. 6 Jan 1890 - d. 23 Apr 1965
6. Ernest b. 15 Sep 1893 - d. 16 Sep 1958
7. George b. 12 Mar 1897 - d. 7 Oct 1976
8. Charles b. 26 Jul 1898 - d. 15 Aug 1978
9. Henry b. 8 Apr 1902 - d. 19 Nov 1967
Child #7 George A Winkler born in Council Id. died in the eterans hospital, LaJalls, Ca. He married Mary Augusta Nichols. 1 Feb 1920. Both are buried San Bernando, Ca. Their children are
1. Maxine C. b. 15 Feb 1922
2. S. June b. 28 Jun 1927
3. George M. b. 10 May 1930
#3 George Maddox Winkler m. Dorothy G. Dickey 22 Sep 1951 Minneapolis, Min. His children are -
1. George A. IV. b. 5 Aug 1955 m. Carla Collier on 22 Mar 1987 they have 1. George M b. 9 Dec 1988 and 2. Ashley A. b. 18 May 1992
2. William R. b. 16 Dec 1956
3. Jana L. b. 10 Jan 1961


We are doing a DNA on Lucy's all girl ancestors to show she is Indian. More later

Lucy and James Henderson had the following children
1. Sara Lucy married John Samsell Stroud in July 1890
2. George Washington His whole family below
3. James b. 1875
4. Calvin b. 1878 He was killed on R.R.
5. Tolbert "Tol". He went to Locust Grove, OK.
6. Major. He went to OK.

Children of LUCY HARP and JAMES HENDERSON are:
i. GEORGE WASHINGTON6 HENDERSON, b. December 10, 1872, Eureka Springs, Ar.; d. February 26, 1942, Bristow, Creek Co, Ok; m. October 25, 1894, Carroll Co. Ark.; m. (2) ADA ALBERTA EDWARDS, October 25, 1894, Carroll Co. Ar.; b. December 10, 1872, Eureka Springs, Ar.; d. February 26, 1942, Bristow, Ok..

George married Ada Alberta Edwards on 25 Oct 1894 Carroll Co. AR. They lived in Bristow, OK
George and Ada had 8 children.
l. Bradford Earl b. 8 Oct 1895 MO. d, 23 Feb 1938 Bristow, OK
2. LeRoy Edward. 3 Nov 1898 Vian, Indian Ter.d. 5 Jun 1970 Bristow,
3. Calvin Ray b. 20 Mar 1901 OK. Ter. d. 28 Jan 1904,
4 Flora Georgia b. 14 Apr 1903 Eureka Springs AR. d. 16 Aug 1991 Phoenix,AZ.
5. Mary Loy, b. 5 May 1905 OK. Terr. M. Frank Drennan
6. Apsie Albert b.23 Jan 1908 OK. D. 5 Jun 1909,
7. John Omer, b. 24 Dec. 1913 Bristow Creek, OK d. 3 Apr 1958 Kingman KS. He had a massive heart attack. m. Naomi Carley 2nd Marriage was Opal Mae Blackwell.
8. Opal Elaine b,17 Feb 1916 Bristow OK. m. L.E. "Bud" Fenton

The descendent of John Omer in Kingman KS gave this information. John Omer died in 1958 in Kingman. From Opal Specht of Kingman, KS.


Generation No. 5

12. NANCY JANE6 HARP (HARDY5, JOHN C.HARP4 JR., JOHN HARP3 SR., OUR UNKOWN2 HARP ??, OLDEST UNKOWN1) was born January 1855 in Madison Co. Ar.. She married GEO W. CLARK. He was born 1847.

Children of NANCY HARP and GEO CLARK are:
i. JULIE A7 CLARK, b. 1875.
ii. SARAH E. CLARK, b. 1875.
iii. PRUE CLARK, b. 1888.

