Sunday, October 14, 2007

Admiral Sherman, Genealogy

This may not my Sherman line: Someone sent me all his genealogy thinking we connect, and probably do some where.
1. On the right: This is a Admiral Sherman (WW2). 2. On the left: Is a newspaper clipping with data concerning A.P Sherman above can be blown up and viewed. Sorry, but in a blog, I have no way of making hit larger here but it can be edited with "Paint'' after loading to your computer a and copied off from there. (The stretch and skew in "Paint" edit will make it lger or smaller.)
Key Words: W. P. Sherman of Quincy Ill., Mrs Wm. P. Sherman, and Mr and Mrs. H. J Putman. W. P. Sherman was born in 188 or 37 ? in New Haven., Conn. Father was Daniel Sherman descended from Samuel Sherman who came from England in 1637 and settled in Stratford, Conn. He spend his childhood in Albany, New York, from Rockford, Illinois. Went to Academy at Mt Morris Illinois. He was married in 1861 to Margaret A. Yates of Wappinger's Falls New York and shortly afterwards enlisted in the civil war as orderly sergeant and promoted to rank of second lieutenant in Company E. 74? Illinois Volunteers. etc. He had two sisters in Rockford Illinois Mrs RB. Shumway and Mrs Mary P. Hurd, Fannie Sherman of Chautadqus New York, and dau. Putham? i.e. This is difficult to read. I will send out copy's if this data if its your line. A large packet with this line in it was sent to me but I can't connect this line yet to my own family yet. Click here for other Sherman lines-->

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