Friday, June 29, 2007

Free Genealology~Sites

I like this new light on the subject of microfilms and other genealogy data. We welcome more aid in our quest to our ancestors research. Here's some new areas coming to past. Visit if you like this area. If you have any truly free link please add for the aid of others. We're not alone! Check them out to see if they are legit and truly free before accepting.

5. Magazine worth getting if you have genealogy from the Arkansas area: Madison Co., Musings (Spring, Fall, and Winter) Madison Co. Genealogical & Historical Society, P.O. Box 427, Huntsville, Arkansas 72740 Ph. (479) 738-6408 or Their fee is about $12.50 yearly (Many of their names are in Genealogy Connections.) I got start with loads of information from this magazine plus they have back issues for sale on your name of the area.


10 Michigan 1870 Census Index

11. *** (Find A Grave) Such sites get paid to link their pages to paid genealogy sites. So be aware of all the cleaver ways to peep and invade your PC privacy. A lot of their information and never free links. They wastes so much time for myself, frustrating and leaves spy ware on my PC. My advise is to view and work with this site in a public library. (no track backs...)

More Free Genealogy Sites
This is a page of sites that is periodically will be added upon. All these sites can be explored for further searches on your genealogy. If there's a fee involved please contact me and I will remove the site. No Spam...links please ! No professional selling this sites family genealogy. to add links to this cousin's sites. (Or, add in comment if approved conditions are followed I had track back to other paid genealogy spam, buy from google please.)
1. Genealogy Civil War Page of Arkansas:
2." I know here, it has a lot of bogus genealogy site set up for money and offer nothing, but I've also found some information or links to sites that was helpful?. 4.
5. A free church site loaded with information and other free census etc to aid in genealogy: Their very innovative and get more new records than any genealogy site. Newer:

6. Vaughan and connections group
.7. Try this one:
1 0. a forum style of others who may be doing your line.
11. Genetic Genealogy-->
12. DNA Page
You can add your site too but nothing linking to a "professional" or paid genealogy link or site. However, If you are a cousin and have a book send me a photo and I will display it.
13. Immigrant Servants Database: Nathan W. Murphy, a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Utah, accredited genealogist, and employee of Price and Associates Genealogical Services (project sponsor), is reconstructing a passenger arrival list of indentured servants coming to colonial America. According to the website, "More than 75 percent of the colonists who settled south of New England financed their voyages to the New World as indentured servants, convict servants, and redemption'ers. This project aims to identify all immigrants described by these terms in American and European sources from 1607 through 1820." To date, there are approximately 10,000 immigrant servants listed in the database.That number continues to grow.

14. Vaughn, Putnam i.e. (Family site) Do add your own if your related (cousin)
15. This site has a great genealogical section but you need to type in "genealogy" i.e. It's a on line reg. library.
16. A Vaughan genealogy site (James Vaughan's line) Very nice site do visit... Book mention above in photo. Need a copy?

Please add more free site to this list in comments....thanks. (The will be check out to see if they relate to this line and are truly FREE.) Add genealogy newsletters even if they are not free but relate to one of these lines. for Vaughan MDNA and this lines new letter group i.e.
*The National Archives Link is
* for any genealogy materials and services.
If you don't like Microsoft writing programs for genealogy try this free program every one's raving about: Write program is (3.2)

Newspaper: (Check out the online digital site for newspapers as a source.) American Cherokee Indian rolls a source links.