13. ARDEMA CLETA B.6 HARP (ABSOLUM A.(APPS OR DOC)5, JOHN C.HARP4 JR., JOHN HARP3 SR., OUR UNKOWN2 HARP ??, OLDEST UNKOWN1) was born 1844 in Ar., and died in Skiatook, OK.. She married LLOYD W. DANIELS July 22, 1860 in Barry Co. MO.. He died in Sedan, KS..

Ardemia wrote in her Cherokee Nation affidavit - She knew Nancy Jane Clark (Hardy's dau) very well as Her mother Sarah and my mother Nancy were sisters. Also her father Hardy and my father Absolum were brothers.
Children of ARDEMA HARP and LLOYD DANIELS are:
iv. WILLIAM A. DANIELS, b. 1868, Ks..
v. JOSIAH DANIELS, b. April 13, 1869, Ks.; d. June 29, 1942, Skiatook, Ok..
vi. JOHN DANIELS, b. February 26, 1871, Ks.; d. November 26, 1940, Skiatook, Ok..
vii. BERT M. DANIELS, b. 1876, Ks..
viii. JAMES DANIELS, b. 1879, Ks.; d. 1934, Skiatook, Ok..
14. VIOLET LOUISIE6 HARP (ABSOLUM A.(APPS OR DOC)5, JOHN C.HARP4 JR., JOHN HARP3 SR., OUR UNKOWN2 HARP ??, OLDEST UNKOWN1) was born 1846 in AR., and died February 25, 1911 in Woodson Co. Ks.. She married (1) ELIAS D. BLEVINS August 19, 1860 in Barry Co. Mo. He was born 1843 in Ky., and died Aft. 1878 in Woodson Co. Ks.. She married (2) THOMAS W. WHITE October 18, 1880 in Woodson Co. Ks. He was born 1848, and died Unknown. She married (3) JOSHUA MOLLET 1900 in Woodson Co. Ks..
Children of VIOLET HARP and ELIAS BLEVINS are:
i. JAMES LLOYD7 BLEVINS, b. 1862, Mo.
ii. VIOLET E. BLEVINS, b. 1867, Ks.; d. May 01, 1883, had T.B..
iii. GEORGE F BLEVINS, b. 1870, Ks.; d. Locus Grove, Ok.; m. (1) MAUDE UNKNOWN; m. (2) MOLLIE UNKNOWN.
iv. CHARLES B. BLEVINS, b. 1873; d. September 02, 1874, Woodson Co. Ks..
vi. MINNIE B. BLEVINS, b. March 10, 1877, Toronto KS; d. March 20, 1945, Merced, CA; m. ROLLIE ROSS HINDELESOME; b. August 06, 1875, MO; d. December 08, 1951, Madera, California.

They had 5 children: Faye Smith, Dulcia Wilson, Loyd, Herbert and Paul

Children of VIOLET HARP and THOMAS WHITE are:
vii. FRED7 WHITE, b. March 31, 1886, Woodson co. KS; d. October 22, 1951, Madera, California; m. DORA ANN GARDNER, May 26, 1917, Hutchinson, KS; b. November 19, 1883, Tampa, KS; d. December 17, 1938, Marion, KS.
viii. LAURA ADDIE WHITE, b. August 13, 1881, Woodson co. KS; d. July 03, 1963, Wilson Co. KS.; m. HIRAM WESLEY ( WES) COOPER, September 11, 1898, Woodson Co. KS..

Their children were Allen C. b. June 1899, Leo b. ca 1901 m. Anna V. Spillman 27 Sep 1921
George C. b. 24 June 1901 d. 18 Feb 1972 buried in Little sandy Cemetery:
Lewis Charles b. 1904 d. 1974 b. Little Sandy Cem.
William Vance b. 3 Jan 1908 Middletown, KS. m. Dorothy Jan Williamson 5 Dec 1928, married Hazel Howery 1948 Divorced. m. Eunice Smith 1962
Reta b. ab 1911
Frances b. ca 1913 m. Donald Robert Muldrew 17 Mar 1947
Bert b. 15 Jun 1916
Hazel Edna b. 15 Oct 1916 d. 8 Sep. 1917 b. Little Sandy Cem.
Ila b.15 Jun 1918 d.2 Nov 1919 buried Little Sandy Cem

