Thursday, May 17, 2007

Jim, James Barnes Genealogy



butterflymoon2316 said...

"joann" barbara barnes is not correct by name nor birthday her name is Barbara Jean Barnes birthday june 7 1944, she has 6 children in order of Sally (wallace) custer, Sheila Wallace, Joesph carl picanco, freddie picanco, michael alan thomas, anthony eugene thomas. countless grandchildren if more information is needed please contact me "michael's" wife

Anonymous said...

Virgie Barnes is the youngest of the family of James and Atsie Geneva Williams Barnes and she is still living in Omaha to this date. I like the way you have done this but please try to get all the information added and corrected. virgie which is my mother has 10 kids and 9 still living. The names of her children are Barbara, Geneva, Andy, Alvie, Virgie, Allen, Amos, Judy, Angela, and Emma. The only one that is not living is Barbara and she was killed in a car accident in 2001. I also did not see Frony, Aileen or Arvilla on there as their daughters. I have heard mom speak many good things about the Morrow sisters. As I said she is still living and the last one still alive of the Barnes kids. Thank you and if you need to contact me you can get a hold of me at I am Emma the youngest child of Virgie Barnes.