Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fountain Lee Henry Welch Kin

Grandsons of Fountain Lee Henry Welch who was the son of Stephen Edward Welch. Fielding Welch who was the son of William James Welch. John Harvey Welch who was the sone of Stephen Edward Welch.

Dr. William Edd Welch who was the sone of John Riley Welch. Dr James C. Welch who was the son of Richard Harvey Welch; George Welch who was the son of William James Welch.

All are first cousins and grandsons of Fountain Lee Henry Welch and Margaret Hendricks. This photo was taken in 1915 or -16 on the Old Homestead near Salem, Dent Co., Missouri where Fountain and Margaret lived after leaving Kentucky. Marvin Edward Welch and Vernon Welch identified the men in the photo"


jwGen said...

I have seen your blog with your wonderful photographs of the Fountain Welch family. He was my 3 great grandfather. As you suggested I talked to Gloria Welch Wolf, author of "The Legacy of Fouontain Lee Henry Welch and his Descendants," to find out how to obtain a book and clear copies of the pictures. She said that the books were all sold. Were the pictures from her book? Do you know of any other way to get a book and clear copies of the photographs? In the 1915 reunion piture was my great grandfather, Dr. James C. Welch. I would appreciate any help you could offer.

Thank you,


Anonymous said...

Thanks, and I gave the address of Barbara Ma Honey at the bottom of the page.
I will see if I have the photos on a disk. The problem is they mostly came from this book, yet I have the same photos barbara and the paddy fraley sister gave me. so, I don't know why google blanks them out. probably a complaint? Many of us have the same photo, so why? will get back to you when I find my photo's again. What? no e-mail? I'll post them again on one page. May God Bless your genealogy work. Pat.

jwGen said...

Thank you for answering. I would really love to have clear pictures of the Welch family. You can contact me directly at