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George W. Sherman's Genealogy

GEORGE W. Sherman
First Generation

1. GEORGE W. Sherman was born in 1849 in Ohio. He died in Columbia, Boone Co.,Missouri or, (Fort Dodge, Ford Co., Kansas)?
GEORGE W. Sherman married MARY J. Davidson in 1874 in Fulton, Callaway, Missouri. MARY J. Davidson was born in 1859 in ,,Missouri. She died in Fort Dodge, Ford Co., Kansas.
They had the following children:
+ 2 M i. GEORGE Oney Sherman was born on 27 Sep 1875. He died on 15 Apr 1932.
3 F ii. MARY Sherman was born in 1877 in Columbia, Boone Co.,Missouri.
4 M iii. COLLIER E. Sherman was born about 1879 in Columbia, Boone Co.,Missouri.

Second Generation
2. GEORGE Oney Sherman (W. Sherman) was born on 27 Sep 1875 in Fulton, Callaway, Missouri. He died on 15 Apr 1932 in Rosedale, Wyandotte, Kansas. He was buried on 17 Apr 1932 in Mound, Grove, St. Charles, Missouri. Father was G. W. Sherman and Mother was M. M. Davidson

Oney married SALLIE Kirkendall on 29 May 1915 in Kansas City, Jackson Co., Missouri. Kirkendall was born in 1889. (She's 27 yrs. old on marr. lic. and George is 39...another marriage?)
They had the following children:
5 M i. ELBERT Oney Sherman was born on 13 Oct 1915 in Missouri. He died on 25 Aug 1990 in Missouri .
6 M ii. CLARENCE H. Sherman was born on 7 May 1918 in Rosedale Wyandotte, Kansas. He died on 27 Nov 1997 in Kansas City, Jackson Co., Missouri. Clarence H. 2nd wife was Virginia L Wilson at 34. He was divorced. She was in her twenty's born on 7 Jun 1928 in Alanta Georgia. (Md. 2 Sep. 1953 in W. Kansas. Marr. certif. was from Jackson Co., Mo.)

CLARENCE H. Sherman married VIRGINIA L. Wilson on 2 Sep 1952 in Kansas City, Jackson Co., Missouri. VIRGINIA L. Wilson was born on 7 Jun 1928 in Atlanta, Georgia.
+ 7 M iii. Calvin Lee SHERMAN was born on 2 Aug 1924. He died on 2 Jan 1992. I'm looking for relative to this Sherman...please contact myself. Thanks

*It's said but not verified yet here that this line hooks on to the Gen. T. Sherman's line (The Civil War Hero) (UNCLE)

E:\genealogy~Shermans\SOS, Missouri - State Archives Birth and Death Records.htm Sherman...gen site. Sherman's Line (Missouri)
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G.O. Sherman WWI records are in Wyandotte
Anymore information on this line would be appreciated or comments.
Calvin L. Sherman Notes :
1.Calvin meet Edith J ohnson (haptic) during the WWII. He was stationed in the Army National Guards in Phoenix, Maricopia Co., Arizona. At least in the years of 1943-4. The information abt. Calvin is on their child birth certificate born in 1944.
They never married and the family never heard from him again, a war romance.
He was very short.
3. He may have died in in 1992-3
National Personnel Records Center, Jeffrey P. Burcham, Technician (2A) stated in a letter 21 April 2003 ...that a veteran Sherman Calvin (1-22579401) (a requested number?)