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Lucy Jane Harp (Vaughan) Family's

Nancy Jane Harp and Family

suspect are
good candidates for the ancestors of William and John Vaughan.

I looked at the line of William Vaughan (1625-1695),
who was (it is believed) the son of the Bona Nova John Vaughan of
Elizabethtown, Virginia.

This William had several sons, and he and his descendants left quite a
few land records, as well as being mentioned in other land records when they were giving boundary line descriptions. William himself first appears as a grantee of 1225 acres of land in what was then Charles City
County, Virginia on April 20th, 1680. Today the land is located southeast of Petersburg, Virginia. William's wife was shown as Sarah.

William's son James, who died in 1735 in Brunswick County, Virginia. The other sons of William I more or less have discarded as potential candidates of William and John's ancestors.
James' line is interesting. A John Vaughan living near James' land and he may be James' brother John, a son of William. This John has left very few records: He appears as John VAUGHAN in a grant of 100 acres in Isle of Wight County, Virginia on march 18, 1717. The description places it on the south side of Nottoway River, beginning and continuing on the south side of 'Three Creeks".
Two years later, Thomas Holliday had 120 acres granted to him that bordered the land of John VAWHAN and mentions "Three Creeks' and Nottoway River. On March 24, 1725, Charles Briggs of Isle of Wight patents 425 acres on the south side of "Three Creeks" adjoining the land of a John VAWHON.

Three Creeks and Eagle's Nest Creek are both locations that pop up again and again when looking at James Vaughan and Jame's son George. Three Creeks, or "Three Creek" as it is called today, is a river that starts just north of the town of Emporia, Virginia and goes in and out of
several counties, the modern counties of Greenville, Sussex and Southhampton Counties. If you can find Hwy 58 and trace it from Emporia over to Franklin, Virginia, then just to the north of Hwy 58 is Three Creek, though it only flows to about the halfway point between Emporia and Franklin. Most of the Creek is in Southampton County, though James' land and John's land was found in the westernmost part of the Creek, in what is today northeastern Greenville County.

Eagles' Nest Creek is about 30 miles west of Three Creek, and it is found on the borders of modern day Mecklenburg, Lunenburg and Brunswick Counties, with most of the land in Lunenburg and Mecklenburg. Just northeast of the town of South Hill, Virginia, where Hwy 85 curves east.

James' records starts in 1702 when he appears in a Company of Dragoons (Cavalry) in Charles City County. Then he appears with his brothers in 1704 on the Quit Rent Rolls for Prince George County. He sells his share of his father's estate -- 169 acres-- on April 14th, 1719 to Cornelius Fox in Prince George County. The land is called 'Boiling Springs" or "Bolling Springs" after a Robert Bolling who lived there.
He could have been related to Abraham Vaughan's wife, Anne.

On July 11th, 1719 a James Vawhon patents 250 acres of land on the south side of Little Creek in Surry County, Virginia. James later sells Robert Wynne 50 acres of land on the south side of Three Creeks and the papers mention James patent of 1719, so the two James are the same man. On February 22, 1724, Thomas Jackson patents land on the north side of the Little Creek of the Three Creeks by The Plantation Branch next to James Vaughan's land.

On July 16th, 1727, a James Vaughan Jr. -- probably given the title "Junior" to show he was the younger of two James Vaughans in the county-- in Brunswick County was granted 378 acres of land on the north side of the south fork of Reedy Creek which is today in eastern Brunswick County, south of Hwy 58. Christopher Tatum was granted land in Brunswick County on September 28th, 1728 on the north side of the Meherin River on a fork of Reedy Creek in line of James Vaughan Jr.

A Thomas Newsom in Isle of Wight County received 280 acres on September 28th, 1732 on the south side of Nottoway river beginning and continuing on the north side of the Three Creeks, a corner of Stephen Vaughan's land. This Stephen was probably related to James -- maybe his grandson.

Ambrose Jackson in Surry County, VA received 510 acres of land on September 28th, 1732 as well, and his was on the north side of the Meherin River and on both sides of Little Creek of the Three Creeks adjoining James Vaughan, Col. Nathaniel Harrison, John Carter, Thomas Jackson and over a run of the Plantation Branch.

At about the same time, a William Vaughan appears in nearly identical land grants, both on May 25th, 1734 in Isle of Wight and in Surry Counties of Virginia, both for 400 acres and both described the same as on the south side of Nottoway River and on the north side of Three
Creeks, adjoining the land of Charles Kimball, Adam Tapley, William Moore, Thomas Wilson, James Woolly and William Macklin. And a William Watkins in Isle of Wight County receives 135 acres on the south side of Nottoway River, north side of 3 Creeks crossing Reedy Branch adjoining his own, Thomas Newson and Stephen Vaughan.
Then, in Brunswick County, James Vaughan dies and leaves a will. His will was made on May 12, 1735 as "James Voughn". He names his wife Ann and sons James and George. Daughters: Tabitha, Winne Curoks, Mary Markdavill. It was proved on July 3, 1735 in Book #1, p. 216 Brunswick County, Virginia. (spelling corrected from original)...
To son James 378 acres whereon he now lives and a horse. To son George 200 acres whereon he now lives and stock. To Tabitha Vaughan one young mare, a young cow and calf.
To Winne Curcks one young cow and calf. To Mary McDaniel one cow and calf. To Joshua Winn one young horse and one heifer. To wife Anne the plantation I now live on with all the lands belonging to it, all the rest of my worldly goods, then to be equally divided among my children.

