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Vaughan, Benton, VA, NC 1700

Vaughan, Benton, and related families of interest -1700s Date, Location, Family, Data
About 1700 Bertie Co. NC Pugh, Savage Pheribee Savage was born in Virginia and died about 1754 in Bertie Co., NC. She was a daughter of Thomas Savage and Alicia Hermanson. Thomas was a son of John Savage and Mary Robbins.
3-25-1700 Nansemond Co, VA Pugh Will of Daniel Pugh, he patented land in Nansemond Co. VA in 1695, 98, 99 and 1700. His son Francis married Pheribee Savage.
4-25-1701 Nansemond Co. VA Benton Page 41: EPAPRODITUS BENTON, SENR., 360 ACS., Up. Par. of Nansemond Co; on both sides of the Deep Run, a br. Of Bennett’s Cr., 25 Apr. 1701, p. 307, Adj. John King.
1702-1708 North Carolina Luten, Vaughan Higher Court of NC on page 359 mentions a jury that included William Vaughan and Capt. Thomas Luten
1704 Nansemond Co. VA Benton, Vaughan On the 1701 Rent Rolls, Nansemond County, VA, Thomas Vaughan, Epaphroditus, Francis and John Benton appear.
1706-1710 North Carolina Vaughan William Vaughan, aged 27 years of there abouts, gave testimony on a case regarding the Cary Rebellion.
Mar. 9, 1713 North Carolina Vaughan A Will Vaughan appears as a Testator for a will of a Robert Harrison
10-1-1713 Chowan Co., NC Benton A patent on a branch of Warrick Swamp on the northeast side of Chowan river around “Cow landing” and “Bennett’s Creek”.
1714 Chowan Co. NC Benton Epaphroditus Benton from Nansemond County, VA is in Chowan Co. NC.
August 1714 Boston, Mass, Nansemond Co. VA, Albemarle Co., NC, Northampton, Hertford Counties, NC Vaughan Captain. William Vaughan and his brother John came to America about the last of the 17th Century and first settled in Boston, Mass. About 1701 they left the Northern climate and came South. John Vaughan settling in Upper Norfolk or Nansemond County, VA., and William settled in Albemarle County, N.C.; On page 141, Vol.11, Colonial Records, William Vaughan mentioned as Captain Vaughan, who was ordered by the council in August, 1714, to command a posse of nine white men and one Indian from Petesque Tune, to carry corn and other provisions to the Indians known as the "Sand-Banks Tribe." He later took out grants of land in Bertie, Beaufort, His home was very probably in the Western Parish of Chowan Precinct, known today as Northampton and Hertford Counties of N.C. He also had a son by the name of William Vaughan JR. and he became known as William Vaughan SR. of Hertford County, N.C.; Captain Vaughan died about 1750, leaving his wife Sarah (nee u/n) and son William JR. surviving him. His spouse Sarah is mentioned in the will of Mr. James Flood of Edenton, N.C. at which time he gave her his white horse, called Prince. It is believed that Captain William Vaughan SR. was born around 1685. All information was quoted and obtained from "The Vaughan Family of Hertford County, North Carolina" Book, by Ex-Judge Benj. B. Winborne May, 1909
1715 VA or NC Hoyter, Freeman In 1715 Tabitha Hoyter, daughter of Chief Thomas Hoyter (Chowan Indian) marries John Freeman.
1-26-1716 Nansemond County, Virginia, Gates Co. NC Vaughan, Holland Henry Holland sold 23 acres of land to Thomas Vaughan in what is now Gates Co. NC but was then Nansemond Co. VA, on January 24th, 1716.
7-17-1716 Chowan Co, NC Benton Epaphroditus Benton filed a petition for the importation of his family, he mentions Lazarus, Job, Lemuel, Epa., Elizabeth Jr. and Sarah, his wife is shown as Elizabeth.
1717 Chowan Co., NC Benton Epaphroditus Benton taxed for 250 acres.
11-9-1717 Chowan or Bertie, NC Benton Epaphroditus Benton from Chowan Precint was said to be in Bertie Precinct in a court case involving Daniel Halsey.
