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Svein Torbjornsen Austara 1744

Descendants of Svein Torbjornsen AUSTARA
5 Aug 2007
1. Svein Torbjornsen AUSTARA (b.1744; d.1811)
sp: Gjertrud Bjornsdatter HAVREVOLL (b.1744;d.1816)
2. Torbjorn Svendsen LOVRASLATTA (b.1776-; d. Dead)
sp: Brita Knutsdatter NORSTAD (b.1786-; m.1807; d.Dead)
3. Sven Torbjornsen (Sandene) HUSETOFT (b.1808-Ryfylke, Rogaland, Norway; d.1877-, Fillmore Co., Minnesota)
sp: Anna Larsdatter FLJESVOLL (b.1811-Ryfylke, Rogaland, Norway; m.15 Jun 1831;d .1902-, Fillmore Co., Minnesota)
4. Sven Christian. THOMPSON (b. 9 Jun 1856-Oshkosh, Winnebago, Wisconsin; d.1 Jan 1921-Peterson,Fillmore,Minnesota) (Changed his original name from the farm he worked )
sp: Johanna ENSBURG (b.14 Mar 1864-Peterson, F, Minnesota; m. 26 Dec 1885; d.20 Jan 1906-Peterson,F,Minnesota)
5. Archibald Archie Oliver THOMPSON (b.19 Apr 1887-Peterson, Fillmore, Minnesota; d.20 Oct 1970)
sp: Maybelinda DAHL (b.1891-;m.8 Jun 1912)
5. Lilla Ottelia THOMPSON (b.25 Feb 1889-Peterson, Fillmore, Minnesota; d.25 Nov 1969)
sp: John Raymond HAUGHTON (b.1885-;m.1910)
5. Selmer Edwin THOMPSON (b.21 Apr 1891-Choice, Fillmore, Minnesota; d.20 Feb 1970)
sp: Ethel PETERSON (b.1895-; m.1916)
5. Sophia THOMPSON (b.26 Jul 1894-Choice, Fillmore, Minnesota;d. 16 Jan 1936)
5. Emilie Alice THOMPSON (b.2 Nov 1895-Choice, Fillmore, Minnesota;d.11 Aug 1900)
5. O'Din Johanna John THOMPSON (b.2 Feb 1899-Peterson, Fillmore Co., Minesota;d.2 Jul 1978-Bend, Deschutes, Oregon) Known as Dean Thompson in Bend area.
sp: Terresa Leona HICKMAN (b.19 Feb 1915-Montolier, BC, Idaho; m.18 Jun 1945; d.1 Feb 1985-Salem,, Oregon)
If you can add on to these beginning generations, please do so and add on in "comments" Thanks It was my understanding it was a custom to use the name of the, in this case, farm where they were employed when they came to America. This line of Thompson's changed their original name.

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