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John Calvin Calico

Descendants of John Calvin CALICO 28 Sep 2008
1. John Calvin CALICO (b.1847-Wesley, Madison County,Arkansas;d.1927-Wesley,Madison County,Arkansas)
sp: Sarah Francis JOHNSON (b.1854-Madison County,Arkansas;m.1870;d.1920-Wesley,Madison County,Arkansas)
2. Melvin CALICO (b.1871-Drakes Creek,Arkansas)
2. Annettie Bell CALICO (b.1872-Drakes Creek,Arkansas;d.1958-Fullerton,Orange County,California)
sp: Dr. Elijah H. SHIPLEY (b.1869-Madison County,Arkansas;d.1948-Mountain Home,Marion County,Arkansas)
3. Leo Byron SHIPLEY (b.1889-Drakes Creek,Madison County, Arkansas;d.1974-San Jacinto,Riverside County,California)
sp: Melvina TUTTLE (b.1897-Arkansas)
4. Virginia SHIPLEY (b.1919-Arkansas)
4. Myra E. SHIPLEY (b.1929-California)
3. Elton A. SHIPLEY (b.1893-Drakes Creek,Madison County,Arkansas;d.1949-Los Angeles,California)
sp: Georgia KIDWELL (b.1895-Arkansas;m.1915)
4. Gwendolyn SHIPLEY (b.1917-Arkansas)
3. Eula Ora SHIPLEY (b.1895-Drakes Creek,Madison County,Arkansas;d.1975-Farmin Clyde OVERTON
gton,Washington County,Arkan sas)
sp: Cl3. Braden Irith SHIPLEY (b.1899-Drakes Creek,Madison County,Arkansas;d.1918-St. Paul,Arkansas)
3. John Clifford SHIPLEY (b.1902-Madison County,Arkansas;d.1991-Mono,California)
sp: Reva M. JOHNSON (b.1906-Arkansas;m.1924)
4. Collene S. SHIPLEY (b.1923-Arkansas)
2. Freddie CALICO (b.1874-Drakes Creek,Arkansas;d.1974)
2. Franklin Montgomery CALICO (b.1877-Drakes Creek,Arkansas;d.1969-Ely,White Pine County,Nevada)
sp: Kima Nevada ROBERTS (b.1882-Japton,Madison County,Arkansas;m.1900;d.1944-San Bernadino,California)
3. Gilbert V. CALICO (b.1900-Drakes Creek,Madison County,Arkansas;d.1983)
3. Bonnie Ruth CALICO (b.1905-Drakes Creek,Madison County,Arkansas;d.1968-San Bernadino,California)
sp: Robert Archie HENRY (b.1902-Sickles,Caddo County,Oklahoma;m.1928;d.1944-Los Angeles,California)
4. Ruth Joy HENRY
sp: William Lee BROWN

2. Willis Monroe CALICO (b.1880-Drakes Creek,Arkansas;d.1965-Madison County,Arkansas)
2. Minnie M. CALICO (b.1883-Drakes Creek,Arkansas;d.1969-Madison County,Arkansas)
sp: Oliver BELL
2. Ralph Quinton CALICO (b.1886-Drakes Creek,Arkansas;d.1968-Drakes Creek,Madison County,Arkansas)
sp: Lora Minta TACKETT (m.1930)
2. Gilbert Sherron CALICO (b.1888-Drakes Creek,Arkansas;d.1971-Madison County,Arkansas)
2. Essie CALICO (b.1891-Drakes Creek,Madison County,Arkansas;d.1966-Long Beach,California)
sp: Robert L. LEDBETTER
2. Floyd Alexander CALICO (b.1898-Drakes Creek,Madison County,Arkansas;d.1980-Madison County,Arkansas)
sp: Florance Lillian WALLACE (b.1894-Dawson County,Georgia;m.1918;d.1937-Little Rock,Arkansas)
3. Glyndon CALICO (b.1921;d.1921-Madison County,Arkansas)
3. Floy Lee CALICO (b.1923-Drakes Creek,Madison County,Arkansas;d.1979-Fayetteville,Washington County,Arkansas)
sp: Leo Hobart SISMORE (b.1912-Japton,Arkansas;d.1968)
4. Stanley Lane SISMORE (b.1947)
sp: Bonnie Kay AGNEW (b.1949-Benton County,Arkansas)
5. Marcus Shane SISMORE
5. Scott SISMORE
4. Shelby Lyndon SISMORE (b.1955-Fayetteville,Washington County,Arkansas)
sp: Rebecca Ruth JOHNSON (b.1961-Fayetteville,Washington County,Arkansas)
5. Sarah Lee Cole SISMORE (b.1984)
5. Shea Alexandra SISMORE (b.1989)
3. Georgia Ora CALICO (b.1925-Drakes Creek,Madison County,Arkansas;d.1967)
sp: Wilson Benjamin DUNCAN (b.1916-Japton,Arkansas;d.2000-Fayetteville,Washington County,Arkansas)
4. Shanon Lee DUNCAN (b.1947-Orange County,California)
sp: Bill Lee ROGERS (b.1944-Japton,Arkansas)
5. Kent Douglas ROGERS (b.1967)
sp: TINA
6. Rachel ROGERS
6. Westin ROGERS
5. Kevin Dean ROGERS (b.1968)
5. Kyle Duncan ROGERS (b.1970)
6. Kyle Duncan ROGERS (b.2003)
4. Eddie Dean DUNCAN (b.1949)
sp: Connie Rae PRICE
sp: STACY (b.1960)
5. Emily Lane DUNCAN (b.1985)
3. Artis Clinton CALICO (b.1934-Drakes Creek,Madison County,Arkansas)
sp: Joyce Elaine WATSON (b.1935-Brea,California;d.2003-Springdale,Washington County,Arkansas)
4. Florence Elaine CALICO (b.1954-Fayetteville,Washington County,Arkansas)
sp: Gary Steven CHAUDOIN (b.1954-Springdale,Washington County,Arkansas)
5. Chantal Danette CHAUDOIN (b.1974-Fayetteville,Washington County,Arkansas)
sp: Rusty Sahne BUNN (b.1974-Arkadelphia,Arkansas)
6. Carter Alexander BUNN (b.2001-Little Rock,Arkansas)
4. Artis Clinton CALICO (b.1960-Fayetteville,Washington County,Arkansas;d.1960-Fayetteville,WC,Arkansas)
4. Arlea Guenn CALICO (b.1956-Orange County,California;d.1956-Orange County,California

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kerigan99 said...

Rusty Shane Bunn and Chantal Danette Chaudoin have another son in additon to Carter Alexander Bunn. He is Chandler Eli Bunn and was born August 2008.

kerigan99 said...

Artis Clinton Calico - all the Callicos from Drakes Creek spell their names with two L's in Callico. His name should be Callico and not Calico.