2-8-1719 Chowan Co. NC/Nansemond Co. VA Benton, Moore Chowan County NC Deed Bk C #1 p36 abst by Margaret M HofmannWilliam More of Chowan Prect, planter to John King of Nansemond Co VA 8 Feb 1719 for 50 barrells of Tarr 200 acres on the north east side of Chowan River where Titus Benton now liveth commonly called Cald and known as Cow Landing Wit: ----- Cockburn, ----- Homes Ack. 1 Apr 1720 before me Fred Jones, Ch. Just.
June 1721 Chowan Co, NC/Nansemond Co. VA Benton, King Chowan County NC Deed Bk B #1 p189 -- abst by Margaret M HofmannEpaphroditus Benton of Chowan Prect., planter to John King of Nansemond Co VA 1 June 1721 2000 pounds of Tobacco and 20 Barrels of Tarr 640 acres on the north east side of Chowan River a little below Menherring Landing and running down the river as by patent to the sd Benton 1 Apr 1720 Wit: Thomas Jornegan [T his mark] Richard Taylor, Dearly Leary, Jeremiah Glohan Reg. Chowan Ct July 1721Test: Thomas Henman, Clerk
1726 Chowan Co. NC Benton, Freeman In 1726, Epaphroditus Benton sells 200 acres of land in Chowan Co. NC, Testators were William and John Freeman.
12-17-1726 Bristol Parish (Brunswick Co) VA Benton Abram, son of Lazarus and Winefred Benton born. From Bristol Parish register.
Oct. 13, 1727 Brunswick Co. VA Benton Epaphroditus Benton received 300 acres of land in Brunswick County on South side of Lizard Creek at John Linch’s corner.
1728 Virginia or NC Benton "We hurry'd away the Surveyors, who cou'd run no more than 6 Miles because of the Uneven Grounds near Roanoke-River. We did not follow with the Baggage til 10, being staid to christen 6 Children, & to discourse a very civil Old Fellow, who brought us 2 fat Shoats for a present. The Name of our Benefactor was Epaphroditus Bainton, who is Young enough at 60 Years of Age, to keep a Concubine, & to Walk 25 miles in a day. He has forsworn ever getting on a Horse back, being once in Danger of breaking his Neck by a fall. He spends most of his time in hunting & ranging the Woods, killing generally more than 100 Deer in a Year. He pretends to Skill in the Virtues of many Plants, but I cou'd learn nothing of that kind from him. This Man was our Guide to Maj. Mumford's Plantation, under the Care of Miles Riley, where we were regaled with Milk, Butter, & many other Refreshmets. The Maj'. had order'd some Wine to be lodged here for us, & a fat Steer to be at our Service; but the last we refus'd with a great many thanks. From hence we continu'd our Journey to the Canoe-Landing upon Roanoke River, where Young Mumford & M' Walker met us. Here we ferry'd over our Baggage & our Persons, ordering the men with the Horses to the Ford near a mile higher, which leads to the Trading Path".The shorter account of the encounter with Epaphroditus Bainton from the 'History of the Dividing Line', pages 156 & 158, is as follows: "We did not follow the Surveyors till towards Noon, being detain'd in our camp to Christen Several more Children. We were conducted a nearer way, by a Famous Woodsman, call'd Epaphrodius Bainton. This Forester Spends all his time in ranging the Woods, and is said to make great Havoc among the Deer, and other Inhabitants of the Forest, not much wilder than Himself". History of the Dividing Line between Virginia and North Carolina
1728 Chowan Co. NC Vaughan, Henderson Land transfer – Thomas Vaughan to Holland Henderson
1728 Chowan Co. NC Vaughan, Holland Land transfer – Thomas Vaughan to Chadermon Holland
1728 Nansemond Co. VA and Chowan, NC Holland, Vaughan Henry Holland of Nansemond Co., VA to Thos. Vaughan of the same place. 100 acres East side of Chowan River, beginning at Caleb’s Dower, adjoining Eph. Benton’s land. Test, Lydia Blanchard, Clement Hammond, Jas. Holland, J. Lovick. “Eph. Is Ephaphroditus Benton.
