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1600 Vaughan, Benton, VA

Vaughan, Benton, and related families of interest -1600s

Date Location Family Data
1600s Northampton Co, VA Robins Obedience Robins, father of Mary Robins that married Captain John Savage, was a friend of Debedeavon the Chief and named Northampton County, VA.
1619 Virginia Savage In 1618, Ensign Thomas Savage with some indentured servants began a profitable trading relationship with the Accawmack Indians. Savages success likely stemmed from his previous experience on the Eastern shore serving as an interpreter, a skill he obtained while living with the Powhatans for several years, first on Argall’s 1613 voyage and later in 1617 for a merchant. He received some land from Debedeavon, the Accawmack Chief or Werrowance. It was called either Savage’s Neck or Old Plantation Creek. This trade with the Indians predated the Virginia Company’s settlement by a year.
1619 Virginia Vaghan John Vaghan (Vaughan) was transported to Virginia on the “Bona Nova”. One history mentions an indentured servant of Thomas Savage named John Vaughan, probably the same man and he may have served him first before being a servant of William Barry’s.
1624-5 Elizabeth City, VA Vaghan John Vaghan (Vaughan) mentioned in the Muster of Sergeant William Barry’s, at Elizabeth City.
3-24-1635 Elizabeth City, VA Vaughan Lewis Vaughan was a headright of James Knott in Elizabeth City, VA.
6-5-1635 Virginia Vaughan Patrick Vaughan was one of the headrights of Nathaniel Hooke. Location 2 ½ miles up the Pagan Point Creek upon the west side.
7-13-1635 London England, Virginia Vaughan Rowland Vaughan took the oath of allegiance at London to be transported to VA on the “Alice”.
7-27-1635 Virginia Vaughan John Vaughan comes to Virginia upon the “Primrose”.
8-1-1635 Virginia Vaughan Jo. Vaughan, age 17, took the oath of allegiance and embarked for VA in the Elizabeth from London.
8-7-1635 Virginia Vaughan Davie Vaughan was transported from London to VA on the “Globe”.
7-7-1636 Charles River Co., VA Vaughan, Chew John was named a headright by John Chew, Gentleman, in his patent for 700 acres in Charles River County.
10-17-1636 Elizabeth City Co. VA Vaughan, Vanerit Rowland Vaughan was a headright of James Vanerit in Elizabeth City, County, VA.
8-9-1637 Charles River, Co. VA Vaughan, Chew John Vaughan was a headright of John Chew.

1639 Accomack County, VA Vaughan John Vaughan received 30 acres of land in Accomack County in 1639. There is some deed records at the Virginia Land Grant webpage about a John Vaughan and Edward Murfey in 1643. Accomack County or Shire was later named Northampton in 1642, and by 1649 there were only 1,000 colonists in VA. All land bought this early was from the Virginia Company.
8-20-1639 Accomack Co., VA Vaughan John Vaughan rented 30 acres in Accomack Co, VA.
1640 Elizabeth City, Virginia Vaughan/Vaughn, Spelman, Mountney August 3, 1640: “Concerninge strifes and debates betwixt them and especially Concerninge hurt and damage done to Vaughn by Dewyns Hogges. It is ordered that Mr. Alexander Mountney and Roger Johns to whome it is referred, shall take a viewe of such trespas and damage committed and accordinglely make reporte thereof unto the next monethly Court Upon which report the Court shall take such gurther order as shall be meete.” (Ames, p. 31)A confrontation between Vaughn and Dewyn over hogs had resulted in “violent blowes”, Mountney was sent out to survey the damage for the resulting civil suit. The court ruled against Vaughn on Mountney’s testimony, as Roger Johns did not testify. September 7, 1640: “concerning damaze pretended to be done by hogges Beinge referred (.) It is now certified by Mr. Alexander Mountney that noe damage hath Beene done or suffered as was pretended.” (Ames, p. 17)With no intervening details available, John Vaughn later sued Mountney, and the courts again ruled against Vaughn, and in favor of Mountney. May 17, 1641: It is ordered that John Vaughan shall satisfye the Charges of this Court in the suite depending betwen him and Alexander Mountney. Otherwise Execution etc.” (Ames, p. 84)
2-24-1643 Virginia Vaughan, Murfrey Granted 1200 acres with Edward Murfrey upon the south side of the Potomack river on the eastmost side of Cedar Island Creek. Murfrey apparently didn’t pursue the grant so John Vaughan received it.
1664 Westmoreland Co., VA Vaughan John Vaughan left his will in Westmoreland County. Other patents to other men mentions John’s land, in Westmoreland County.
3-23-1664 Westmoreland Co. VA Vaughan William Vaughan patented 156 acres in Westmoreland Co. East side of Fishing Creek .
1666 Nansemond Co. VA Vaughan, Baker, Crewes, Parker Edward Vaughan receives 100 acres of land in the Upper Parish of Nansemond County, VA, with Silvester Baker, Randolph Crewes and Richard Parker mentioned in the grant.
March 29, 1680 North Carolina Benton, Yost Court of the Grand Council orders that John Benton be committed to the tuition of Mr. Robert Yost until 18 yrs of age. This John was an orphan.

1682 Nansemond Co., VA Benton Epaphroditus Benton imported 10 people to Nansemond County in 1682 and received 500 acres of land. Epaphroditus Benton received land in Nansemond County on April 24, 1682" Upon the Cross SW of Barbacue, Beginning at Thomas Duke to the head of the Dogwood Creek" for transportation of 10 people (600 acres). He also received 200 acres near the same location on October 21, 1687 for transportation of Sarah Moody, Jno. Travers, James Robins and a Negro named Kate.Granted land in Nansemond County, Virginia in the 1680s, Patent book 7,pages 169, 392,493 an d 606.Source "Cavaliers and Pioneers Volume 2 " pages 239, 280, 295 and 314.In the book, "Abstracts of Virginia, Virginia Land Patents and Grants" by Nell Marion Nugent , patent Book #7, page 239, Epaphroditus Benton transported 10 people from England to Virginia and received 50 acres of land for his services, per person transported, for a total of 500 acres. He arrived in Virginia on April 24, 1682. One passenger was an Elizabeth Millard and possibly her daughter.

10-15-1698 Nansemond Col, VA Benton “Cavaliers and Pioneers, Volume 3” are a few entries for Bentons as follows:Page 25: EPAPHRODITUS BENTON, 70 acs., Up. Par. of Nansamond Co.; on W. side of the S. br. of Nansamond River; beg. Near his lower landing by the Long point; 15 Oct. 1698, p. 182. Trans. Of 2 persHe owned 1100 acres of land in Nansemond County, Virginia at the time of his death in 1701. His land was divided up among his three sons.

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