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Philip and Sarah/Sally Vaughan

Family Group Record presented "as is" Do you own proofing of all data. Husband is Philip Harp, Born Place Abt 1755 , , North Carolina Died Place Abt 1853 Married -1 Place Abt 1780 ,Granville Co., North Carolina
Husband's father William Earp HARP Husband's mother Priscilla NICHOLS
Wife Sarah "Sally" VAUGHAN Born Place Abt 1762 , , North Carolina Died Place Dead
Wife's father Wife's mother
List each child in order of birth.
Beverly HARP 1 M Born Place 1784 Granville, , North Carolina Died Place Dead USA
Spouse Sarah DICKENSON Married Place 30 Sep 1805 , Granville County, North Carolina
Thomas L. HARP 2 M Born Place 1787/1797 , , North Carolina Died Place 31 May 1910 Clifty, , Arkansas Buried Place Clifty, Clifty Cemetery, , Arkansas
Spouse Abigail Abbey GILBERT Married Place 26 Jan 1826 , , North Carolina
John HARP 3 M Born Place 1790/1899 , Granville Co., North Carolina Died Place 1870/1880 Civil War Vet. , Madison Co., Arkansas Buried Place , Madison Co., Arkansas
Spouse Lucy Jane WALLACE Married Place <3> , , Tennessee
William T HARP 4 M Born Place 1804 , , North Carolina Died Place Greenfield, Dade Co., Missouri
Mary Jane WORKMAN Married Place 1823 <, , Tennessee> Spouse Nancy TERRY Married Place Abt 1838 Of Huntsville, Madison Co., Arkansas 23 Dec 2007 (See another page)
If dates of children are correct their may have been another marriage.
Is ca to 1780 in Church records. Md Nov 1804? had to chg to the ca fig.
Philip HARP
1.AFN:118g-pq1 Note: Some geneologist say Phillip Harp should be James Sampson Harp, <1747>,,
married 19 Oct 1779 Granville, NC., died in 1828, Overton,,NC. And his wife is Sarah Tudor, 1751 ?
More research.(end of this line so far '98)
1. From Ancestral File (TM), data as of 2 January 1996.
Family Group Record
Philip HARP
Sarah "Sally" VAUGHAN
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Philip HARP
(Continued) 2. On Rockhouse Cementery records by Agnes Harp. BYU Lib. F. 417, M 3-M34X Vol. 1
4. Madison Co. Ark Genealogist Vol. 1 1969-70.
5. The Carroll Co., Families: These Were The First, Carroll Co., AR 1991 compiled by Jim Lair Lib # 976.717 D3L
states that,"certain family surnames have long been associated not only with the genealogy of the Northwest Arkansas
Ozark Geographic Region, but with the folklore and legend of the region as well. Harp is without question one such surname even as those who bore that name can be traced directly back to the very earliest days of the white man's civilization in the region." Submitted by Evelyn Johnson pge 266.
6.History Autobiographical Sketches of Madison Co. Arkansas by Goodspeed Co. 1889 pge 13 " Harp, Beverly 421,
John 421, 423- Philip 434 and Thomas 433."
7. ... "Phillip and Sarah "Sally" (Vaughan) Harp were the parents of at least seven known children who moved west to settle in Northwest Arkansas, and other regions. Yet, it all seems to have begun in the Granville County, N.C."
8. Thomas Young Harp, MY KIN FOLKS, film no. 1320703 item 6, has a Philip Harp who in 1830 was in Jefferson Co., TN. and a Wm. W. Harp 2 males and 4 females? to late of a birth date for the Phillip Harp (abt 1760) but may be one of his grandchildren.
However, we would look to the children of this historic couple and the contributions those children made to the development in NW AR Ozark Region."
9. See 1850 census, Prairie Twp, 254, has John Harp (son) (1799).
10. Born in Montgomery Maryland? says a church Ordinance Index
I believe a Hardy Harp goes in here-guess
Sarah "Sally" VAUGHAN
1. afn:118g-pr7,
From Ancestral File (TM), data as of 2 January 1996.