James Vaughan and George Vaughan, overseers. Witness: William Mclin, James Mize, William Walters.
James Junior had several sons, but I've been looking at the younger son, George, who received 200 acres of land. This land was 200 acres of the 1719 land grant that his father received. His father, James had sold 50 acres, and George received the other 200 acres. But James had applied for additional land before he died, and he received it after his death, going to his widow, Ann, who gave it to George. On October 1, 1741, Anne gave to her son George a tract of land in (then) Brunswick County, Virginia, on the north side of the Meherrin River, beginning on the
river, thence W 20 degrees, S 196 poles to the river thence up the river." It mentioned that the land was granted to James Vaughan by patent bearing the date 1736, for 115 acres. This land, I believe, was further west, along Eagle's Nest Creek on both sides of the Meherrin river in what is today Lunenburg (to the north of the river) and Mecklenburg (to the south of the river). Then George gets 290 additional acres of land on October 1st, 1747 "in the fork of Eagle's Nest Creek" which is, today, to the north of the town of South Hill, Virginia in modern Mecklenburg County.
"The Virginians" webpage states that George was listed as a tithable in Lunenburg County until 1764, when Mecklenburg County was formed from part of Lunenburg. While it was still Lunenburg County, George was granted 400 acres "On the branches of Eagle's Nest Creek and the branches of Taylor's Creek" on May 12th, 1759.

George and Agnes his wife sell the 115 acres given to him by his mother to Matthew Turner on May 4th, 1754 in Lunenburg County. An interesting mention in another man's land grant in the Eagle's Nest Creek area of Lunenburg also mentions a Roberts having land near the Vaughans, and I wonder if this could have been some of Cornelius Robert's family. Land grants of others mention his land in 1762 and 1763. One is to a Thomas Twitty in Lunenburg County for a whopping 2,620 acres on August 30th, 1763. The grant mentions the head branches of Stiths Creek and Taylor's Creek beginning at George Vaughan's corner, so I know this is the same
George Vaughan. On August 14th, 1769 he is mentioned in a grant of another man, still living on the south side of the Meherrin River on "Island Creek". A John Roberts is mentioned as owning land nearby too. George was mentioned again in August of 1770.
A George Vaughan bought 100 acres on Birches Road in Brunswick County from Alexander Dugger on February 23rd, 1780, though I don't know if this was the same George as the husband of Agnes or not.. It probably is, as George and Agnes sell 50 acres on the north side of Taylor's Creek in 1769 to Peter Moon and then George (without Agnes, who probably was dead) sold 150 acres on Taylor's Creek to Isham Davis in 1777.

While this is all I have on George, there was some records of a William Vaughan getting land in Brunswick County between 1738 and 1750. First, in a grant to Richard Brown in Brunswick County on July 20, 1738 on the south side of Nottoway River and north side of the 3 creeks adjoining John Brown, Henry Bates, William Vaughan, Adam Tarply, Nicholas Hatch and Col. John Allen. On December 15th, 1749 William Vaughan received 441 acres on the north side of Three Creeks in Brunswick County. On June 1st of 1750 he received 602 acres, also listed on the north side of 3 Creeks in Brunswick County and the grant states he was adjoining Adam Tapley, Charles Kimball, William Moore, Loftin, Wilson, James Wooley and John Macklin. It also says that 400 of the acres were part of a grant to him on May 25th, 1734 and the other 202 acres were newly granted. So this ties him back to 1734. Then on June 8th, 1780 a William Vaughan receives 50 acres on the south side of Meherin River in Brunswick County. And on September 1st, 1783 a James Vaughan received 31 1/2 acres on a Branch of Three Creeks. This James is unknown to me so far.

Further research revealed several other grants to other men that mention either James or William Vaughan. One for Richard Brown in Brunswick County dated July 20, 1738 mention the south side of Nottoway river and north side of the Three Creeks adjoining John Brown, Henry Bates, William Vaughan, Adam Tarply, Nicholas hatch and Col. John Allen.

The Colonel (John Allen) received 780 acres on June 29, 1739 on the north side of Meherrin River adj. William Parker, Maj. Benjamin Harrison, James Vawhon, Samuel Chamberlain and David Crowly "dec'd".

Then Joshua Nicholson in Isle of Wight County received on August 1st, 1745, 275 acres on the south side of the Three Creeks by the north prong of Ridley's branch, adj. John Vaughan, James Ridley and James Bennet.

Sterling Clark of Brunswick County on September 20th, 1748 received 492 acres of land on the south side of Reedy Creek, adj. Christopher Tatum and James Vaughan. It had been originally granted to Peter Overby but the grant was revoked by the state because Peter failed to make improvements on the land.

And that is all I have (so far) on this Vaughan family. The line descends, I am fairly sure, from the Bona Nova John "Vaghan" through his son William Vaughan who lived in Charles City County, VA. William has a lot of sons, but his son James was the one we looked at here. James
dies in 1735 and only had two sons, James Jr. and George. Both sons were grown by 1735, but the William Vaughan who was adult in 1734 when he received his grant was probably NOT James or George's son, but may have been James' younger brother. The thing is, this gives several possibilities for a father of our William and John Vaughan. This '1734' William Vaughan has not left any records that I have found yet and was living for a long time at the Three Creeks area. If this William was the father of our William, then we can pinpoint exactly where he was in
1750 -- the Three Creeks area of Brunswick County, Virginia, as he had a grant there that year.I'd like to know more about this William Vaughan.

Then we have old James, who died in 1735 -- he had only two sons, and his son James had several sons, all which are researched at "The Virginians" web page, and so I know James Vaughan Jr.'s line is not ours. But George Vaughan, the son of the older James is very interesting. I don't see any mention of his children, but he moved westward from the Three Creeks area to the Eagle's Nest Creek area. He would be an extremely good candidate for researching and we know he was alive in 1780. I suspect there could be more data on either '1734'
William and George, and I hope to learn more. Anonymous
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