August 30, 1728 Nansemond County, VA, and Chowan NC Vaughan, Holland, Speight William Speight of Nansemond Co. , to Henry Holland of same County, August 30, 1728, 640 acres on East side of Chowan River, patent dated march 5, 1719-20. Test, Thos. Vaughan, Jas. Holland, John Lovick
9-16-1729 Bristol Parish(Brunswick Co) VA Benton David, son of Lasurous and Winfrit Benton born 16th Sept. 1729. From Bristol Parish register.
Feb. 8, 1732 Nansemond Co, VA, now Gates Co., NC Vaughan, Holland John Vaughan of Upper Parrish, Nansemond Co. VA to Henry Holland. Tract of land called “Caleb Drury’s” on east most side of Chowan River Pocosin 100 acres. Test. Henry Holland, James Holland, Edward Hare, Moses Hare.
6-1-1732 Brunswick Co. VA Benton Epaphroditus registers his mark in court : “Epaphroditus Benton’s mark is OR.”
July 6, 1732 Brunswick Co. VA Vaughan A Richard Vaughan is mentioned as owning a Negro slave.
Aug. 2, 1733 Chowan Co, North Carolina Hyter, Freeman Thos. Hyter, King et. Als., Chiefmen of the Chowan Indians to Michael Ward, 200 acres on Catharine Creek; Aug 2, 1733. Test John Freeman, Robert Hicks., this deed and two like it appears next to the following deed in the NC deed book.
Aug. 2, 1733 Chowan and/ or Gates Co., NC Hoyter, Bennett, Freeman Thomas Hoyter, King of the Chowan Indians, Jeremiah Pushing, Charles Beasley, James Bennett, chief men of the tribe to Michael Ward 300 acres on Katharine Creek, Test, John Freeman, Robt. Hicks
9-10-1733 Chowan NC / Nansemond VA Holland, Vaughan, Benton Vaughan to Holland a Deed Regestd. the 10 Sep 1733. 8 Feb 1732/3. JohnVaughan, upper parish of Nansemond Co. to Henry Holland, same, 14 bbls.Tar, 100 A in Chowan pct. NC and nigh the place called Calebs Dowery,beginning upon the Et. side of Chowan River Pocoson at a Pine new markedin a Valley & thence running up the Valley southerly by a line of newmarked trees to an Oak corner tree (TORN HERE so loss of data) Patent ofthis land & Epm. BENTONS corner tree then running (TORN) - Bentons lineand the line of the patent to the river Pocoson (TORN) - the saidPocoson the various courses thereof to the first station, being part ofa patent formerly granted to Wm. Speight dated 1 Mar 1719 and by sd.Speight devised to the said Henry Holland and by sd. Henry Hollanddevised this part to Thos. Vaughan and by sd. Thos. Vaughan devised tohis son John Vaughan by his LW&T and now by the sd. John Vaughan foreversold to the sd. Henry Holland...witnesses Henry Holland, Jas. Holland,Edward Hare, Mos. Hare, James Holland. Pvd. 17 May 1733. Wm. LittleCh. Just.
Sept. 10, 1733 Chowan Co, North Carolina, Nansemond Co. VA Vaughan, Holland John Vaughan of Nansemond Co., VA to Henry Holland of the same County. 100 acres on South side Chowan River, called “Caleb’s Dowry”, Sept. 10, 1733. Test. Henry Holland, James Holland, Edward Hare, Moses Hare, Jo. Holland., Also, Epm. Benton and Wm. Speight mentioned in deed, the land was next door to Epaphroditus Benton’s land. It also mentions that John Vaughan was a son of Thomas Vaughan.
1735 Nansemond Co. VA or Chowan Co. NC Vaughan, Holland Thomas Vaughan received 362 acres of land on the upper Parish of Nansemond County at Hackney marsh adj. to William and James Holland and Thomas Howard.
1738 North Carolina Baker, Pugh In a court case in 1738, I believe in Chowan County, NC, Fairabee Barker is an executrix of Francis Pugh.
