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William Thomas Harp pge2

This is the second page using two different authors results of genealogy searching. It's up to you to do any corrections, that why sources are always added when sent. Please correct in comments for others whose working on our lines. We're all cousins and we want our lines to be correct as possible.

Any one line is not all about you...My hope is Genealogy Connections encourages all of us to get the line done correct, get everyone, and do a personal history starting from yourself but use this as a recourse when stumped. If "life is not just about you"...then help others, share... Do genealogist hoar ed? Are we hoarders? A good life is good giving...I give I have...try it, and blessing will abundantly come to you and a good life will open up to you and your posterity.
Descendants of William Thomas Harp
Generation No. 1
1. WILLIAM THOMAS4 HARP (UNKOWN2ND3, BROTHER OF UNKNOWN2, OLDEST UNKOWN1) was born 1804 in Granville Co. NC, and died 1881 in Cassville, Barry Co., MO.or Cedarvale, KS. He married (1) MARY JANE WORKMAN 1823. He married (2) NANCY JANE TERRY 1834 in Probably Huntsville, AR.. She was born 1819 in Washington Twp. Gibson Co., IN, and died 1906 in Allen, OK.
Nancy was a daughter of William Terry and Barbara Ennis.
Children of WILLIAM HARP and MARY WORKMAN are:
Notes for JAMES T HARP:
James was b. ab. 1824 in TN. and was killed by bushwhackers during the Civil War.
ii. PHILLIP M. HARP, b. June 18, 1826, Tn; d. November 16, 1903.
Notes for PHILLIP M. HARP:
Phillip married Elizabeth Harper.
Phillip and Elizabeth Had Isaac Newton Harp b. 12 Feb 1849 and d. 16 Feb 1902. He married Susannah Caroline Cloer b. 7 Jun 1850 d. 14 Oct 1886. They were married 27 Nov 1870 and had 2 daughters Nara Ella Harp b. 20 Feb 1872 in Sonora Ar. d. 22 Mar 1960 and is in Bluff
Cemetery, Springdale, Ar. She married Lawrence Sanders second girl is Evadna Harp Hope. On the back of a picture.

iii. ELIZABETH JANE HARP, b. September 15, 1829, Tenn.; d. July 09, 1870, Madison Co. Ar..
She married William Henderson Bohannan (Son of Henderson Bohannan and Winnie Reddin Harp)
iv. CARTER HARP, b. December 27, 1832, Ark; d. February 02, 1897.
Notes for CARTER HARP:
Carter m. Diana Clinkenbeard. On the 1870 census of Barry Co Mo. His children were Sarah E. 18, Wm. H. 16, Issac T. 14, John N. 13, Carter H. 11, Mary J. 9, U.S.Grant 6, W.T. Sherman 4, Phil Sheridan
2, Bulger 1/12
First bunch were born in Ar. and from US Grant on down they were born in Mo.
Sarah E. married Edward Roberts, Wm H. married Elizabeth on 1880 census Chau. Co. KS. Isaac T. married Eliza A. Goodwin 1878 Chau. Co KS. and Carter H married Marth Ancrum 1878 Chau. Co. KS.
v. ABRAHAM NELSON HARP, b. 1834, Ark.
Abraham married Sarah Pryer
Children of WILLIAM HARP and NANCY TERRY are:
vi. JOHN5 HARP, b. March 06, 1839, Huntsville, Ark.; d. April 24, 1932, Glencoe, Ok.
Notes for JOHN HARP:
John married 1st Mary Jane Woodward, who died 8 Dec 1860(or 19 Oct 1861). He married 2nd, in 1862 at Elm Springs, Ark. Mary Elizabeth Findley: ceremony by Parson W.M. Steel (dau. of Hugh and
Malinda Terry Findley of Elm Springs, Ark.
John served in the Civil War. He was 6 ft; fair complexion, black eyes; light hair and a Farmer. He had lived in Springfield, Greene Co. Mo, CedarVale and Mapleton, KS. AshGrove, Mo. and Cleveland
and Glencoe, OK.
John Children: #1. Mary Jane b. 16 Jun 1876 m. ___Frazee.
#2. Charlie, b. 12 Oct 1871. died
#3. Nancy Ellen, b. 4 Mar 1873 M. a Blanchard
#4. Martha b. 6 Jan 1879 d. by 1915 m. Fain
#5. Flora A. b.12 Feb 1888 m. to Moore
#6. George b. 17 Aug 1876 died
#7. John W. b. 4 Jul 1884 died
2. vii. WILLIAM TERRY HARP, b. August 31, 1841, Ark; d. September 02, 1918, Ash Grove, Mo.
viii. HESTER "HETTY" HARP, b. 1844.
ix. MARTIN S. HARP, b. April 30, 1846, Huntsville, Ar.; d. December 04, 1936, Cushing Co. Ok.
*Notes for MARTIN S. HARP:
Martin was married at Springfield, Mo. 16 Apr 1868 to Lucinda J. Sparks b. 24 Apr 1846 d. 8 Apr 1935.
Martin was in Civil War Applied for pension from Payne Co., OK 1890 (Indian Territory). He was Fair complexion, Blue eyes, Light hair and a Farmer. He lived in 1866, Ebenezer, Mo., 1875, Ash Grove,
Mo. 1879, CedarVale, KS. 1908, Stillwater, Ok., 1912 Waynoka, OK died Cushing, OK.
His children are 1. John E. b. 23 Jan 1870 Ash Grove, MO.
2. Susan L. b. 19 Mar 1872,
3. Nancy C. b. 7 Nov 1874,
4. Mary E. b. 15 Sep 1877,
5. Tisha E. b. 19 Jul 1880 Ceder Vale, KS,
6. William T. b. 10 Jun 1883,
7. James M. b. 21 Mar 1885,
8. Nellie H. b. 20 Dec 1888. There children were in Ralston Ok., Ok. City, Ponca City, and Durant Ok. in 1921.
x. MARY ELLEN HARP, b. 1848, Huntsville, Ar.; d. 1897, Madison Co. Ar..
She married Robert Benjamin Boyd and 2nd ?Conway
xi. WINNIE MATILDA HARP, b. August 24, 1850, Huntsville, Ar.; d. March 29, 1941, Glencoe, Ok..
She married W.C. White 22 Oct 1878 Green Co. Mo. then to Rev S.H. Mathews at Stillwater, OK 10 Nov 1906 who died in 1931.
Her Obituary has her name as Martha Mitilds Mathews. That she had lived in Kansas, Texas and OK., coming to Ok in 1898. Also that she married in 1935 Daniel G. Hill of Glencoe,. and he survived her.
She left 7 Grandchildren, 13 Great Grandchildren and was a member of the Methodist Church, Glencoe, OK.
xii. CAROLINE (SARAH) HARP, b. 1853, Ar..
She married a Jerome. She lived in Hardy, Ok. in 1920.
xiii. AMBROSE CARLTON HARP, b. September 06, 1855, Ar; d. CederVale, Ks.
xiv. NARCISSIS ANGELINE HARP, b. February 06, 1857, Ark; d. October 08, 1949, Allen, Ponotoc Co., OK..
Narcissis married John Madison Boyd.
xv. ELMINA PARLEE HARP, b. June 27, 1859; d. 1956.
Evina lived to be 97 Years old. She married Thomas Blanchard.

