Sunday, January 6, 2008

View HARP, VAUGHAN 40,000 names

Here is about 40,000 name in this Harp-Vaughan file.

(Version 2.1 of the file is on-line and available for downloading at:) Look for version 2.1 in Gedcom format. I loaded this on the Paf program (below.) Depending on the software you download this to, you'll need to change "Rosa" to become No. 1 etc. This has about 40,000 name in it.

If nothing else use it can be used by viewing the "list" of names of yours if you connect here and checking or comparing to your own data to the same lines. This is very helpful and the author has gone to a great deal of work and spent a great deal of time doing his homework on verifications to sources on these GENEALOGY CONNECTIONS...that most of us cousins are related to. My gratitude and much eternal thanks goes out to him and his family. He's helped the eternal families here. I believe he has about 3 genealogy connection too and they are FREE.

If you have a paf genealogy program it will load on a temp file and then automatically load into the Paf. So you may need this program for some....on your PC desk first. Unless you already have another genealogy software.

TWO FREE GENEALOGY PROGRAMS: (Family History), (Family Search.Org), (Order/download products), (software downloads), (4.0 or 5.0 are free in different languages) or you can just go to i.e. The download for instruction is somewhere too. Any thing takes time to learn. This is called the Paf program.

It may be a good free source for some to use for a temp storage till you can search the one you like or buy. It's not invasive program and you can program it to take out all the church stuff and also when printing it out. I use it it on "print" in book floor mat for this blog i.e.
Legacy has one too: It's not like Legacy which is too "buggy" for me, too invasive into my PC programs and wanting you to buy their program every time you need to do something. It free for an advertisement to buy their product. However, you could use it to load this data on. Since is for sale the site is not listed here.

The 40,000 names Vaughan-Harp file Version 2.1 RE: I loaded this on the above Paf program but you need to change it around. The last name that will appear is "Rosa" to become No. 1 (Import again) etc. This has about 40,000 listed name in it. If nothing else it can be used it as a "list" to names you connect to.

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petey said...

hi there call me petey I am velma wilsons grand daughter who was Catherine vaughans grand daughter her mother was Emily alice this is a great source of info...

petey said...

hi there,catherine Vaughan was my grannys granny her mother was Emily a locklin and father james h wilson