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Hardy Harp (Sources)

RE: Letter about Hardy Harps ( Note there are many Hardy Harps this is only one of them.) The letter is presented as some sources to more information in seeking more information to verifying your own data not as proof of anything. More information on this subject is coming, and be sure to add your own data.

A short genealogy trip to central Missouri last week produced a little more information on Hardy Harp b. ca 1830 AR, whom I believe was s/o Thomas & Abigail Harp (1830 Warren Co, TN, 1840 & 1850 Madison Co, AR), and married first to Judah McCarver.

In 2005, Dorinda Whitley sent the following census and interesting guardianship document:

1870 Pulaski Co, MO - Big Piney Twp, P. O. Waynesville
p. 165 (8) - 6 Jun 1870, #54/54
Harley Harp 40 m AR farm laborer
Elizabeth 14 f AR
Henry 18 m AR farm laborer
Martha 4 f MO

Ancestors of David Allen Long
"On 1 May 1869 in Phelps Co, MO guardianship of John Henry Long was granted to Thomas Maxwell. At the hearing, Hardy Harp & Amanda Jane Harp testified to John Henry's parents..." ).

I learned that Pulaski Co, MO lost all their records before 1900, so there is no early information left. This is probably why we have been unable to find a marriage record for Hardy Harp and Amanda Jane unknown.

Amanda Jane probably was the mother of Martha, and died before this 1870 census was taken. The other children in this household (Henry & Elizabeth) remain a mystery. I have searched everywhere and in every combination I can think of to find them in 1860, but have had no luck with that. There was a Hardy Harp listed on the 1860 Carroll Co, AR census, living in the household of W. P. & Sarah Gossage. He was aged 35 (b. ca 1825) MO and was a laborer, but had no children with him. We believe this is Hardy who was married to Judah McCarver. In 1860 Judah (McCarver) Harp is on the Madison Co, AR census, living with her parents, John & Judah McCarver. Hardy & Judah’s daughter, Judah Abigail Harp, age 2, is with her. Why weren’t these two other children living with Hardy or with Judah??

Hardy Harp was wounded during the Civil War, and Judah (McCarver) Harp applied for a pension on his service in 1895. She was living at Whitener, AR. Her application says that Hardy Harp served in the Civil War in Co G & C, 24th MO Inf. He was a resident of Carroll Co, AR when he enlisted at Lebanon, MO (Laclede County just west of Pulaski County) in Feb 1862, and was wounded at the Battle of Pleasant Hill, LA on 9 Apr 1864. He was mustered out on 31 Jan 1865 at Eastport, MS.

One other person submitting an affidavit for Judah was Ruth Wahlquist. Ruth was a d/o Thomas & Abigail Harp of the 1840 & 1850 Madison County census records. In 1870 Ruth was living in the household of John & Margaret Campbell in Phelps Co, MO, listed as Rutha Harp, age 35 b. AR and a domestic servant. She married Nelson Hawkins Walquist on 13 Sep 1873 in Phelps Co, MO.

She stated in her affidavit: “I was personally acquainted with Hardy Harp and lived in the same house with him after he was shot at the battle of Ft. Derusha… He was very weak and nervous from the shot and often spit up blood. And was never able to do any more work of any kind. The shot finally killed him on or about the 13th day Sept. 1870…..” Notice the date on the above census is 6 June 1870 and Hardy died in September of that year. So, was Harley the same person as Hardy? I believe he was, and I found a little more information placing Hardy in that area of Missouri during that time frame.

Continuing with Ruth’s affidavit….. “I can remember when Judie McCarver and Hardy Harp were married, was at the affair and know that they were never divorced and that Judie Harp has never married since Hardy Harp’s death.” (Notice this doesn’t state that Hardy never married again.)

Another person who submitted an affidavit was Martha Davis. She stated, “Young Mr. Harp wrote me a letter about the death of Hardy Harp”. Was young Mr. Harp the same as Henry Harp in the above 1870 household of “Harley” Harp?

My research took me to Pulaski, Phelps and Texas Co, MO. All these counties are in central Missouri with Pulaski county being furthest west, Phelps county on Pulaski’s eastern border, and Texas county abutting the southern border of both Pulaski & Phelps.
I found no records in Phelps County pertaining to Hardy (or Harley) Harp, and as I said before, Pulaski Co. lost all their records.

1867 Texas Co, MO Tax Assessment List:
Hardy Harp – 3 neat cattle $30; all other personal property $20; total value $50; 1 poll;
State revenue tax $ .12 2/4; State interest fund $ .20; County revenue tax
$ .25; Poor tax $ .20; Road tax $ .05; Government co. tax $ .50; Government road tax $3.00. (no total tax listed)

1868 & 1869 Texas Co, Mo Tax Assessment List:
Hardy Harp not listed

1870 Texas Co, MO Tax Assessment List:
Hardee Harp – 3 horses $150; 5 neat cattle $30; 16 hogs $50; all other personal property
$40; Revenue tax $ .10; State interest tax $ .10; County revenue tax $ .32;
Building tax $ .04; Road tax $ .08. (no total tax listed)
Hardy was listed on the above 1870 assessment, but the figures for the animals and their values were all marked through as though he was assessed, but taken off the list. He doesn’t appear on any later tax lists.

This was all I found on Hardy, but I believe it is enough to conclude that the census taker for the 1870 census incorrectly listed him as Harley Harp. I also have searched for a Harley Harp in 1860 and 1880 census records, and there is no one by that name.

Finding nothing else on Hardy, I turned my attention to the children listed in his household. I was unable to find anything further on Elizabeth.



In 1880 Hardy’s daughter, Martha Harp, was living with the Sherrill family in Texas Co, MO:

1880 Texas Co, MO – Sherrill Twp
p. 402B (14), ED131 – 1st June 1880, #117/120
Joel Sherril 65 m head SC SC SC farmer
Jane 59 f wife TN SC (blank)
J. Sterling Sherril 18 m son MO SC TN work on farm
Wm. Chambers 18 m orphan MO TN NC work on farm
Luana/Irand? Chambers 15 f orphan MO TN NC
Martha Harp 15 f orphan MO (blank) (blank) <<<<>HENRY HARP

Texas Co, Missouri Marriages

Henry F. Harp m. Nancy C. Agee on 10 Oct 1875 by S. P. Higgins, J.P. of Sherrill Twp.
Recorded 19 Oct 1875. (I failed to get book and page)

1870 Texas Co, MO – Jackson Twp
Samuel Agee 44 m TN lumberman
Nancy 37 f TN
Matilda 17 f MO
Ruth 11 f MO
Nancy 10 f MO

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