They had 7 children:
1. Nora m. Will Harp and had LaRue and Wayne.
2. Nancy Ann m. Frank Berry and children were Oscar and Clayborn.
3. Ora A. m. Mary May Wall and had children Gladys Louise, Marie Joy and Freda Lavaughn. More on this family below.
4. Earl m. Angie Cross and children were Earl Jr. Ray and George.
5. Otto m. Martha and children were Thelma, Eva, Tom and Kenneth.
6. Calvin m. Helen Anderson and children were Barbara, Genieva Jeannie, Louis and Bob.
7. Ralph
Ora A. Blanchard and Mary May Wall had 1. Gladys Louise Married Dale Culbertson and Larry Martin

The Children are Dorothy Jean, Ginger (Jill) and Linda
2. Marie Joy
3. Freda Lavaughn
*Freda Lavaughn Blanchard b. 7 Apr 1915 in Kansas City KS. Married to Walter Davis Independence, KS 1929. They had one child Donald Gene b. 8 Jul 1930 and d. 18 Aug 1987 in Denver, Co. He married Shirley Ann Morrow and they had 3 children: Debbie Ann, Deanne, and Dawn.
Freda then married 9 Nov 1937 Independence, KS. to George Horner b. 6 Jan 1899 and d. 23 Apr 1988 in Neodesha, KS.
Generation No. 2
2. WILLIAM TERRY5 HARP (WILLIAM THOMAS4, UNKOWN2ND3, BROTHER OF UNKNOWN2, OLDEST UNKOWN1) was born August 31, 1841 in Ark, and died September 02, 1918 in Ash Grove, Mo. He married (1) JULIA ANN CONWAY. She was born February 13, 1850, and died September 20, 1875. He married (2) MARGARET SUSAN WADDELL. She was born March 10, 1858, and died November 06, 1915.
3. i. MARTIN SHERIDAN 6 HARP, b. 1869, Walnut Shade, Mo; d. 1921, Walnut Grove, Mo..

Generation No. 3
3. MARTIN SHERIDAN6 HARP (WILLIAM TERRY5, WILLIAM THOMAS4, UNKOWN2ND3, BROTHER OF UNKNOWN2, OLDEST UNKOWN1) was born 1869 in Walnut Shade, Mo, and died 1921 in Walnut Grove, Mo.. He married LEVINA G. ROUND 1889 in Green Co. MO. She was born November 1868 in MO., and died 1930.
Children of MARTIN HARP and LEVINA G. are:
i. STELL M7 HARP, b. May 1891, Walnut Grove, Mo..

Notes for STELL M HARP:
Stella married John E. Coble
ii. ARTHUR WASHINGTON (BUD) HARP, b. November 1893, Walnut Grove, Mo.; d. 1946, Walnut Grove, Mo.; m. IVA WHITEHEAD; d. June 1986, Springfield, Mo..
After Arthur died Iva married Clyde Morris in Phoenix, AZ.
iii. CLAUDE HARP, b. February 01, 1896, Walnut Grove, Mo..
Notes for CLAUDE HARP:
Claude married Mintie Miller
iv. ANNA M. HARP, b. February 1898, MO.
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