15. JOHN CALVIN6 HARP (ABSOLUM A.(APPS OR DOC)5, JOHN C.HARP4 JR., JOHN HARP3 SR., OUR UNKOWN2 HARP ??, OLDEST UNKOWN1) was born December 09, 1848 in AR., and died December 15, 1931 in Skiatook, OK.. He married (1) REBECCA. She was born March 21, 1858, and died August 30, 1876 in Woodson co., Ks. He married (2) MARY JANE DANIEL March 05, 1880 in Woodson Co. KS.. She was born July 19, 1859, and died December 22, 1939 in Skiatook, OK..

Notes for REBECCA:
Rebecca was buried in the Big Sandy Cem. south of Toronto, KS. The stone has Rebecca wife of John C. Harp. Her age and death. There was a child Rebecca Harp died Big Sandy and was b. 28 Feb 1875 and d. 30 Aug 1876
Note John m. Mary Jane 1880.

Child of JOHN HARP and REBECCA is:
i. REBECCA7 HARP, b. February 28, 1875, Woodson Co. Ks; d. August 30, 1876, Woodson Co. Ks.

Children of JOHN HARP and MARY DANIEL are:
ii. FREDDIE7 HARP, b. April 21, 1887, Woodson Co. Ks; d. October 27, 1888, Woodson Co. Ks.
iii. GEORGE H. HARP, b. April 13, 1889, Skiatook, Ok.; d. November 16, 1901, Skiatook, Ok..

16. JEFFERSON COLUMBUS(STUMP)6 HARP (ABSOLUM A.(APPS OR DOC)5, JOHN C.HARP4 JR., JOHN HARP3 SR., OUR UNKOWN2 HARP ??, OLDEST UNKOWN1) was born May 23, 1850 in AR., and died May 02, 1932 in Vinita, OK.. He married MARGARET CLARK July 30, 1876 in Washington Co., AR. She was born January 14, 1855 in AR., and died March 06, 1897 in OK..

Jefferson was on the 1860 census in Barry Co. as Columbus.

Margaret was a daughter of Hiram and Nancy (Smith) Clark. the same as Rose Harp.

i. LENNA BUNICIA.(BELL)7 HARP, b. April 10, 1877, KS; d. August 31, 1960, Bartlesville OK..

Jeff and Emma or Bunicia? received land 8 Nov 1919 deed book 51, pg 501 Madison Co. Ar. Also the same day Rosa Clark Harp dau of Hiram Clark received land . It had to be a settlement as Emma's mother was already dead.
Lenna Bell on her stone. She, Her Husband Benjamin W. Mizer, Jeff, and 2 or her 3 children are buried in the family plot in Memorial Park cemetery at Bartlesville, Ok.
Lenna married Ben Mizer on Oct 12 1896 in Independence, KS.

17. WILLIAM M.6 HARP (ABSOLUM A.(APPS OR DOC)5, JOHN C.HARP4 JR., JOHN HARP3 SR., OUR UNKOWN2 HARP ??, OLDEST UNKOWN1) was born April 22, 1856 in MO, and died March 09, 1941 in Sedan, KS.. He married ROSE CLARK Abt. 1894. She was born November 29, 1876.

Notes for WILLIAM M. HARP:
Uncle Bill had a farm South of Sedan on the way to Elgin. Elgin is where some of the William T. family settled. He didn't think they were relation according to Mother.
When he passed away he had a 1923 Ford (I think) I know it was old and it only had 2 or 3 thousand miles on it. I saw it in 1940.
Aunt Rose and Uncle Bill are both buried in the Greenwood Cemetery at Sedan Kansas.

i. LEAFA VIOLET7 HARP, b. November 25, 1919, Chautauqua Co Ks; m. WILLIAM ANDREW DENICK, February 25, 1942, Sedan Ks, Chautauqua Co Ks; b. July 06, 1919, Sedan Ks, Chautauqua Co Ks.

