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Ahnentafel Chart for Brown's i.e.

Ahnentafel Chart for BROWN
First Generation

Wife: 1. Denise Elaine BROWN
Husband: John, Johnnie, Lee FRALEY

Second Generation

2. Kenneth Charles BROWN was born on 20 Apr 1936 in Wink, Eastland Co., Texas. He married Rosie Mae SPRADLING on 5 Sep 1957 in . The marriage ended in divorce.
There are two marriage dates, apparently Kenneth & Rosie married each other twice.
The other dates is 5 Sept 1957 and 20 Aug 1979.
This is what is on the newspaper birth announced,” Grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Roy Fraley of Casa Grande, Arizona, Mr., and Mrs. Kenneth Brown of Thackerville. He is the Great-grandson of Mr. and Mrs. Edkar Spradling of Marietta and Mrs. Jeffie Brown of Casa Grande and the great great grandson of Mrs. Rosie Stephens of Marietta."
3. Rosie Mae SPRADLING was born on 1 Feb 1941 in Marietta, Oklahoma.

Third Generation

4. William Etheridge BROWN was born on 2 Oct. He died on 27 Mar 1965 in . He married Jeffie Lee BULTER in 1935 in .
5. Jeffie Lee BULTER was born on 16 Feb 1918 in .

6. Edker Franklin SPRADLING was born on 4 Sep 1910 in Dexter, Texas. He married Vela Bell STEPHENS on 16 Dec 1938 in . 2/m Gladys

7. Vela Bell STEPHENS was born on 26 Oct 1922 in Thackerville, Oklahoma. She died in Jul 1983 in Marietta, Oklahoma.

Fourth Generation

8. Joe W BROWN.
12. John Edker SPRADLING was born in 1887 in . He died on 14 Sep 1949 in <, , Texas>. He married Margetta Mandy BAKER on 6 Oct 1909 in . COULD EAKER BE BAKER?
13. Manetta Mandy BAKER was born on 17 Nov 1891 in .
14. Harvey Lee STEPHENS was born on 1 Sep 1881 in, Union Co., Georgia. He died in Marietta, Oklahoma. He married Rosie Rebecca ROPER in 1921 in .
15. Rosie Rebecca ROPER was born on 9 May 1905 in Waurika, Oklahoma.

Fifth Generation
24. Alexander SPRADLING died.


Texas Brown said...

So glad to find your Blog. We are looking for relatives of my husband's grandfathere, William Ethridge/Etheridge Brown who was born in TN 1859-1862 d Harris Co, TX 1919. William had a son Kenneth Charles Brown b 1916. Due to the use of the same names we are hoping to find a relationship.

Also you show your William Etheridge Brown as being born in Wink in Eastland Co, TX. Wink is in Winkler Co, TX and the index of Texas births shows Kenneth Charles Brown b 20 April 1936 to William Ethridge Brown and Jeffie Lee Butler in Winkler Co, TX.

We would like to compare notes if you have ANYTHING else on the Browns.

Carolyn and Allen Brown

THOMPSON said...

SHE IS DOING THIS LINE AND it SENT the info TO ME long ago. HERE IS HER E-MAIL. IN FACT THEY LIVE IN TEXAS too. (She knows more than myself as she's my source)
Re: comments of (CAROLY AND ALLEN BROWN 14 Jan 2008