Friday, September 14, 2007

Civil War Soldiers


HARP, JOHN Pvt 6 Nov 1862 Madison Co, AR -22
HARP, WILLIAM Pvt 6 Nov 1862 Madison Co., AR - 21
VAUGHAN, BENJAMIN PVT 24 Jun 1862 MadisonCo, AR- 28- Died of disease 4 Jan 1863 at Fayetteville, AR
VAUGHAN, WILLIAM PVT 28 Jun 1862 Madison Co, AR- 24
VAUGHN, JESSEE PVT 4 May 1864 Fayetteville, AR- 18

TODD, JAMES C. , PVT 25 Dec 1862 Fayetteville, AR - 20 GCM. Sentenced to death for Killing Creed T. Wisdom. Interesting discourse by letter included. Outcome not stated.
TODD, LEROY C. , PVT 24 Oct 1862Madison Co, AR - 26 Disch 24 Feb 1863-disability
TODD, WILLIAM A. , PVT 1 Apr 1864 Fayetteville, AR - 18
VAUGHN, JOHN, 1LT 30 Jul 1861 Greene Co, MO - 22

VAUGHN, MATTHEW CPL 4 Dec 1862 Benton Co, AR - 42

VAUGHN, JOHN C. PVT 20 Jul 1862 Pope Co, AR- 18

TODD, ELIJAH S. PVT 10 Sep 1862 Barry Co, MO -21-Deserted 10 Mar 1864, GCM, 1 year Hard labor, forfeiture of all pay due
TODD, JOHN P. 2LT 14 Oct 1862 Springfield, MO -24- Disch 7 Jun 1865 to be 2LT 1st Ark Cav
TODD, OWEN PVT 10 Sep 1862 Washington Co, AR -25-Deserted 11 Apr 1863
VAUGHN, WILLIAM R. PVT 26 Aug 1862 Polk Co, AR- 22

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