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Early Harp/Earp Families in VA & NC

PHOTO: Application For Enrollment Jefferson C, Harp, Absolom Harp, Lucy Harp, William Vaughan, Faraby, John Looney a Cherokee Indian, AND also mentions Margaret L. Harp i.e

Note: Fairfax Co, VA is in the extreme northeastern part of Virginia. The northern border of Northampton Co, NC is along Greensville & Southampton Counties in VA.
Granville Co, NC is the 4th county west of Northampton Co, NC and is bordered by Mecklenburg Co, VA on the north. Johnston Co, NC is the 2nd county south and a little east of Granville Co.

Fairfax Co, VA Wills & Inventories, 1742-1801 by J. Estelle Stewart King
(from Marie Musgrave Aug 1999)

p. 9: “21 March 1748 – Mary Earp named Admx of Estate of William Earp”

Inventories lists of:
William Earp 1748 (account)
Joshua Earp 1751
Joseph Earp 1771
John Earpe 1744 (account)

p. 10: “p. 106 – 19 March 1744. John Earp Inventory.
Guy Broadwater, William W. Boylstone, Charles Thrift”

p. 14 “p. 133-134 – John Earpe Accounts with John Pagan Adm.: 1745
Pd: William Harp, William Glading, William Earps, William Henry Terrett,
Thomas Awbrey, James Robinson, Henry Taylor for Mrs. Whitely warrt.,
Garrard Alexander, W. Ramsey, Matthew Hopkins, Catherine Earp, William
Carrel, Moses Case
By: Sundreys sold Joseph Cockeril, by Philip Quill, Richard Wheelor, James
Robinson, Phillip Quill, Robert Mills, William Earp, Charles Thrift, John
Murphey. Dated 20 Aug 1745, Adm. John Pagan”

p. 29: “p. 267-268 – 21 March 1748. Bond of Estate of William Earp.
Mary M. Earp, Wm. W. Boylstone”

p. 33 “p. 307-308 – 15 Apr 1749. William Earp Inventory.
John Payne, Francis Triplet, Stephen Vennard”

“p. 308-309 – 26 Dec 1749. William Earp Accounts:
To: Garrad Alexander, William Hicks, Esq., Col. William Fitzhugh, Francis
Triplet, Nath. Smith, Owin Wynn, Benjamin Sebastian
By: Tho. Wren Sr., Roger Wigginton, Daniel Jennings, Michael Reagin,
Shadrick William. Adm: Mary Earp”

p. 51: “p. 478-479 – (1751?). Joshua Earp Inventory
James Saunders, Philip Saunders, John Brawner, appraiser”

p. 56: “p. 526 – 24 July 1752. Sale of Jeremiah Presgroves estate.
By: David Thomas, W. Bowling, Matthew Gooding, George Thrift, James
Sanders, Joshua Earp, John Hurst, John Thomas, Jeremiah Thrift, Thomas
Grafford, William Jewell, Richard Presgrove, William Adams, William May
Adm: John Hurst”

p. 25: “15 April 1758 – Sarah Harp a witness to the will of Rebecca Wheeler”

p. 64: “p. 43 – 17 Jan 1754 Joshua Earpe accounts:
To pd: James Saunders, Capt. West
By: Thomas Earpe by John Hurst, Benj. Williams, Morica Earpe, Francis
Ballenger. Adm: Garr. Alexander”

p. 106: “p. 404 – 21 Oct 1765. Mary Brawner Inventory. William Boylston, Matthew
Earp, James Robertson Jr., appr. dated 18 Oct 1765.”

p. 68: “10 Sept 1793 – 22 Apr 1800
C. Harp. Legatees: Matthew Earp, brother. Proved by Oaths of Richard
Ratcliff and John Moxley
“Land Records of Long Standing, Fairfax Co, VA, 1742-1770”, p. 99
(Research done at Washington Memorial Library, Macon, GA)
Names of tenants on an “Island” owned by “Majr. Robert Alexander….” being the island now held by\ Mr. Phillip Alexander….’ Judith Ballenger, James Going, Sarah Goint,
Sarah Amos below Four Mile Creek\ and Edward Chubb, Richard Middleton, William Boylstone, John Straughan, Adam Straughan, Edward Earpe, and Richard Wheeler above the said creek….

Northampton Co, NC Records

(Northampton Co, NC created in 1741 out of Bertie Co, NC. Now this county is the third county east of Granville Co. and is bordered by the Virginia State line on the north side.)

