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William T. Harp, TERRY

Family Group Record of Husband William T HARP Born Place 1804 , , North Carolina Died
Place Greenfield, Dade Co., Missouri Married Place Abt 1838 Of Huntsville, Madison Co., Arkansas
Other Spouse
Mary Jane WORKMAN 1st Married Place 1823 <, , Tennessee>
Husband's father Philip HARP Husband's mother Sarah "Sally" VAUGHAN
Wife Nancy TERRY Born Place 1818 , , Indiana Wife's father Wife's mother
List each child in order of birth.
John HARP 1 M Born Place 6 Mar 1839 Huntsville, Madison Co., Arkansas Died Place 20 Apr 1932 Glencoe, Payne Co., Oklahoma Buried Place Union Cemetery, Glencoe, Oklahoma
Spouse Mary Jane WOODARD Married Place Spouse Mary Elizabeth FINLEY Married
Place 1 May 1862 Fayetteville, Washington Co., Arkansas
William Terry HARP 2 M Born Place 6 Mar 1841 Huntsville, Madison Co., Arkansas Died Place 2 Sep 1918 (Civil War Vet.) Ash Grove, , Missouri Spouse Julia Ann CONWAY Married
Place 8 Apr 1868 Springfield, Greene Co., Missouri Spouse Margaret Susan WADDLE Married Place 25 Nov 1878 Springfield, Greene Co., Missouri

Hetty Betty HARP 3 F Born Place 1844 Huntsville, Madison Co., Arkansas
Martin S HARP 4 M Born Place 30 Apr 1846 Huntsville, Madison Co., Arkansas Died Place 4 Dec 1926 <, , Oklahoma> Buried Place Cushing Payne Co., Oklahoma Spouse Lucinda J. SPARKS Married Place 16 Apr 1868 Springfield, Greene Co., Missouri
Mary Ellen HARP 5 F Born Place 1848 Huntsville, Madison Co., Arkansas Spouse James BOYD Married Place 1868 Fayetteville Co., Arkansas Spouse CONWAY Married Place Winney Martha "Matilda" HARP
24 Aug 1850
Fayetteville, Madison Co., Arkansas Died Place 29 Mar 1941 Glencoe, , Oklahoma Spouse W.C. WHITE Married Place 22 Oct 1874 Springfield, Greene Co., Missouri Spouse Daniel G. HILL
Married Place 1935 Glencoe, , Oklahoma Spouse S. H. MATHEWS Rev Married Place
Sarah E. Caroline HARP 7 F Born Place 1853 Huntsville, Madison Co., Arkansas Spouse BOYD Married Place Carlton

Ambrose HARP 8 M Born Place 1855 Huntsville, Madison Co., Arkansas Died Place , , Kansas Buried Place Cedervale, , Kansas
Angeline HARP 9 F Born Place 1857 Huntsville, Madison Co., Arkansas
Elmina Paralee HARP 10 F Born Place 1858 Huntsville, Madison Co., Arkansas Spouse Thomas BLANCHARD Married Place <1875>
William T HARP
Pat Thompson researcher: Note; Could William T. Harp be the son of Philip Harp instead of William L. Harp and Charlotte Harrison his wife? more research needs to be done. Because of the Md dates he is the son of Philip and not William L. Harp. The connecton?
1850 c. he is 46. Madison Co Ar. Prairie Twp. 130
"The old legend in his family said that the Harps came from Virginia to North Carolina and then to Illinois and back to Kentucky and Tennessee." Tom T.Y.Harp
Who is this? Sarah Harp 60 b. N C 1790 lived with them in 1850 census Madison co., Ar., Prairie Twp. # 230 a probable twin sister? unlikly
1840 c- William T. Harp age 30-40, 8 slaves family
1850 c-Madison Co.,Arkansas,Prairie twp. #130-#46
"By 1860 William T. Harp had moved to Missouri. He was in Greenfield, Dade Co., Missouri in 1870. Some of his children moved to Missouri and some stayed in Arkansas. Some joined the army in time of Civil War.
William T Harp purchased land in Madison Co., Arkansas deed book 62 pg 120 United States to William Harp certificate #1702 located N.E. 1/4 of S.W. 1/2 section 6 twp 16 N range 27 W 40 acres in the dist. of lands subject to sale at Fayetteville,Arkansas. dated 20 Sep 1839 and filed 10 Apr 1928." Evelyn Johnson.
Pat Thompson researcher: William and Charlotte Harp, Census 1850 Johnson Co., Ark # 154 161. and 1880 Census
Madison Co., Ark Prairie Twp. # 168.
Harp String by Mattie Benson Smith has more children listed (doesn't list a source) They others may be from a previous marriage.
2. 10 children
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Family Group Record
William T HARP
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Desendants Of William And Charlotte (Harrison) Harp
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My line is William T. Harp who married Nancy Terry.
Their daughter, Mary Ellen Harp, married Robert Benjamin Boyd - I have Robert's Civil War Pension file as proof and a picture of Robert

Their son, Benjamin Harrison Boyd, married Minnie Lee Hogan - I knew my grandmother when I was a child and have pictures

Their son, Robert Arnold Boyd, is my father.

My interest is William T. Harp's parents. I have the following data:

The 1812 Tax List of Warren County has two Harps:

Beverly HARP: 1830 Warren County, Tennessee Census, p. 362, line 12, 31000001-0123001 (b abt 1770-1780)
Thomas HARP: 1830 Warren County, Tennessee Census, p. 367, line 23 1100001-112101 (b 1780-1790)

The 1820 Tennessee Census had:
Willie Harp, Franklin, TN 1820
Nancy Harp, Lincoln, TN 1820
Burton Harp, Overton, TN 1820
Lery Harp, Overton, TN 1820
Sampson Harp, Overton, TN 1820
Thomas Harp, Overton, TN 1820
William Harp, Overton, TN 1820
William Harp, White, TN 1820

Both Beverly and Thomas are on the 1850 Madison County, AR Census.

I have found some interesting things. In the 1830 Census of White County, TN, I found a James T. Harp. James T. Harp was 40-50 years old. He had 1 male under 5 years of age, 1 male 5-10, 1 female 5-10, I female 40-50, and 1 female 50-60, and 1 female 60-70.

I did not find this James Harp in later censuses.