Leafa was adopted by Uncle Bill and Aunt Rose when she was a little over 1 year old.
Leatha Violet Harp wrote in the Sedan Times-Star dated 16 Dec 1926. Dec. 11, 1926, Dear Santa: My name is Leatha Violet Harp. I am seven years old. I am going to school and am through my primer and
ready for the first reader. I want a blackboard and story book and would love to have a willow buggy for my Flossie dolly. I want some candy, nuts, and oranges, and I want my mama to get me a nice red coat
and red hat. From Leatha Violet Harp.

18. SARAH ELIZABETH6 HARP (ABSOLUM A.(APPS OR DOC)5, JOHN C.HARP4 JR., JOHN HARP3 SR., OUR UNKOWN2 HARP ??, OLDEST UNKOWN1) was born August 12, 1858 in Bates Co., Mo., and died July 19, 1938 in Wilson Co., Ks. N., of Coyville, Ks.. She married FRANCIS MITCHEL HENLEY December 24, 1876 in Woodson Co. Ks.. He was born January 10, 1854 in Dade Co. Mo., and died January 12, 1924 in Toronto, Ks. Woodson Co..

The Harp family came to Kansas in 1864 from Barry Co. Mo.
Grandma Henley was well liked and know all over the Big Sandy area as Aunt Sis.
Zoe told stories that Grandma Sarah and their family went to White river area (probably southern Mo.) to buy cows. They drove them to Kansas on foot.
Grandpa Henley and Aunt Lela died the same day so Uncle Curt moved in with Grandma.
Floyd said Grandma told about sending the dogs up what was then called Harp Hallow, just above their home. They came back bringing deer. The Harp's would shoot them and that was their meat. They lived just south of Big Sandy school right near the Woodson and Wilson Co. line.
Grandma was a very sweet little lady. She was liked by all. You can tell this by the number that came to her birthday party. Article in back of this book. She was a good cook. I can remember her always cooking or out with the chickens and garden. She would kill a chicken and we had it that day for dinner. Of course there was no iceboxes in those days.
Ella Mae remembers the hollyhocks, garden and chickens. Also a red stone rock made into a game near the kitchen steps, little yellow sticky roses, and gooseberries.
Grandma made jelly out of anything wild. I can remember her simmering Apple peelings from a pie and making Jelly.
Floyd told about my Dad (Wm Wilson)and his Dad (Uncle Curt) picking a basket of wild grapes. They were thick on the creek. They were going to make wine, but Grandma had them in jelly by the time
they came back. Uncle Curt and Daddy got more and made their drink.
Ella Mae also tells about Grandma's pantry and wanting a piece of her good chocolate cake with white icing, but knew she would get into trouble. Cecil told her to cut a thin piece clear across the pan and Grandma wouldn't know. It worked.
Ella Mae also remembers the long lane to the house and the path to river. She wondered how her mother ever got down there to ice skate. Of course, Zoe was raised in this house and Marie was born in
this house.
Uncle Curt told me they moved the house to near Coyville, KS. and when they tore it down it was all made of walnut. It was a small 3 room house with a curtain between beds in the bed room. Now all our
grandchildren have to have a bedroom of their own.

The Henley family came from Dade Co Mo in 1857 to Humbolt, KS. then moved to Woodson Co. to do farming. Francis stayed there and we still have cousins in the area.
A story handed down has Francis courting Sarah and another man wanted her hand. He called for a duel with Grandpa, but he didn't show up, giving Grandpa and open field.
In the Toronto Republican newspaper was the following: 25 Years Ago items taken from the Yates Center News. Oct. 3 1913.
Frank Henly was in town Saturday carrying around a harness tug and looking for the editor. He merely wished to pay his subscription, however. Frank had just sold over $l000 worth of cattle and hogs and said if he could sell two or three teams of horses and mules he'd be dad-binged if he didn't spend the winter in Arkansas.
Frank belonged to the Grange close to where he lived and also to the Knights of Pythais in Yates Center.
There are pictures in the back showing different times the Henley family hayed for other people with large operations.