1740 Surry, Westmoreland Counties, VA Vaughan, Vaughon 1740 – Thomas Vaughan appears in Surry Co. and Edward Vaughon appears in Westmoreland Co.
May 1744 Brunswick Co. VA Benton Our Lord the King vs. Epaphroditus BentonUpon Pronouncement of the Grand Jury for living in Adultery This day comes the attorney of our Lord the King and saith for reason appearing to him, he will not further prosecute against the said Benton upon the presentation aforesaid. Therefore it is considered that the said Benton go thereof hence without delay.

August 1744 Brunswick Co. VA Benton “Upon the attachment obtained by Francis Elledge from John Wall, Get., a member of the court against the estate of Epaphroditus Benton (who is said to be privately removed out of this county or absconds so that the ordinary proofs cannot be found upon him for five pounds one shilling and four pence current money – Discountinued being agreed by the parties.”Order Book 2 p. 13, Brunswick Co, VA.
1745 Chowan Co. NC Vaughan, Speight Land transfer – William Vaughan to Francis Speight
2-25-1748 Chowan County, NC Benton, Parker John Benton, of Chowan County, his will. Son, Epaphroditus, 100 acres where he now lives, Son Elijah 100 acres joining Bennets Creek. Son Jethro, John, Moses, daughters, Mary Parker, Charity Parker
June 28, 1749 Northampton Co. NC Vaughan Will of Vinson Vaughan, August Court 1749. Son Vinson, daughters Margaret Breathen and Sarah Vaughan, son John, daughter Naomi, son Henry Clader, son Noel Huckens, wife and Peter Breathen Exrs. Test, Richard Brown, John Binding, Allen Brown
May 31, 1750 Chowan Co. NC Luten, Pugh James Luten marries Mary Pugh, they had only one child, a daughter named Fereby, then Mary dies, probably in childbirth with Fereby. Mary Pugh was a daughter of Francis Pugh and Pheribee Savage and she was born about 1718 and died about 1751-1753.

August 1750 Northampton Co. NC Vaughan Will of John Vaughan, August Court 1750. Sons William and John, daughters Lucy, Molley and Fanny, wife Cassia and Samuel Turner Exrs. Test, Wm. Baker, Jno. Mauder. Only left his working tools to his sons, land sold to pay debts.
June 1, 1753 Chowan Co. NC Holland, Benton, Bennett, Freeman James Holland of Upper Parish, Nansemond County sells land on easternmost side of Chowan river ‘formerly granted to Epaphroditus Benton by patent dated 1 Mar 1719’. To John Watson. Next to this entry is a transfer deed from Henry Hill, James Bennet and John Robins “Chief men of the Chowan Indians” to Jacob Hinton selling land on Bennett’s Creek. John and Richard Freemen are witnesses. Dated May 27, 1754.
6-1-1753 Chowan Co. NC Holland, Benton Henry Holland sold 150 acres of land on East side of Chowan River and mentioned it was formerly granted to Epaphroditus Benton by patent dated March 1, 1719. Thomas Benton was a witness and Wm. Spight also.
Mar 4, 1754 Chowan Co. NC Luten, Hopkins James Luten marries Mary Hopkins, a widow
11-11-1754 Chowan Co., NC Pugh, Luten Faraba Luten, daughter of Mary Pugh and James Luten is mentioned in a division of her uncle John’s estate, showing that Mary was dead.
Jan 32, 1755 Chowan Co., NC Luten, Leary James Luten marries Mary Leary
Sept. 10, 1756 North Carolina Vaughan, Jones A William Vaughan appears as an Executor of the will of Joseph Jones.
1757 Bertie, NC Vaughan John Vaughan lives in Bertie, NC in 1757
Oct. 10, 1758 Wilmington, New Hanover County, North Carolina Vaughan, Freeman William Vaughan and Robert Freeman appear as Testators on will of Samuel Chester.
