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Beverly and Sarah/Sally Vaughan

Here's another "Family Group Record" by another author for; Husband Beverly HARP Born Place 1784 Granville, , North Carolina Died Place Dead USA
Married-1 Place 30 Sep 1805, Granville County, North Carolina
Husband's father Philip HARP
Husband's mother Sarah "Sally" VAUGHAN
Wife Sarah DICKENSON Born Place 1784 Granville, , North Carolina
Wife's father Wife's mother
Children List each child in order of birth.
1 F Born Place 1810, Warren Co, Tennessee DiedPlace 1861/1865, , MissourBuried Place By The Side Of The Road To Missouri
Spouse Leonard "Daniel" WAGNON Married Place Abt 1828 , , Arkansas
James or Jim HARP2 M

Cherubia Ann Cherry HARP3 F Born Place 17 Sep 1816/1817 Warren Co., Tennessee Died Place 30 Nov 1892 Clifty, Madison Co., Arkansas Buried Place Clifty Cemetery, Madison Co., Arkansas Spouse Benjamin Franklin VAUGHAN Married Place 1835<, , Tennessee>
Phillip HARP4 M 23 Dec 2007
Researcher Pat Thompson;
1. Marriages of North Carolina 1753-1868. page 140 Compiled by Brent H. Holcomb
2. Granville Marriage 1763-1888.
John Harp Bondsman
Beverly HARP
1. AFN:118J-J7B, 12 in family-1830 census Warren co. Tn.
Researcer Pat Sherman got from the LDS church files. Whoever did the research had (AFN:118J-J8J) Sarah
Dickenson a male. (Incorrect.)
2. The same birthdate as Winnie Redam Harp Bohannan on 30 Sep. 1805 N.C.? Sarah Dickenson was the spouse of
Beverly Harp? "These Were The First" BOOK, gives Beverly Harp and Winnie Redam Harp as being born on the same day, no mention of them being twins.
NOTE: I mistakenly put the last name through as a male (Dickenson) with the marriage date that was in TIB file.
3. Earliest Tax Records of Madison Co., AR for the year of 1837 states he was a male of the house. Listed with Enoch, Thomas, and William Harp.
1830- Warren co.,Tennessee census
1840-Johnson Co., Arkansas census
"The settlement of Richland Creek and Wesley , Madison Co.,Arkansas...the first to arrive in 1829 were John Harp and Joseph Mc Murray who settled the Calloway Lawson and Alexander Neely Places..."
Book, Carroll Co., Families: THESE WERE THE FIRST, Carroll Co., Arkansas 1991 compiled by Jim Lair. Fam. Hist. Lib. S.L. City, Utah 84150.
This book has some mistakes in it's research and admitts it. He was born 30 Sep 1805 Carroll Co.,? Is this the correct? More proof needed.
4. "Beverly Harp was a minister and is reputed to have moved into that area that became Carroll Co., circa 1824, but then he went back into what became Madison Co., lived at the head of Cherry Creek." Goodspeed 1989 pge. 421.
Family Group Record
Beverly HARP
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Beverly HARP
4. "Beverly Harp was a minister and is reputed to have moved into that area that became Carroll Co., circa 1824, but than went back into what became Madison Co., lived at the head of Cherry Creek." Goodspeed 1989 pge. 421.
5. See History in 976.715 v3cr V.2 Family History Library BYU Madison Co., AR Cementeries forward "Synopsis of Madison County History."
See Goodspeeds 1889 History of N.W. AR, Madison Co., History Section on Settlement, Pg. 420-424. Also,
Goodspeed's History of AR says "Early Land Entries, Madison Co., AR., Twp 16, range 27, 1839, Thomas Harp, NE. S.
W. section. Goodspeed's History of Madison ,Carroll Co., Washington and Benton Counties in Arkansas states that
Beverly Harp.....
6. My Kin Folks by Thomas Young Harp, film # 1320703 item 6, Library no. BYU is 919.273 H23h. Marriage records in
Granville Co., N.C. (witness is John Harp).
Census of 1830, Claiborne County, Tennessee. He has 5 males and 7 females. pg VIII.
and in 1830 census Warren Co.,TN pg 362
" ...came from Overton Co., Tennessee to Arkansas Beverly and Sarah came to Arkansas and settled on head of
Cherry Creek in Madison Co. in early 1800's (abt 1832) came to Carroll co. Arkansas and settled on Keels Creek in
1824. He was called a native of Kentucky. He on the Madison Co.,Ark. tax list 1837,1839,1845 and resided Johnson
Co.,Arkansas 1840 c."
Born in Tennesse? this goes with what the 1850 c. Calif. twp said of Cherry parents.
1. From Ancestral File (TM), data as of 2 January 1996.
Pat Thompson researcher: She may have been born 1788? Tennessee?
M- in N.C.
Has 6 children two dau are missing
Brent H. Holcomb, indexed by Patti Matulonis,
Marriages Of Granville Co., North Carolina (Geneological Pub. Co.,Inc.
Baltimore), 140, 1881, Byu Family History Center, Provo, Utah.
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