Wit. to record of some kind: Edward (E mark) Harp & William (M mark) Harp

Richard Lewis (Marie’s note: Could this be ours??)

Bass of Nancemond Co, VA joined Edward Earp

24 Feb 1756
Arthur Neal purchased from Edward Earp

Emanuel Harp on Jury.

Apr 1764
Emal. and Luke Harp on Jury duty.

Fuller to Luke Earp, side of Rahaugh Swamp

Alice Earp
Edward Earp

Mar 1769
Edward Earp, Planter, to Sam Peete – also slaves

1 Nov 1769
Planter to Samuel Gale. Simon Gale, father of Samuel, running to Edward Harp

Luke Earp & wife, Diana, of Northampton Co. sold to Edward Harp. Witness Emanuel Earp and Wm. Earp.

20 Feb 1777
Alice Earp (what is this record?)

June 1777
John Bass had a daughter Alse Earp.

May 1790
Wm. Harp to John Watson for slave.

13 Oct 1796
Alice Earp grandchildren: John, Nancy, Christian. Someone to live with John until he is of age. Also Elizabeth Walden, John and William Earp. Rest of estate Ruth Byrd.

no date
Edward Harp of Northampton Co. Signed Edward. Wit: Henry Earp & Luke Earp

***************************** Johnston Co, NC Records

(Johnston Co, NC was created in 1746 out of Craven Co. The county just north of Johnston is Wake Co. which came from Johnston county in 1770. Wake Co. borders
Granville Co. on the south side, so Granville Co and Johnston Co. had a common county line from 1746 until 1770)

Abstract of Land Grants Vol. 2 Johnston Co, NC
Lord Granville to Granville Dist of NC 1748 – 1763

no date Land Grant
Martha Lowrey. Wit: Arthur Harp

6 Sept 1753 Land Grant
George Nicholson 300 a. in Johnston Co. CC William Harp

27 Nov 1755 Land Grant #3253
Manewal Harp, chainbearer, Great Buffalow swamp Parish St. Patrick

22 Apr 1761 Land Grant #4601
Emanuel Harp entry dated 22 Apr 1761, 700 a. in Johnston Co. on both sides
of Marks Creek – including Harp’s own improvement /s/ Emanuel Harp (who
signed with a mark) Wit: Theops Hunter

27 Apr 1761 Land Grant #3174
Emanuel Harp, 617 a. in Johnston Co. north side of Neuse River on Marks
Creek. Surveyed 27 Apr 1761, chainbearers Simon Gale and Luke Harp,
surveyor, Charles Young (My Kinfolks has this record dated 22 July 1761)

22 July 1761 Land Grant #3136
Michael Curtis, 500 a. in Johnston Co, northwest side Neuse Creek.
chainbearers Simon Gale and Luke Harp

20 Oct 1761 Land Grant #4509
Joining Emanuel Harp

19 May 1762 Land Grant #4509
Edward Harp warrant dated 19 May 1762 to Capt. Charles Young to survey
640 a. in Johnston Co. on the South side of Marks Creek, joining Emanuel
Harp and Simon Gail /s/Robt. Rainey. Back of document reads: Granted 1
Apr 1763.

19 May 1762 Land Grant #4600
Edward Harp enters in the office of the Right Honorable John Earl Granville,
700 a. of vacant land, lying in Johnston Co. on the South side of Marks Creek, joining Emanuel Harp line and Simon Gail line. /s/ Edward Harp
Wit: Theops Hunter

1 Jan 1763 Land Grant #3209
Edward Harp, 388 acres in Johnston Co. on Marks Creek including Harp
improvements. Wit: Jas. Cary Jr, surveyed 27 Sept 1762, chainbearers Luke
Harp and John Ward, surveyor Charles Young

8 Apr 1763 Land Grant #4510
Joshua Perry joining Emanuel Harp

no date #1673
Survey by SCC Emanuel Harp, Granville Co. Parish of St. John on Fox Swamps

1763 (Court Minutes 1759-1766)
Emanuel Harp on Jury

Apr 1764 (Johnston Co. Court Minutes 1759-1766)
Luke Harp & Emanuel Harp sworn for Grand Jury duty.