Children of SARAH HARP and FRANCIS HENLEY are:
i. SUSIE MAY7 HENLEY, b. May 09, 1878, Toronto, Ks. Woodson Co.; d. February 02, 1955, Yates Center, Ks.; m. GEORGE WINFIELD ROBISON, October 15, 1899, Woodson Co. Ks.; b. March 24, 1874, Fontana, Linn Co.Ks.; d. June 18, 1959, Yates Center, Ks. Woodson, Co..

Aunt May was a joy to be around. The time I remember most was in l945 when Duane went overseas, Ella Mae and I were headed home and went by to see everyone in eastern Kansas. Aunt May went to the smokehouse for some ham and made ham and gravy. She made everything taste good.
When they were in Midian 1918, Aunt May cooked for some of the boys working in the oil fields.
Aunt May met Uncle George at a dance in Toronto. He had started to California with a friend and saw May and that was as far as he went.
George brought Aunt May a little bouquet of field flowers once when Ada was there.
On Sunday Oct 15, 1899, Mr. George W. Robison and May Henley were united in marriage at the residence of the bride's parents', Mr.& Mrs. F.M. Henley, in Belmont township, Elder G.H. Lamb, of the Christian Church at this place, officiating.
About 50 of the neighbors and friends of the families were present as guests of the occasion. A most excellent dinner was served immediately after the marriage ceremony. The bride is the eldest daughter of our esteemed friend, F.M. Henley and was born and raised in Woodson Co. The groom is a prosperous young farmer from Linn Co. and is also a native of Kansas.
They were the recipients of many useful and valuable presents from their many friends, and start out in life under the most favorable circumstances. (from George Robison, a grandson)

George was pipeline yardmaster of the teamsters for Empire when he was in Midian,KS. They went back to the farming in 1921.

ii. JOHN WALTER HENLEY, b. January 12, 1881, Toronto, Ks. Woodson Co.; d. July 11, 1898, Toronto, Ks. Woodson Co..

John was riding a horse across a branch of the Big Sandy when the horse reared and fell backward across him almost crushing him and inflicting injuries where the saddle horn hit him causing his death.

iii. WILLIE BLAIN HENLEY, b. March 07, 1884, Toronto, Ks. Woodson Co.; d. July 11, 1885, Toronto, Ks. Woodson Co..
iv. FANNIE PEARL HENLEY, b. February 16, 1886, Toronto, Ks. Woodson Co.; d. November 11, 1981, Hutchinson, Ks.; m. WILLIAM PATRICK FITZMORRIS, September 12, 1905, St Ignatus Catholic Church, Neodesha, Ks; b. September 26, 1879, Wilson Co. Ks.; d. March 10, 1940, Coyville, Wilson Co., Ks..

Ada tells about Aunt Fannie and Nancy (Clemmens) Harp sleeping together when she was a little girl. Grandma would have her wear a little cap on her head to keep her hair pretty.
They were farmers.
Fannie made the best homemade ice cream and angel food cake.
A story about Fannie was when Bill got their first car, a 1926 Model T. Sometime later they were going up a hill south of their place. At the top it was steep. Bill wasn't a good driver and put on the clutch. The car started rolling backward and Fammie jumped out. When Bill looked back he had run over her leg fortunatley only her an ego was damaged.
v. EDMUND WARREN HENLEY, b. September 23, 1889, Toronto, Ks. Woodson Co.; d. December 15, 1906, Toronto, Ks. Woodson Co..

