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William Earp , Earpe, (Harp)

William Earp Harp b. 1729 Montgomery Co., Maryland died 1778, (The ANOTHER MARRIAGE WAS DEBORAH HAWKER) mar 1752 to Priscilla Nichols b 1728 Montgomery Co., Maryland, Children were Nicholas Harp 1753 Montgomery Co., Maryland, *Philip Harp ca 1775 Frederick, Montgomery Co., Maryland d. ca 1830 Pulaski Co., Tennessee, wife was Sarah called Sally Vaughan 1762 N.C. md. Ca 1779 (children: Thomas, John, Philip, William, Winnie, Salina, and Sarah) (data given on another page) Esther Harp 1757 Montgomery Co., Maryland, William Harp 1759 Montgomery Co., Maryland, Josiah Harp 10 Mar 1761 Montgomery Co., Maryland d 1844 md. Eleanor Hawker, Erasmus Harp 1765 Montgomery Co., Maryland USA, Anna Harp 1766, Montgomery Co., Maryland, and the eight child is Samuel Harp b 1770 Montgomery Co., Maryland, ninth child is Sarah Earp Harp 1775 Montgomery Co., Maryland md. Charles Long, Tenth Child is Matthew Harp and eleventh is Caleb Harp (These last two may link to another family)

*PHILIP HARP'S 1775/1880 NOTES: Ancestral File no. 118G-PQ1 1. From Ancestral File (TM), data as of 2 January 1996.
2. On Rock house Cemetery records by Agnes Harp. BYU Lib. F. 417, M 3-M34X Vol. 1
4. Madison Co. Ark Genealogist Vol. 1 1969-70.
5. The Carroll Co., Families: These Were The First, Carroll Co., AR 1991 compiled by Jim Lair Lib # 976.717 D3L states that,” certain family surnames have long been associated not only with the genealogy of the Northwest Arkansas Ozark Geographic Region, but with the folklore and legend of the region as well. Harp is without question one such surname even as those who bore that name can be traced directly back to the very earliest days of the white man's civilization in the region." Submitted by Evenly Johnson pge 266.
6. History Autobiographical Sketches of Madison Co. Arkansas by Goodspeed Co. 1889 pge 13 " Harp, Beverly 421, John 421,423- Philip 434 and Thomas 433."
7. ... "Phillip and Sarah "Sally" (Vaughan) Harp were the parents of at least seven known children who moved west to settle in Northwest Arkansas, and other regions. Yet, it all seems to have begun in the Granville County, N.C."
8. Thomas Young Harp, MY KIN FOLKS, film no. 1320703 item 6, has a Philip Harp who in 1830 was in Jefferson Co. N. and Wm. W. Harp 2 males and 4 females. to late of a birth date for the Phillip Harp (abt 1760) but may be one of his grandchildren.
However, we would look to the children of this historic couple and the contributions those children made to the development in NW AR Ozark Region."
9. See 1850 census, Prairie Twp, 254, has John Harp (son) (1799).
I believe a Hardy Harp goes here-guess?
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Next generations...

Subject is Joshua Earp (Harp) Born about Jun 1700, Montgomery Co., Maryland died 1771. Spouse is Mary BUDD, Children is William Earp (Harp) 1729 Montgomery Co., Maryland d.1778 (Greg says he was b. in Frederick, Montgomery Co., Maryland see census? and Thomas Marion Harp.
Joshua's parents are John Earp (Harp) 1680 died 1746 John's wife is Rebecca ( an unknown source of the Internet Family Tree (Does a Matthew and Caleb Harp belong her?)
John and Rebecca's children are Henry Earp (Harp)( a unknown source taken from the Internet Family Tree.) and Joshua Earp (Harp) b. ca Jun 1700 Montgomery Co., Maryland death 1771. Did both bro. Died in Montgomery Co., Maryland?
John Earp (Harp) father is Thomas Earp Harp b. 1656 d. 1720 and his mother is M. Peddidord, Child is John Earp Harp and Thomas Earp Harp father is,
Thomas Earpe (name change here and spelling) b 1631 died in 1700/

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