Pat Thompson researcher:
2. 1850 Census, Madison Co., AR., Prairie Twp. # 230
Their is a Sarah Harp living with William and Nancy who is 60 (1790) from NC. This could be a twin or another relative.
! Next door to Philip Harp and Elizabeth Hinds or Harper Sarah is probably a grandson. guess Phillip lives in 117 and her and Midda Harp 1810 50 lives at 118 from Tn.
Last name not Harp, need maiden name
Desendants Of William And Charlotte (Harrison) Harp book SL Utah
23 Dec 2007
1. Thomas L. HARP 1,2,3,4,5 was born in 1788/1797 in , , North Carolina. He died on 31 May 1910 in Clifty, , Arkansas. He was buried in Clifty, Clifty Cemetery, , Arkansas.
1. AFN:118J-JBX,From Ancestral File (TM), data as of 2 January 1996. This file says he was born abt
2. Thomas (L.,or T.,or J. ?) HARP. Born in NC? not Tennessee. (Jefferson, middle name?)
3. BASIC: Referrence from the book, CARROLL CO. FAMILIES: THESE WERE THE FIRST, Carroll Co.,
AR 1991 editor/compiler Jim Lair. (Lib # 976.717 D3L) S.L. Ut. Family Historical Center.
"Thomas (J.) Harp, who was born 4 July 1828, (the year doesn't fit with birth order of other siblings)
Overton Co., TN (not NC) was united in marriage with (1) Celia Harp, (2) Rhoda Wright and (3) Isabell
Gilbert, died 31 May 1910 and was interred in the Clifty Cemetery--"
NOTE: The b. of 1828 bothers me because it doesn't fit the sibling order (do the have this order?) .
Maybe everyone's copying the same mistake and passing it on. Their are many books witten on the
Harp's and their lines using the same sources. However, more research has to be done here. I cannot
accept 1828 yet.
4. This is repeated in the book, "Harp Strings" by Mattie Benson Smith. #929.273 H23s. Pub. Broken
Arrow, Oklahoma (1886). Contents: A genealogy of the descendants of Thomas Jefferson Harp, born 4
July 1828 in Overton Co.,
He died 31 May 1910 in Clifty, AR. It includes Weeks, Hinds, and related families.(S.L.C. Ut. Gen. Lib.)
Note: "Albert Harp, who owns Harp's Market in Eureka Springs is a descendant of this branch of the
family." This infor was summitted by Evelyn Johnson." He is not connected yet with this Harp geneology.
I think their are two Thomas Harps are in one...needs to clear up more to which one belong here. Ancestral files say he was born abt 1804 in N.C.? (Not TN)
1850 census Madison Co., Prairie Twp.,Arkansas..their is a Carter Harp who is 19 born in AR., and his wife Diana who is 18 born in Missouri. I believe he is a son.
5. Possible Problems: 1860 census Prairie twp.,Madison Co., Arkansas says he was born in 1795
NC not TN.
6. Arkansas Travelers says his birth year is 1787. farmer
7. 1850 c of Prairie,Arkansas says he is 63 (1787)Tn
Thomas married6 Abigail Abbey GILBERT on 26 Jan 1826 in , , North Carolina. Abigail was born7 in 1795/1805 in , , Virginia. She died.
**1. Jim Lair, Carroll Co.,Families; These Were The First , 266, 1991, Salt Lake City, Utah, Fam. Hist. Lib., 976.717 D3l.
2. 1850 Census #68 prairie Twp.,Arkansas (Madison Co.) .
3. Desentants Of William And Charlott (Harrison) Harp .
4. Magazine "Arkansas Travelers , 976.7 X20 1850.
5. 1850 Census Madison Co.,Arkansas .
6. Thomas Harp, T. J. Harp , 88. 1. T.J. Harp, June 15, 1887, Historical Publishing Company, The Holy Bible, St Louis, Mo.-Philadelphia, PA.
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