Sarah, Francis and Ed spent several months in Skiatook, OK. in 1903-04 as we found where Ed went to the Friends Mission School those years.
A brother (John Harp) of Sarah (Harp) Henley lived in Skiatook. Ed was never well. They went down to the warmer climate.
vi. CURTIS FLOYD HENLEY, b. October 02, 1893, Toronto, Ks. Woodson Co.; d. March 16, 1980, Fredonia, Ks. Hospital; m. LELA CLINESMITH, January 06, 1915, Wilson Co., Ks.; b. July 27, 1894, Wilson Co., Ks. N., of Coyville, Ks.; d. January 12, 1924, Wilson Co., Ks. N., of Coyville, Ks..
Always busy with his farm. There was a time he worked in the oil field as most people did to try to make extra. This was in Midian,KS.
He liked to go to dances and baseball games. We all had very little entertainment back in those days.
vii. ZOE FRANCES HENLEY, b. June 23, 1901, Toronto, Ks. Woodson Co.; d. April 17, 1987, Newton Mem Hosp., Winfield, Ks.CowleyCo.; m. (1) WILLIAM CLEOPHAS (BLACKIE) WILSON, March 23, 1921, Yates Center, Ks. Woodson, Co.; b. July 08, 1897, Montpelier, In., Blackford, Co.; d. September 10, 1960, Sterling, Ks.; m. (2) HERMON MATTENLEY, November 14, 1964, Granville Co. NC; b. February 17, 1895; d. April 03, 1974, Granville Co. NC.
William was the son of Joseph Smith Wilson and Ruetta Ralston in Adams Co. Oh. According to William's Aunt Ettie who took care of him when he was born, William weighed 1 1/2 lbs. Aunt Ettie told Mother she could have put her wedding ring up his arm.
William died of a heart attack which he thought was just an upset stomach. He was in World War 1, drafted in 1918 from Tulsa, Ok. He was in only 3 months and was in the hospital with the flu when the war was over. War records show him as being 5'6" tall, black hair, brown eyes, and medium complexion. We considered him to be dark complected. He had no white hair when he died at 63.
He was living at Meade, KS. but was visiting his daughter Marie when he became ill.
He worked in the oil field in Indiana when he was 16 years old. He came to ElDorado, KS. after his Uncle Emet Ralston and Uncle Cliff Ralston wrote telling him there was plenty of work in Kansas. This was about 1916. He worked in the oil field all his life as a driller and Supt. for Phillips Oil Co. near ElDorado and Lost Springs,KS. The last company was Skelly Oil Co. for 25 years. He was a district Supt.
He was an avid fisherman and hunter. He always had a bird dog and was known to double on quail many times. It was said that he could killed 2 birds at one shot.

19. JEMIMA 6 HARP (TOLBERT5, JOHN C.HARP 4 JR., JOHN HARP 3 SR.,UNKnOWN 2 HARP ??, OLDEST UNKOWN1) was born March 13, 1844 in Washington Co., Ar, and died November 06, 1892. She married DAVID WORLEY. He was born November 1838 in Ar., and died Abt. 1903.
Notes for JEMIMA HARP:
Jemima and David Worley's children were #l William 1866-1903 m.
Sophronia Lee,
#2 Hiram 1869-1936 m. Anne Jane Smith 1 child Cleo Anne. m.
second wife Martha Louise Nelson. and had 4 children, Theodore b
1893, Mary b 1897, Joe Cecil and Lena Fern.
#3. Sarah Jane b 1874,
#4 Lewis b 1877-1947, m. Viola Myers 1889-1909 had 1.Charles R.
Worley. Lewis's
2nd wife Cora Clemintine Johnson Had l.Frank Howard, 2.Marie
Nettie, 3.Thelma Myrl, 4.Carlene Myrtle,
3rd wife of Lewis is Lutie Mae Dunn 1896-1952. their
children were 1.Floyd Hubert m. Iva Jean Matthews they had 1.Larry Joe
b 1957 m. Teresa Lea Mullins b.1961, had 1.Floyd Lynn 1978
Other children of Lewis and Lutie Mae are Della Mae m.
Ralston Cathey, Loretta m Perry William, Joetta m. J.T.Littrell and
Billy Dean m. Judith Evans.
#5 Joseph b. 1879-1954,m.Grace Graham 1888-1941 They had Robert
E. Lewis, Hugh, Homer, Leslie, Mildred.
#6 David 1882-1937 m Minnie Myttle Webb
#7 Mary 1888-1961. m Clarence Southerland
This is all from Larry Worley.
20. HARDY 6 HARP (JAMES5, JOHN C.HARP4 JR., JOHN HARP3 SR., OUR UNKOWN2 HARP ??, OLDEST UNKOWN1) was born May 31, 1852 in Berryville, Carrol Co. Ark., and died January 30, 1922 in Boise, Ada Co., Idaho. He married RENA BURKES. She was born July 26, 1854 in Barry Co. Mo., and died January 04, 1934 in Boise, Ada Co., Idaho.