1764 (Court Minutes 1759-1766)
deed from Emanuel Harp to Luke Harp in open court and proved by the oath
of John O’Neals, Jr and ordered to be recorded.
21 Oct 1766 (Court Minutes 1759-1766)
21st Day of Oct in the 6th year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord George the 3rd
and in the Year of our Lord 1766.
Ordered that Luke Harp be appointed overseer in the room of Michael Curtes

24 May 1768 (Court Minutes 1767-1777)
Ordered that the following deed be recorded, proved by the following person to
witness. Edward Harp to John Ward by Henry Arp and Luke Arp. (Marie’s note:
Henry Harp was in Granville Co. 1786 census with a family)

no date #4847
Perry joins Luke Harp

1 Nov 1769
Planter to Samuel Gale, Simon Gale father of Samuel, running to Edward
Harp line. (Marie’s note: could this be where Thomas gets the Simon name
in his children???)

27 Feb 1770
Edward HARP, Johnston Co. to William Harp, same for love and good will. I
give to my Grandson, William Harp, above named the following slaves.
Signed Edward EARP

1 Jan 1783 (Land Grant)
Edward Harp, 338 a. of Marks Creek (another place My Kinfolks has 368 a.)

1784-1786 census
Joseph Harp 1 male 21-60; 4 females all ages

27 Sept 1787
John Harp to Lucretia Capse, Wm. Capse, bm.

1800 Census
p. 757 Alexander Harp
p. 758 Sherwood Harp
p. 761 Jonathan Harp


Granville Co, NC Records

Granville Co, NC was created in 1746 out of Edgecombe Co.

8 Oct 1754
Col. William Eaton’s Militia Regt. of Granville Co – no Harps

1755 Tax List – no Harps

Sarah Harp “the Elder”, etc

1769 Tax List:
Thomas Harp 2 whites; 0 blacks; 0 taxable
Merica Harp 2 whites; 0 blacks; 9 taxable (?)

1771 Tax List:
Luke Harp 2 taxable; 0 carriage wheels
America Tharp 1 taxable; 0 carriage wheels
Thomas Tharp 2 taxable; 0 carriage wheels

Luke Harp listed in Granville Co. Militia

16 Sept 1771
Joseph Harp of Orange Co, NC purchased 100 a. in Granville Co. from John
Jackson of Roan, NC. /s/ John & Patience Jackson (with marks). Wit: James
Earge (?) and James Maydwell

9 Dec 1771
Joseph Harp of Granville Co. sold 100 a. to Wm. Nailing of Granville Co.
/s/Joseph Harp (mark), Wit: ___ Kelly & Inyard (?)

2 Sept 1772
Luke Harp bought 100 a. in Granville Co. from Moses Juel. /s/ Moses Juel
Wit: Joseph Wade & John Rust

26 Nov 1777
Luke Harpe of Granville Co to Frederick Wever, 100 a. South side of Middle Creek
/s/ Luke Harp (mark), Wit: John Nevill & John Cook

30 May 1778
John Harp enteres 250 a. of land in Granville Co. on the waters of Long Creek
lying on the Rocky Branch on Dickerson’s line running south to Charles Moore’s
line, thence east on the sd. line to the corner, thence south to Chavers’s line, to
Hamilton’s line to the corner, thence to the first station including his improvements.

3 June 1778
John Harp to Mary Lewis, John Harp bm.

3 Nov 1778
Thomas Harp Jr. to Elisabeth Lewis, Thomas Harp bm.

19 Oct 1779
Samson Harp to Sarah Tudor, John Harp bm.

1780 Tax List
Epping Forest District
John Harp
Thomas Harp Sr
Thomas Harp Jr
Samson Harp

25 Oct 1781 (probate)
Kezia Harp bequeathed 5 pounds cash in her father’s will

Nov 1782 (court)
Keziah Harp mentioned in the will of William Carrol

1782 Tax List
Epping Forest District
Thomas Harp 2 horses & mules; 3 cattle
John Harp 140 a; 1 horse or mule; 4 cattle
Thomas Harp 2 horses & mules; 4 cattle
Samson Harp 1 horse or mule; 1 cattle

Beaver Dam District
Henry Harp 5 cattle

1784 Tax List
Epping Forest Dist
John Harp 140 a. & 1 free pole
Thomas Harp 1 free pole

1785 Tax List
Epping Forest Dist
Thomas Harp Sr. 1 free pole
Samson Harp 1 free pole
John Harp 290 a. & 1 free pole
Henry Harp 1 free pole
Simon Harp 1 free pole
Thomas Harp 1 free pole

6 May 1785 Deed
John Harp of Granville Co. to Thomas Harp of Granville Co, 150 a. /s/ John
Harp. Wit: Thomas Harp Jr. & Sampson Harp

May 1786 (court)
Simon Harp & Sampson Harp both bankrupt. Simon Harp also a road hand.

