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Welch's and Fraley Lines

Photo of Paddy Fraley's children
Family Group Record
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Husband William Albert WELCH (2nd marr.)
Born Place 15 Apr 1877 Salem, Dent Co., Missouri
Died Place 16 Oct 1949 Memphis, , Texas
Buried Place Lubbock, Texas or Sand Hill Cemetery, Comanche, Texas
Married Place 11 Sep 1898 Comanche Co., Texas
Husband's father Stephen Edward WELCH
1 Husband's mother Betsy "Ann" CARTER
Wife Ella R. FRALEY Born Place 30 Mar 1880 Comanche, Comanche Co., , Texas Died Place 14 May 1941 Caddo, Bryan Co., Oklahoma Buried
Place Caddo Cemetery, Bryan Co., Oklahoma
Wife's father George Walker FRALEY
2 Wife's mother Sarah Ann Cale COLE
Children List each child in order of birth.
Clyde WELCH 1 M Born Place 1 Nov 1900 Gorman, Eastland Co., Texas
Died Place Dead Spouse Beautrice DOLLAR Married Place 20 Jul 1919 Kenetic, Oklahoma
Pearl WELCH 2 F Born Place Abt 1889 , , Texas
Spouse Claude STEVENSON Married Place 1910 <, , Texas>
Ollie (Ocie) WELCH 3 M Born Place 1891 Gorman, Eastland, Texas
Velma, Lizzie WELCH 4 F Born Place Abt 1905 , Comanche Co., Texas
Died Place Dead Buried Place Caddo Cemetery, Bryan Co., Oklahoma Spouse REECE Married
Place 1926 <, Comanche Co., Texas>
Minnie Ola WELCH 5 F Born Place 17 Jan 1907 , Comanche Co., Texas Died Place 28 Jun 1979
Cuddo, , Oklahoma
Abbie Nora WELCH 6 F Born Place 1908 , Comanche Co., Texas Died Place 25 Jun 1959 , ,California Buried Place Greenlawn Memorial Park, , California Spouse WEDDELL Married Place
1927 <, Comanche Co., Texas>
Family Group Record
Husband William Albert WELCH Wife Ella R. FRALEY
List each child in order of birth.
Page 2 of 3 Geraldine WELCH 7 F Born Place Comanche Co., Tx Died Place Dead-age 5 Buried Place Comanche Co., Tx
Hollie, Burt WELCH 8 F Born Place 22 Dec 1915 TX. or OK. Died Place 31 Oct 1972 Calif
Abbie WELCH 9 F Born Place Child Spouse WEDDEL Married Place
Comanche Co. Marriages 1856-1903 by M.E. Hart and Margaret Waring page 94 book 3 page 323 (under Welch W.
A. and Fraley, Miss Ella) Compiled marriage records, Comanche co. Tx by Waring.
William Albert WELCH
May be Albert William Welch. 1800 Mo (1880) Comanchie, Comanche Co Tx. census and gravestone read by grandaughter Helen Harland.
And...Clyde Welch and Modina Fraley Wilson also 1880 Comanche Co., census.
Elizabeth Franks says he died in Mo. her source is a Prayer Book?
It says R.E. on the 1880 census Comanche Co., Tx. Family says Ella R or (R.E.).It has been R. Ella Fraley too.
1880 Tx. census (3 or 4 mo. old) 1879/80.

Bryan Co., Ok. Cemeteries, Vol. 1 Ella mentioned on page 30 cemetery section 5, row 13 "her daughter and others of
the family also buried in same cem."
Sources say she may have been b. Comanche Co.,TX too?
Helen Harland daughter of clyde welch. He lived in Caddo, Ok.
Ollie (Ocie) WELCH
Kate Fraley spelled his name "Oce" ?
Velma, Lizzie WELCH
She may have been b. in Eastland, Tx.
Minnie Ola WELCH
Never married
Abbie Nora WELCH
I couldn't read the name clearly she died in a car accident on the grapevine highway 99 in C. probably daughter with her. Obituary.
Geraldine WELCH She died at age five.
Hollie,Burt WELCH
This name could be Molly which explain the exta child George and Sarah Fraley. If so the Molly's should be merged to here.
1 May 2007
Family Group Record
Husband William Albert WELCH
Wife Ella R. FRALEY
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1880 Dent Co.,Franklin Twp. Missouri Pg26 Ed.61 Ln 27
, 0287760 And 1254685, Jun 1880.
1880 Census Comanche, Texas Pg 129 C (161)
1 May 2007

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Sherm Genealogy Page said...

lots of the info. you posted on William Albert Welch and Rattie Ella Fraley is incorrect. William was born in Salem, Mo.1877. died in Memphis, Tx.1949. Rattie Ella was born 1880, Comanchie, Tx. burried in Caddo, Ok.1941. Children are.#1 Clyde Dewy Welch--born 1899 Gorman, Tx. died 1988 in Caddo, Ok. Married Beatrice Dollar. #2 ( my mother ) Lucy Ann Pearl Welch. born 02-06 -1900, Commanche, Tx. died 11-06-1992 at Stilwell, Ok. Married Claude Lee Stephenson in 1919. #3.Ocie Welch. born 1903 in Comanche, Tx. died 1925- Grapevine, Tx. married Jewell Weddle. #4. Velma Welch, born 1905 in Comanche, Tx. died 4-10-1993, married 4 times, Hopkins,,Draper,,Chapman,,& Reese.#5 Minnie Ola Welch, born 01-17-1907 Comanche, Tx. died 1979 in Caddo,Ok. never married. #6. Abbie Nora welch, born 1908 Comanchie, Tx. died 1959 in Ca. married Willie Weddle. #7 Geraldine Welch. Born about 1812 Comanche, Tx. died at age 5. #8 Hollie Burt Welch. born 12-22-1915 Comanche,Tx. died 1972 in Oakland, Ca. Do not have name of spouse. Ocies wife, Jewell and Abbies husband, Willie were brother and sister. Do you know who Helen Harlan is?I should know but i can't remember how we are related. could be uncle Clyds oldest daughter. ldbjack@sbcglobal.net