Notes for HARDY HARP:
Hardy was a logger.
You can tell by birth of his children when they got to Idaho. I would guess James and Sarah (Sally) went with them also.
His children l. Ulyses Grant b. 24 Jun 1872 Ar. d. 4 May 1943 Boise, Idaho. He married Sarah Hall, Their children-Goldie, Harry, Clarence, & Marion.
2. William Sefus (Bill) b. 25 Jan 1876, Died Clarks Fork, Idaho. married Nettie Huff. No Children.
3. Sarah b. 8 Oct. 1878 Ark. d. 14 Feb 1879.
4. Edger Everett (Ed) b. 16 Jun 1881Cascade (Indian Valley) Idaho, D. 8 Feb. 1943. Brookhart. no state. Married Luella Cornelia. Children-Everett, Thelma and Merl.
5. Jake b. 1888, Married Josephine Hull.
6. Jasper (Jess) b. 14 Mar 1883 in Indian Valley, died. Clarks Fork, Idaho. He married Lillian May.
7. Dora May b. 25 May 1885, Eagle (Dry Creek) Id. d. 9 Mar 1970 Clarks Fork. married Charles Abbott. No children
8. Nora b. 1889, married George Paddock.
9. is Dewey Orval

i. DEWEY ORVAL7 HARP, b. May 02, 1898, Eagle, Idaho; d. January 15, 1972, Susanville Larse, Cal.; m. THELMA LUCILLE FROST, July 22, 1918, Boise, Idaho; b. June 14, 1901, Teller, Colorado.

Dewey was a logger in 10 western states. Mainly Idaho and California.
Dewey had 3 children.
1. Orville Douglas b. 9 Aug 1921 Boise. Id. Married Bettie Helen Castro, 15 Jun 1947 Chico, Butte Co. Cal.
2. Burton Ray b. 11 Mar 1927 Boise, Id. Married 21 Mar 1948 Susanville, Cal. to Juanita Geraldine Leitaker.
3. Marian Halbert b. 8 Jan 1930 Meridian, Idaho. Married Leah Diane Beckley 7 Jun 1953.
Orville is the one that writes me. He lives in Gridley Calif. Was a teacher and belongs to the Presbyterian church. Bettie is also a teacher They have 2 sons.
1. Robert Douglas b. 31 Mar 1960 at Yuba City, Calif. He married Laura Susan Liccardo 16 June 1984 Santa Clara Calif. Divorced. Married Lynn Marie Thompson b. 17 Nov 1960 Sacramento, Ca. They
have a son Jarred Joseph Harp b. 28 Feb1995 in Chico, Ca.
2. Richard Ray b. 6 Jan 1962 Yuba City, Ca. He married Karen Marie Nunes on 6 Dec 1986 Gridley Ca. They have one son Joseph Brad Harp b. 25 Jul 1995 in Yuba City, Ca.
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