1786 Tax List
Thomas Harp 50 acres; 2 free polls
John Harp 190 acres; 1 free poll
Samson Harp 1 free poll
Thomas Harp 1 free poll
Henry Harp 1 free poll

1786 census
Fishing Creek Dist
Thomas Harp 1 wh male 21-60; 3 wh males under 21 & above 60; 3 wh
females all ages; 7 total

Epping Forest Dist
John Harp 1 wh male 21-60; 1 wh male under 21 & above 60; 3 wh
females all ages; 4 (?) total

Thomas Harp Sr 1 wh male 21-60; 4 wh male under 21 & above 60; 4 wh
females all ages; 9 total

Sampson Harp 1 wh male 21-60; 1 wh male under 21 & above 60; 3 wh
females all ages; 5 total

20 Oct 1787
Thomas Harp, 100 a. from Berry Lewis

Thomas Harp Jr. taxed 1 free white poll in 1787, 1788, 1789 & 1790 and his name not
listed thereafter.

Henry Harp taxed 1 free white poll in 1787 & 1788

30 Apr 1789
Thomas Harp of Granville Co. to Richard Thomason of same, 100 a. /s/ Thomas
Harp. Wit: S. Higgs, Thos. White and Britain Fuller

23 Oct 1790
John Harp of Granville Co. to Westwood A. Jones of Franklin Co, 60 a.
/s/ John Harp Wit: John Bobbitty & Sarah X Harp

1790 Census
Beaver Dam Dist
Henry Harp (Johnnie Cowart says Henry may have died before 1800)

Epping Forest Dist
John Harp
Thomas Harp
John Harp
Sampson Harp
Thomas Harp
Thomas Harp Sr.

Fishing Creek Dist
John Harp

Thomas Harp Sr. pd. taxes on 50 a. land; 2 free wh. polls & 24 slaves.

1 May 1791
Joseph Harp of the Continental Line, payment voucher for Rev. War service

Nov 1792
Will of Joseph Harp admitted to Granville Co. Court. Heirs: Simon, Jesse,
Stephen, Samuel & Sarah. Other legatees: Temperance, Mary and Lewis Harp
(prob. grandchildren?) My Kinfolks also has Lucy Harp as a legatee.

May 1793 (court)
John Harp Sr. drawn on Grand Jury

10 June 1793
Luke Harp payment voucher

Aug 1793 (court)
Simon Harp still insolvent

16 Feb 1795
John Harp of Granville Co. to Thomas York of same, 44 a. /s/ John Harp.
Wit: Philemon York & Charles C. Moore

21 Sept 1795
Joseph Harpe, late soldier….. payment voucher

1796 Tax List
Fishing Creek Dist
Samson Harpe 1 free pole
Simon Harp 1 free pole
John Harp 190 a. & 1 free pole

1797 Tax List
Fishing Creek
William Harp 1 free pole
John Harp 196 a. & 1 free pole
Sampson Harp 1 free pole

1798 Tax List
Fishing Creek
William Harp 1 free poll
John Harp 144 a & 1 free poll
Sampson Harp 2 free polls

1799 Tax List
Fishing Creek
Sampson Harp 1 free poll
William Harp 1 free poll
Simon Harp 1 free poll
John Harp 140 a. & 1 free poll

6 May 1799 Deed
John York of Granville to John Harp of same, 32 a. /s/ John York (mark)
Wit: S. Higgs & Abner Hicks

15 Mar 1799
Samson Harp wit to will of Wm. Roberts

1800 Tax List
Epping Forest Dist
William Harp 1 free poll
John Harp 170 a & 1 free poll

Fishing Creek Dist
Sampson Harp 1 free poll
1800 census
p. 528 Sampson Harp
p. 530 William Harp 4 m. under 10; 1 m. 26-45; 2 f. under 10; 2 f. 16-26
p. 531 John Harp 3 m. under 10; 1 m. 16-26; 1 male 26-45; 3 f. 10-16;
1 f. 16-26; 1 f. 26-45
p. 561 Anne Harpe 1 m. 10-16; 1 m. 26-45; 1 f. 0-10; 1 f. 16-26; 1 f. 45 & up
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