1760 North Carolina Vaughan James Vaughan and Catrin appear on Abstract of North Carolina Wills.
1760 Nansemond, Southampton and Isle of Wight Counties, VA Vaughan Josiah, Thomas and William appear in 1760 Nansemond County, VA, Samuel appears in Isle of Wight and William appears in Southampton.
1762 Northampton, NC Vaughan Vincent and William Vaughan live in Northampton, NC in 1762
9-24-1766 Edenton, Chowan Co., NC Luten Will of James Luten, mentions daughters Mary and Ferraba.
1767 Hertford Co. NC Vaughan In 1768, the town of Murfreesboro was incorporated and William Vaughan was one of the Commissioners.
1769 Granville, NC Vaughn Richard Vaughn lives in Granville County, NC in 1769
1769 Craven, NC Vaughn William Vaughn lives in Craven County, NC in 1769.

December 10 -12, 1774 Fincastle Co, VA (now Grayson Co.) Roberts, Wallin, Vaughan, Benton William Roberts, James Wallin, William Vaughan and Lazarus Benton all receive land as part of the Loyal Company Grant on the waters of Elk Creek, a branch of the New River. William’s grant is on the same day as Lazarus’ grant. Will got 80 acres, Laz 116 acres.
12-12-1774 Fincastle Co. VA (Grayson Co) Benton, Vaughan In Fincastle County, Virginia, Plot book A, record of surveys, on page 124, Lazarus Benton was granted 116 acres, part of the Loyal Company grant, on both sides of Elk Creek, a branch of the New River (Virginia) on December 12, 1774. William Vaughan also received land on the New River on the same day, and is recorded also on page 124.
1776-1777 North Carolina Vaughan, Ferrebbe A James Vaughan and William Ferebee appear in the Rosters of the 7th Regiment of Continental Troops in North Carolina. Both were Lieutenants on Nov. 28, 1776, but by Dec. 19th, James was made a Captain and William became a Captain on July 1st, 1781. From other records, James Vaughan commanded a Company in the 7th Regiment.
December 2, 1777 Virginia Benton The following was a petition to the Virginia Congress by Lazarus Benton: A petition of Lazarus Benton who presented to the House, and read; setting forth that he had the misfortune last Spring to have four of his sons and a son-in-law, who were in the service of the country, killed by the Indians; that by this severe stroke he is left, far advanced in years, without any of his children to assist, support, or comfort him, except his widow daughter, who is also in low circumstances, and a little girl; and therefore praying such support as will keep him from sinking under his poverty and afflictions. He received 20 pounds per year for life.

1777 (1811) Russell Co. VA Benton, Wallen In March of 1811, several depositions were made in a case that mentioned the murder of John and Titus Benton at Rye Cove, Virginia in the Spring of 1777. also mentioned that they died in April of 1777 and “The Wallens, Bentons, Wm. Roberts and other named these streams as they went through hunting lands.” Wm. Wallin mentioned he received John’s shot bag from John’s mother after John’s death. Also mentioned “John (Benton) was on the Cherokee expedition and helped to bring up the great guns from the nation to the Long Island after the expedition said to be commanded by Col. Christian, returned deponent (Stephen Wallen, age 54) hunted with him (Benton) on Clynch (Clinch River) after his return and it was 2 or 3 years after the expedition that he was killed. “ Expedition then had to have been about 1774 to 1775. (This from “Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia” Vol. 2, page 227-8)
1778-1781 Surry County, North Carolina (not VA, but NC) Benton Lazarus Benton received 100 acres of land in Surry County, NC on the south side of the Dan river near the mouth of Turkey Branch including the plantation whereon he lives. The warrant was later sold to a “R.L.” so the actual grant probably occurred before 1778.
April 1778 Russell Co., VA (Scott Co.) Benton John and Titus Benton are killed by Indians at Rye Cove, Virginia. They were Lazarus’ sons.
1794 North Carolina Vaughan Wm. His wife Sarah and children Mary, Elisabeth, Thomas, Miley, Wm., Nancy, Calhoun and James appear on Abstract of North Carolina Wills
1797 North Carolina Vaughan Thomas Vaughan, wife Martha and son John appear on Abstract of North Carolina Wills.

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